Bloggers: 7 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Free eBook

In this post I will share with you some valuable reasons why you should create your own free eBook…

One of my goals this year is to release at least two new information products for my blog, aka eBooks, as well as update my current eBook, the 170 Blog Traffic Tips guide, which you can download for free here if you haven’t already done so.

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The new eBook that I’m currently working on tentatively right now should be out early next month I’m hoping.

EBooks are one of the most powerful but often overlooked marketing tools in any blogger or internet entrepreneur’s arsenal.  They hold many properties and value, whether you choose to create your own free eBook to sell or give away for free as an incentive to help you build email subscribers.

In my experience, free eBooks always provide a better incentive than paid ones.  For example I would rather use my eBook to increase opt-ins rather than use it to make money.  Eventually when I have a good enough eBook that I feel is worth selling, I’ll be able to promote it to my email list and profit more from it.

OK in this post I’d like to share with you 7 reasons why you should create your own free eBook for your blog and your readers.

Crete Your Own Free eBook

7 Reasons to create your own free eBook

Your eBook can help you…

1. Promote brand awareness

If you value your blog and you see it as your brand, your product, then creating an eBook with your ‘brand image’ is a very powerful way for you to increase brand awareness.  The cover of your eBook speaks a lot about your brand, and providing great content, resource with a great cover will do your blog (brand) wonders.

2. Increase your email opt-ins

If you’re providing your eBook free (recommended) as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email opt-in, your eBook will certainly assist you in building more targeted subscribers faster.

3. Build trust from your audience

In an online world, particularly in blogging trust is everything.  If your audience, readers don’t trust you there is something seriously wrong.  If you’re planning to promote affiliate products or sell your own products on your blog later on down the line, then you need to build trust.  Creating an eBook that provides incredible value can help you gain the trust of your audience, which brings me onto the next point… providing ‘value’.

4. Provide value to your readers and subscribers

Blogging is all about providing value and resource to your readers so that they come back for more of what you have to offer.  What better way to provide even more value other than to create your own free eBook and offer it to your audience as an incentive?

5. Reinforce your online reputation

What does your reputation as a blogger mean to you?  You of course want people to talk about you in a good way, recommend you to their friends and social connections right?  Creating an eBook doesn’t just provide ‘value’ but it will also help you to reinforce your online reputation and credibility.

6. Strengthen your subscriber loyalty

If your subscribers love the content you’re consistently putting out on your blog, chances are they’ll also love the content of your eBook too, thus strengthening the loyalty of your subscribers.  So the next time you create and release another eBook, they’ll be queuing up over each other to get a copy.  Now imagine how awesome that would be if you chose to add a price tag on your second eBook…

7. Demonstrate the level of expertise and authority you have in your niche

Finally, creating an eBook for your blog is a unique opportunity for you to demonstrate to your audience and subscribers the level of authority and expertise you have in your niche.  This will help you to reinforce your online reputation as well as increase subscriber loyalty.

So let’s just recap why you should create your own free eBook –

  1. Promote brand awareness (your blog)
  2. Increase your email opt-ins (subscribers)
  3. Build trust
  4. Provide value
  5. Reinforce online reputation
  6. Increase subscriber loyalty
  7. Show your level of expertise and authority in your niche

Creating your own eBook doesn’t have to be a time consuming task, chances are you already have a lot of valuable content on your blog to make a start.  Simply gather a selection of the very best and most valuable content on your blog, and put it together to form your eBook.

Best of luck, now go and get started and create your own free eBook…

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  1. Starting to write a eBook is a easy work. But finishing it a hard work for me. :-D

    These days, I am also writing a eBook for my readers. And I hope to give it as a free eBook.
    Raplus recently posted..How to SEO – 10 SEO Tips for 2013My Profile

  2. These are very good tips for writing an eBook, and information product is a great way to promote and provide exposure to content on blog.

  3. Yeah, Creating a e-book is really helpful to increase reputation and user’s trust. Can you tell me when should I start to make e-book for my readers ?
    I am not having much traffic, followers, subscribers that’s why I am asking
    Saurabh recently posted..How To Get More Original Comments To Your Blog Articles ?My Profile

    • Saurabh, the time when you start is entirely up to you. I would recommended starting straight away. If you have a blog with content on it, it’s a great place to start. I created my first eBook, the 170 blog traffic tips guide within the first year of starting this blog, the sooner the better as you can keep updating your eBook as time passes which will provide even more value to your readers and audience.
      Fabrizio recently posted..9 Smart Ways to Produce Great Blog TopicsMy Profile

  4. very informative post for newbie bloggers.
    Creating an e-book is helpful when we want to increase our traffic and subscribers.
    i will also definitely follow your tips.
    gaurav recently posted..Top 5 SEO Mistakes Which You Should Not to do.My Profile

  5. As a newbie, the tips and advices you’ve shared are pretty useful, although I won’t think I’m going to create my own ebook in the next couple of weeks, your point are really inspirational.
    Heni recently posted..Fogbeültetés egy óbudai klinikánMy Profile

  6. Awesome post Fabzy and well written. An ebook has many advantages to a blogger and you’ve done we’ll to highlight them all. It is also a great back link building strategy too.

  7. Great points here. I’d like to add the fact that you can gain residual traffic from a good ebook. One way to look at it is a Kindle book (which is basically an ebook on Amazon’s platform). I know a number of marketers who are enjoying a steady traffic (and subscriber stream) from their kindle books.
    Chimezirim Odimba recently posted..How To Make $10k Every 90 Days — Smart Hard Work RequiredMy Profile

  8. I’ve always wanted to create my own ebook. The problem is I don’t yet where you start. Can you probably help me how to begin?

  9. This is a very useful post! I had never thought of the importance of an e-book. This will definitely help my blog. Thank You

  10. Awesome post! I’m just starting with blogging and this is definitely another goal I can look forward to accomplishing! Thanks Fabrizio :)

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