M4M 003 : Why A Blogging Schedule Is Essential To Your Blogging Success


Well it’s about time huh? Welcome to the third episode of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast peeps, and the first show of 2013.

In this episode I’m sharing with you 3 valid reasons why I think that having a schedule, or a blogging schedule more appropriately, is essential to your blogging success.

No doubt many of you would have started to make BIG plans for your blog and setting out your goals and objectives for 2013, well one thing is for sure if you want to achieve those objectives, you’re going to need to plan, organize and manage your time more effectively, as well as make use of a good old blogging schedule.

A blogging schedule is a list of things that you prioritize to do on your blog at an allocated time of the day or week, which will help you work towards reaching your blogging goals and objectives.

The Magnet4Marketing Podcast - Blogging Schedule

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List of tools to help you schedule more effectively

  1. A ‘To Do’ list
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Day book or diary
  4. White marker board

Hope you enjoy listening to the show, let me know your thoughts and reactions and of course if you have anything to add perhaps your own reasons why a blogging schedule works for you, or maybe you don’t need a schedule and you’re pretty good with time management and prioritizing things in your head, I don’t know but please let me know.

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Thanks for listening.

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  • http://www.trickytechno.com/ mohit

    A ‘To Do’ list is the best according to me,my all schedule are on it and it is what I use daily and for many times too.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Mohit, thanks so much for stopping by bro. Glad you enjoyed this episode and I agree, I started to use a ‘to do’ list myself and it’s amazing how such a simple list can make you become more organized.

  • Abbey

    Hi fabrizio, I always seem to learn something cool and valuable when I check out your blog. Great informative podcast show.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      You’re most welcome Abbey and welcome to the blog, don’t forget to check out our other shows. I’m hoping to put out a few shows a month depending on my work load. Have a great day.

  • http://www.eblogginghow.com Pawan

    Yes, blogging schedule is essential for successive blogging but it’s also important to understand that the ideas for new blog posts grow in our brains after good span of time.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      New post ideas come at anytime Pawan, and when they do we have to make note of them, and when we schedule our work load for blogging, we can come back to those ideas and work on them. Thanks for stopping by buddy.

  • http://www.techjunctionplace.com Sagar nandwani

    Google is the way which I prefer to be active for publishing articles, and all my work are schedule through calendar and SMS.

  • http://www.seohotshot.com Olawale Daniel

    Hey brother,

    I was amazed with your podcast!

    You’ve done a great job providing your awesomely and helpful content in form of a podcast for us.

    Timing is one of my greatest headache and with the tools and suggestions given in this post, I believe I can manage my time even more efficiently than how it was last year.

    Thanks for your time brother.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Olawale, great to see you here again too, thanks so much for your kind comments, I’m so pleased you found the content in this show valuable. Let’s hope for better use of time and more productivity for everyone in 2013. Keep an eye out for more awesome content that I’ll be putting out on the podcast in the coming months. Have a great day mate ;)

  • http://www.indiaexamclub.com Navneet

    Thanks Fabrizio for the tips , i think i also need a schedule and have to make and allocate proper time for all blogs.