5 Ways to Increase your Affiliate Sales before Christmas

Want to increase your affiliate sales before Christmas? Christmas and the festive season usually mean going out and spending more money than you like to… If you’re looking to earn a little extra money before Christmas, give affiliate marketing a serious thought. Or if you’re already doing some affiliate marketing and making some money from your blog or website, now is the time to boost it up.

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to generate income online, you don’t need a degree, you don’t need to invest in anything other than own a computer and have access to the internet, in fact you don’t even need to have a website or a blog, but it kind of helps if you do have a website or a blog…

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We’re going to have some fun in this post and I’m going to share with you 5 really simple tips, that I’m using myself, to help you increase your affiliate sales just in time for Christmas.

So let’s say you want to make an extra $500 maybe $1,000 before Christmas… it’s possible, let get started…

Increase your Affiliate Sales Before Christmas

5 Tips to Increase your Affiliate Sales

1. Earn the trust of your audience

First of all, you must understand that no one will buy or appreciate being referred to a product or service you’ve recommended, if they don’t trust you. So first, ensure you are gaining the trust of your audience. Build a solid online reputation, you can do this by recommending products and services YOU trust, YOU have tried and tested and seen the results yourself.

The golden rule with affiliate marketing is ‘Don’t recommend shady products and lie by saying that you’ve tried and tested them when you haven’t’. Be completely honest with your readers, if something really works for you then recommend it, if it didn’t work and it was a bad investment, then don’t, simple, I mean how do you expect to increase your affiliate sales without trust from your audience? OK, I hope I’ve made it clear.

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Also case studies are great for building trust and reputation online Use various marketing platforms such as video, podcasting, social media and email to talk about the products you want to promote.

2. Promote, Promote and Promote

As I mentioned, only promote the products and services you’ve tried, tested or are even still using today. Don’t over promote by all means that is essential, you’re not a desperate used car salesman… Just ensure you have adequate banners in place and combine this with relevant anchor text links in relevant posts (no-follow), a good number of product reviews, a well optimized resource page etc on your blog or website.

If you’ve already promoted a few products on your blog throughout the year, consider updating those posts and putting an update date stamp at the top or bottom of the post, also see if you could improve SEO and visibility of those posts too.

Another golden rule is don’t pick a million products to review all in one go, if you’ve tried and or are using about 3 or 4 really good products that you’ve had success with promoting in the past, then promote them further.

If possible, try and avoid promoting too many competitive products and services, which can include web hosting, some WordPress themes or email marketing services, chances are these will already be heavily saturated from heavy promotion by other users. You want to make more money in time for this Christmas, not the next…

Amazon is your best bet for affiliate marketing, especially during the Christmas period, don’t forget there is Cyber Monday coming up also, so if you have a website or blog, get it prepared. Stay alert on email notifications from your affiliates running promotions during these times.

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3. Use ‘Call to Action’

I’ve heard that some bloggers don’t bother with a call to action because they believe that it is up to the reader to decide whether they should take action after reading your post or what ever. Each to their own I know, but personally I think it’s a great way to ‘Miss out’ on opportunities…

The pros are always hammering home, add a ‘call to action’, tell your readers what you’d like them to do next once they’ve read your post, and this is absolutely right.

You don’t have to beg or demand that they click on your affiliate links or anything stupid like that, but just let them know the options they have after reading your post. You’ll be surprised…

Put it this way, you don’t give them something to do once they’ve read your content, they’ll just click X at the top of the browser window and you’ll miss out. So don’t forget to add ‘Call to Action’ in your product reviews etc.

4. Get Social

Get connected to the social web and start engaging. Facebook is great for uploading images of the products you’re reviewing, and then adding a link to the review post on your blog. Twitter is great for tweeting and promoting links to your product review posts. One of the things I love to do is use HootSuite, and HootSuite enables me to schedule posts from my blog at peak times. Consider doing the same…

How about YouTube, who doesn’t love watching YouTube videos? Find a couple of great products on Amazon, buy them and create mini product reviews. You could even create a video on the top 10 must have Kindle books for reading over Christmas… Just an idea :)

5. Optimize for Increased Conversions

Finally, ensure your website or blog or content is optimized for increased conversions. For example, consider this –

  • Are your banners in your sidebar getting maximum clicks? If not could you move them further up the sidebar? Could you eliminate other distractions?
  • What about the header banner? Could this be changed to something different? Maybe something more inviting…
  • Do you need to improve SEO on your product pages / post reviews?
  • Which pages / posts are bringing you the most traffic? Consider adding some affiliate links to these pages, and removing other distractions such as AdSense…
  • Do you use videos to promote products and services?
  • Do you have a podcast where you can mention your special offer of the month?
  • How about your email list? Could you add a subtle link to your latest product reviews in there?

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These are just some examples of ways you might want to optimize for increased conversions. So let’s quickly go over the 5 tips again quickly…

  1. Earn the trust of your audience, readers, subscribers, followers and fans…
  2. Promote the products and services you trust
  3. Use ‘Call to Action’
  4. Get social with it all
  5. Optimize for increased conversions

Well these are just some of the ways to help you increase your affiliate sales before Christmas. But if you’re going to make a start, you’d better start now, I know I am… As always let me know your thoughts and whether you have any tips and suggestions to add to the list above in the comments section below.

Before I let you go off, I’m a huge fan of making money with ClickBank, it’s a great marketplace to find awesome products to promote, such as the iPhone DevSecrets course, EasyAzon plugin and Starting a Blog that Matters course. For fun I’ve added a video from YouTube created by Project Profit Reviews, an entertaining video, but very useful, enjoy.

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  1. Well i was thinking of the same for making some good income through blogging and affiliates till christmas as i have some other project which need some amount.

    And yeah the first tip is awesome “Trust” it easily make our good sales. If we had built some trust among reader then we can easily we affiliate sales.

    thanks for the awesome tips

  2. Try, test and feedback. That’s a good cycle to work upon. Great piece of advise. Also love the bit about ‘don’t recommend something that has not really worked out’. Good one. :)

    • Hey Matthew, thanks for stopping by. Great three little words you added there I like it. Try, Test and Feedback, what a great cycle to keep in mind when doing affiliate marketing. Unfortunately not many people entertain the ‘try’ bit. Have a great day.

  3. I have recently entered into the affiliate marketing scene and I keep browsing the internet to finds and read posts related to affiliate marketing. This is a very nice post. I will now focus on promoting my links as well.
    BTW your blog looks really nice.

  4. Hey Fabzy, great little post, I’m sure many people will find the tips useful for increasing affiliate sales. Another tip would be to promote seasonal promotional items, also when is cyber monday?

  5. Hello! There are very useful tips here. The lack of the things mentioned by you are precisely the reason why so many people fail with affiliate marketing or say that it doesn’t work for them. It can work for anyone who keeps in mind the above tips, especially TRUST. Trust is vital in affiliate marketing and to earn trust of your audience takes a lot of time and effort. Best regards.

    • Hey Dave welcome to the blog, and I couldn’t agree more with you, I’m a big believer that gaining trust is very important. If you recommend something that’s shady, you’ll soon be remembered for it as with if you recommend something useful and something you’ve tried and tested before, just like Matthew mentioned. Have a great day mate :)

  6. Hi Fabrizio
    That is a great period to operate on. Excellent bit of recommend.thanks for sharing this.

  7. I still can’t believe that Christmas is coming…. And as about pieces of advice that you mentioned in this post, so I find them quite effective and maybe will try to implement it in life and get some benefits from it.

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