5 Ways How Bad Companies Can Instantly Improve Customer Service

Do you have any idea what good customer service means to your business? Positive customer feedback is so important these days, because without them your business will simply fail to grow and prosper. I was on the telephone just yesterday to a heating company, as I wanted to get a new wood burning stove installed [...]

How To Write Short Posts That Make a BIG Impact!

Not everyone enjoys reading essay length blog posts; sometimes writing less can make a bigger impact than let’s say writing a 2,000 word blog post. Sometimes I can sit and read a blog post that’s so long and by the end of it still don’t know what I’ve just read, what about you, has that [...]

8 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Content More Shareable And Accessible By A Larger Audience

The web has become more than just an information super highway; it’s a way of life, a community where people live work and play. The internet is truly a virtual world that has enabled many of us to improve different aspects of our real lives, both in business and personal. So when it comes to [...]

Marketing Automation: The Email Edition

As a small business owner, the last thing you want is to start an email marketing campaign that leaves your customers running into the arms of  competitors. Email marketing programs are a great tool for small business owners; however, if not properly used, they can be the death of your company’s marketing strategy. Avoid getting [...]

5 Simple Steps To A Clutter Free WordPress Blog

The ultimate objective of a blog is to provide readers with valuable and resourceful content. Yet we see so many WordPress blogs crammed other shiny and fancy things that a lot of people aren’t interested in, the biggest one them all are forceful ads! You know the type, the ones that fill the entire computer [...]

WP Comment System + CommentLuv Out, Disqus In: Why I Made The Change

Regular readers of this blog will have no doubt noticed the change in the commenting system this week. Yep, I finally decided to make the change from the default WordPress commenting system with various plugins (CommentLuv and GrowMap Anti Spam, etc) to using the Disqus commenting system. For those of you not sure what Disqus [...]

6 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail To Make Money From Blogging

So you want to know why most bloggers fail to make money with their blogs? Read on… There’s certainly a ‘love and hate’ relationship going on between blogging and making money. Some bloggers love making money from blogging and some don’t. Most newbies come along and start a blog and have too high expectations, they [...]

Slapped By Google Penguin? – Take A Look At These Top Traffic Sources

What are your top traffic sources for your blog outside of Google, and why is it so important for you to work on increasing referral traffic? Read on… Are you sick and tired of the anti-SEO propaganda being paraded around by Google, with Penguin this and Panda that, and hearing ‘this is how you should [...]

6 Tips For Increasing Productivity When Working From Home

Increasing productivity when working from home is so essential if you want to succeed in building a successful and profitable business from home. Working from home is an awesome opportunity and a great experience, but it’s far from easy, especially if you’re a work from home dad like me. As well as being organized and [...]

31 Killer Social Media Tips For Bloggers

Social media tips is something we love to share frequently here on the Magnet4Marketing blog; and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using social media for promoting your business and reaching out to new prospects, or for promoting your products and services or for promoting content on your blog, as long as you’re using it to [...]