How To Make The Most Of The Little Traffic That You Have

This week Samantha and I have been discussing future plans for the blog once again, and the fact that we may never recover the loss of traffic from 2011 / 2012 Google algorithm updates. We’ve worked tirelessly and damn well hard to try and remove as much low quality content from the site as well […]

Where To Get Monster Backlinks For Your Blog

Where can you really get monster backlinks to your blog? Building backlinks to your blog takes time, a whole lot of time. Guest blogging, blog commenting, doing article submission to web 2.0 property sites, engaging on social network sites etc all can be the most time consuming. After all we only have 24 glorious hours […]

8 Effective Ways To Boost Your Presence On Twitter

In this post you will learn some ways to boost your presence on Twitter… Twitter now has more than 500 million active users worldwide, and whilst Facebook may still be the ‘king of social media’ with over 1 billion active users, Twitter shouldn’t be ignored just because it plays second fiddle to Facebook. In fact […]

The Simplest Way To Get Real Comments On Your Blog Faster

I can’t think of anything worst than having a blog with zero comments. Comments and conversations combined with strong social signals and influences are the lifeblood of any blog’s success. Newbie bloggers when starting out are always puzzled as to why they’re not getting many comments on their blogs.  The good news is that getting […]

3 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Unique And Stand Out From The Crowd

Want to learn how to make your blog unique? Read on… Blogs pop up and then disappear again off the blogosphere radar faster than we can keep up with them. Some blog niches are still young and developing with very little competition, whilst others have become completely stuffed and totally saturated, or maybe that’s what […]

3 Things To Consider Carefully Before You Quit Blogging

Do you need to quit blogging? Do you simply have no other choice but to quit? Back in December I seriously considered quitting blogging because of work and life commitments, however… I made the decision not to quit because of several reasons, one being that I had spent too much time and effort building this […]

8 Ways To Improve Your Online Business And Attract New Customers

What’s up folks, I’m going to dive straight into this post and share with you 8 awesome things you can do to improve your online business and attract new customers, in no particular order. Improve your Online Business Tip #1 – Update your homepage Let’s kick off with the humble homepage of your website, look […]

What Are Your Motivations For Blogging… Why Do You Blog?

Blogging is the ultimate past-time turned into a profitable business model for many people. With so many free and premium productivity tools and resources available online, anyone can quite literally start a professional blog and begin blogging about what ever it is that takes their fancy, be it knitting or spelunking. But foremost, blogging has […]