Is Creating High Quality Content Enough?

This question comes from a close colleague of mine who has started to blog for a little while, and she asked me -

‘is creating high quality content enough?’ to have any form of satisfactory success in blogging?

There isn’t a definitive answer to that question it’s a yes and no.  Yes you can have a little bit of success, but no not as much success as you could have.  In any case, creating high quality content isn’t enough.

Here’s why…

Every blogger at some stage or another has come across the beaten to death knowledge that content is king.  I also once believed that too, and if you believe that content is king, I won’t question you, each to their own belief… but just hear me out at least.

I don’t want to change your belief to content is not king, I just want you to understand why I think content isn’t king, and why it isn’t enough to fully succeed.

Is Creating High Quality Content Enough?

When you start a blog, you can be spending literally days, weeks, months or even a whole year before you start to see a few loyal readers making a regular appearance on your blog.  Some might even consider subscribing to your RSS updates.

“Content is NOT king, a loyal audience and conversation is king…”

No matter how much of a good writer you are, or how valuable your content, your products and services may be, if no one knows you even exist regardless of how long you’ve been blogging for, or if just a few come to visit your blog now and then, you will not enjoy the full potential of your blogging success.

But how could this be?

You’ve written a post every single day for a whole year without fail…

You have a ton of useful content that is so unique from any other blog in your niche industry…

You have decent enough search engine traffic coming through to your blog, but still not many people are staying to read your blog… So content isn’t king after all.

It may not be king, but content is damn well important, it is the blood and flesh of your blog, and you did we’ll to create good quality content.

What is truly king is something your blog is lacking of… a loyal audience and conversation.

You see blogging isn’t just about creating epic content in masses, or being able to create 2,000 word posts, it’s also about getting readers to read your content regularly and enjoying it and interacting with you.

It’s about getting visitors to buy your recommended products and services through extensive blog promotion, list building and email marketing, blog commenting, social media engagement, podcasting, engaging on forums, blog networking sites and attending blogging events and much more.

Building a loyal audience that you can resonate with is the ultimate key to successful blogging in my mind.

So if you’re creating top notch high quality content for your blog on a daily basis, don’t forget to frequently add your blog promotional strategies into the mix, and more over to engage with your readers and visitors as much as possible.  And that is why I believe that creating high quality content is simply not enough, and building a loyal audience that is conversing with you on every level, be it on your blog or through social media, is true king.

This post is pretty much stating the obvious and perhaps everybody who’s into blogging knows that an audience is the key to blogging success, but for those starting out or have been blogging for a short while, I hope this post will help you understand that content is important, but building an audience is key.

Let me know your thoughts folks…

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  • Vikram

    Hey Fabrizio, I totally agree with your thoughts. Even if anyone is very good at writing and publishing a high quality articles, it’s useless if no one is reading them. Even a well known product requires some advertisement for it’s sell. It’s good to write a high quality content but it’s not enough.

    • Fabrizio

      Hi Vikram, thanks so much for your comment and I’m pleased you agree with my point here. One of the first things that I learned when studying online marketing was ‘even if you have the most effective, the best and most innovative product in the world, if no one knows about it, it simply won’t be a success…’ the same applies in blogging and creating epic content and marketing content.