Is Creating High Quality Content Enough?

This question comes from a close colleague of mine who has started to blog for a little while, and she asked me – ‘is creating high quality content enough?’ to have any form of satisfactory success in blogging? There isn’t a definitive answer to that question it’s a yes and no.  Yes you can have […]

Beware Of Unethical Guest Bloggers: 6 Point Checklist Before Approving Guest Author Accounts

What a total waste of my time… In the last few days I’ve had the most frustrating and heart wrenching task of removing a number of guest articles from this blog.  So if you’re ‘one of them’ who is wondering where your guest post went, it’s in my trash folder! Why? Because a certain number […]

Link Building With Google Synonyms

While link building is a major part of any SEO or online marketing campaign, there are always concerns of ‘over-optimising’ or tipping the balance between a natural or not so natural looking backlink profile.  It has become evermore important since Google released their link goading penguin updates. So how do we get the most from […]

5 Reasons I Will Never Follow You Back On Twitter

Twitter has always been my favorite place for engaging and building relationships with people online, and getting traffic.  Second would be donated to Facebook and 3rd probably to LinkedIn.  In the last 3 months Twitter has been in my top 5 for traffic sources to my blog, and that’s largely thanks to using JustRetweet. I’m […]

How to Have Your Best Affiliate Marketing Year Ever [Part 2]

Every blogger dreams about making more money from their blog, and there is no greater way of doing this than engaging in affiliate marketing, and selling your own products.  In the last post I shared with you some awesome tips on how to effectively promote third party affiliate products and services from companies; if you […]