How To Have Your Best Affiliate Marketing Year Ever [Part 1]

When it comes to blog monetization, in my opinion affiliate marketing is by far the simplest and most profitable way to make money online.  In fact you don’t even need to have a website or a blog to start creating a passive income with affiliate marketing.

You can use blog network sites like HubPages and Squidoo to publish content on, YouTube to post promotional videos on, or and even use social media platforms to leverage your affiliate marketing campaigns.  However if you own your own blog you’re in an even better position to start, and have the best affiliate marketing year ever.

In this 2 part post series I want to share with you some amazing tips, which I’ve been implementing myself to make more money with affiliate marketing this year.

Promoting Products and Services from Companies

In this part 1 of the series we’re going to look at how to effectively promote third party products and services from other companies.  If you have some general idea of how affiliate marketing works, you’ll know that these days most online companies that offer a premium service or premium digital goods for sale will have some kind of affiliate program for people to sign into.

Before going off on your usual route of promoting yet another product on your website or where ever, check out the following tips.

Have your Best Affiliate Marketing Year Ever

7 Tips To Have The Best Affiliate Marketing Year Ever

1. Promote Relevant, Quality and Valuable Products

This should go without saying; however there are a lot of bloggers still promoting every single product or service they come across on their travels, some of which are completely irrelevant.

Always try and promote the relevant, quality and resourceful products and services, the kind of stuff you know your readers will enjoy reading about in your reviews and even consider buying.

2. Create Well Written Reviews or interview a Product Creator

Written reviews and interviews are still by far the best ways to do affiliate marketing and promote affiliate products, people go to the internet to search for and read reviews and make the decision to buy products based on those reviews.

Just remember one thing though, people that become interested in purchasing products and services recommended by YOU will want to know how YOU found the products and services yourself.  How has it helped you in any way?  Does the product have any fall-backs? Pros and cons Etc.  So it’s imperative to understand that you have to ensure that you’ve at least tried and tested a product or service yourself before reviewing it and or promoting it on your website.

I see many bloggers writing reviews on things that they’ve never even used before!  Even the simple things like WordPress themes, plugins or eBooks matter, don’t just write a sloppy review based on someone else’s experience you found doing a search on Google, write a review based on your own experience.

If you can’t afford to go out and invest in products to review, you can always ask the product owners if you can have a sample of their product to review.

3. Create Good Video Reviews

Video marketing is big business and in 2013 it’s going to explode.  More and more consumers are turning to video medium to learn about different products and services, I do it myself, especially when I’m shopping around for games or software’s for my business.

Creating a good video doesn’t have to be painful and you shouldn’t try and make it perfect either.  Highlight the main features of a product, the pros and the cons, your own opinions about the product, and then talk about the price and where they can get hold of the product from.  Keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Check out the following useful post – How to Create the Best Video Product Reviews

4. Do a Podcast Interview with the Product Creator

If you have a podcast show, consider getting in touch with the creator of a product you want to promote, once you have an agreed date for your podcast interview, send out a tweet or Facebook message prior telling everyone that you will be interviewing the creator of such and such product, and if they have any questions they’d like you to ask to email them to you before the interview.

Podcasting is still a very much ‘untouched platform’ for promoting affiliate products and services when compared to video medium, blogging or doing article marketing for instance, but it’s a great platform to start using.

5. Use Your Email List Wisely

If you have an email list, you can promote the right kinds of products and services to people on your list.  If you don’t yet have a list then it’s about time you started to think SERIOUSLY about building one.

6. Promote on the right Social Networking Sites

Finally we come to promoting using social networking sites, now there’s probably a lot of debate about whether you should post affiliate links on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  I for one would not recommend doing so at all though I’ve seen people doing it; in my opining it makes you appear desperate and forceful, and it’s the best way to lose your social followers fast, but again that’s my opinion.

Instead of posting your affiliate links directly onto social sites, try and post the links to your product reviews and landing pages.  You can also embed your video reviews directly into your Facebook page or Facebook group pages, and upload photos of the products you’ve been reviewing, and then add a link and description to your reviews.

7. Don’t just rely on Affiliate Banners

On a quick and final note, in my opinion again, affiliate banners work only when you have a bucket load of traffic to play around with.  Don’t just rely on them by smothering your blog or website with them, write good reviews, create and post useful videos, build landing pages, start a podcast or promote to your mailing list.  Use banners by all means, but don’t rely on them.

So just to recap what we’ve covered –

  • Promote relevant, useful and resourceful stuff
  • Create well written reviews, mini reviews and interviews
  • Create good video tutorials, reviews, interviews
  • Do a podcast interview with a product owner
  • Use your email list wisely to promote your reviews, landing pages
  • Promote wisely on social sites
  • Don’t just rely on banners

In the next installment of this post which will be in a few days time, we’ll look at ways to promote your own products and services you’ve created yourself.

In the meantime please engage with me on this post.  What are your favorite methods of doing affiliate marketing and what will you be doing a lot more of to promote products and services in 2013.  Leave me a comment below, I’ll be waiting with anticipation.

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  • Enstine Muki

    Hey Fabrizio,
    I can say boldly that you are doing a great job on this series. quite impressive guides.

    It will be very good thing for blog owners to try a product before recommending it to readers. In my early days of IM, I made some silly errors that took away many sales from me. I recommended a product I knew nothing about and when my list members replied back with few simple questions, I was unable to provide answers. Simply, I lost the sales. A proper knowledge of what you are promoting is key.

    Waiting for part 2

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Enstine, thanks so much for visiting and commenting, really appreciate it. I’m so pleased you enjoyed part 1 of this mini series. I’m just finishing part 2 right now so it should be up in the next few hours.

      Enstine I also made those mistakes too when I started back with internet marketing back in 2009, but the great thing about making mistakes I have to keep reminding myself is that we learn a great deal from them. I’m so glad you shared your experience and it’s a lesson for everyone else too be aware off that knowledge of what ever you want to promote in affiliate marketing is key to succeeding, rightly said bro.

      I’ll be visiting your blog again soon bro, hope to see you here again too :) Have a great day.