16 Unstoppable Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos

How are you going to promote your YouTube videos in 2013?  Read on to find out…

We all know how popular YouTube has become over the recent years, and this year it’s going to prove even more popular as to how many businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone doing business online will turn to video marketing, and in particular YouTube to increase brand awareness, traffic and lead generation.

A good old while ago Fabrizio created a post providing 50 powerful ways to promote your YouTube channel.  So in this post I’d like to share with you 16 unstoppable ways, and I mean unstoppable… ways to promote your YouTube videos, so let’s dive straight in!

How To Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Hits!

Create awesome quality videos

  1. Research ‘what’s hot’ before your create your videos
  2. Record in HD quality, (use your iPhone, smartphone or quality digital camera, these days everyone has either)
  3. Give your videos an ‘eye-seducing’ title
  4. Search Engine Optimize your videos

Embed it everywhere…

  1. Embed it in your blog posts (Great way to promote your YouTube videos as you’re directing traffic from your popular posts to your videos)
  2. Embed it on your website, online store, etc
  3. Embed it on chat forums (If permitted)
  4. Embed your videos on your Facebook page (Another great way to use your social influences to promote your YouTube videos and get more hits)
  5. Create a Flixya profile and share your videos (Flixya is a popular web 2.0 content publishing site that allows videos to be shared with communities)

Link it everywhere…

  1. Link your videos in your guest posts
  2. Link to your videos in your articles (article marketing)

Share it everywhere…

  1. Share your videos on Twitter and Google+ (From YouTube video page)
  2. Link and share your videos in your email newsletters
  3. Use your videos as responses to other related videos (Sometimes your videos will fit well as a response to another video and it’s a great way to promote your YouTube videos too.)
  4. Pin your videos to your Pinterest board (Pinterest is an awesome tool for sharing not only images, but videos too. Another epic way to promote your YouTube videos and get more views).
  5. Send your videos to your relevant Scoop.it topics, and suggest your videos to other content relevant topic on Scoop.it
Promote your YouTube videos

Share your videos on Scoop.it!

So what are you waiting for?  There’s no real excuse for not finding ways to promote your YouTube videos anymore.  Sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Scoop.it and perhaps even Google+ are great places for getting more views to your videos, best of luck!

If you would like to take this time to share your own thoughts and tips on YouTube video promotion, please leave me a comment below.

  • http://www.trickytechno.com/ mohit

    Creating HD videos takes a large amount of disk space and a lot of time to upload also,and personally i think video quality should be that sufficient that every body can see it easily and understand.

    • http://www.techjunctionplace.com Sagar nandwani

      I completely agree with you, we should use videos but not HD it should be only clear enough so that a viewer can see each and every thing clearly