9 Smart Ways to Produce Great Blog Topics

Blogging to me can bring great joy when I have a great topic to write about. The ideas are just bursting from my head, the energy flowing into my fingers, and the tapping of the keyboard turns into a rhythmic melody that is just music to my ears. The screen starts filling up with words, [...]

How to Influence Your Website Visitors Behavior

You spend a lot of time and effort getting traffic to your website. You strive to get your prospects and customers flooding your homepage, reading your blog, and browsing your products or services. After all, website traffic is the key to online business success…right? While I’m not going to argue that website traffic is important [...]

Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Thanksgiving Deals

Well it’s that time of year once again where HUGE savings can be made on many top blogging, online and marketing tools, and to miss out on such savings would be ludicrous. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is upon us and below you will find an array of top tools and services at discount [...]

5 Days to Engaging With Your Facebook Audience More Effectively – Day Three

Using photos to engage with your Facebook audience more effectively – This is day 3 of a series of 5 day posts, on engaging with your Facebook audience more effectively – We’ve looked at sharing videos to promote engagement and sharing useful resourceful links in day two. Today we’re going to look at sharing photos [...]

M4M 002 : My Tips & Strategies for Managing Guest Writers & Guest Posts on your WordPress Blog

In this post, podcast I will share with you some tips and my very own strategies for managing guest writers and guest posts on your WordPress blog – Welcome to the second episode of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast and it’s only been 16 days since the first episode, but I was pretty excited and ‘geared up’, [...]

November Blog Contest: Win Genesis Theme Framework Plus Megalithe Child Theme Worth $79

Hi all, it’s November and it’s time for a well overdue blog contest. And as you’ve guessed, we’re giving away yet again another Genesis theme framework bundle for WordPress worth $79 to one lucky winner. We’re giving away 1 x Genesis framework 1.8, plus the Megalithe Child theme , it’s StudioPress’s latest child theme in their stunning [...]

5 Days To Engaging With Your Facebook Audience More Effectively – Day Two

This is day 2 of a series of 10 day posts, on engaging with your Facebook audience more effectively – These days running an online business or a blog without using Facebook as your primary social media marketing platform is almost unheard of. I’m sure some of you are probably thinking. ‘well Facebook isn’t my [...]

5 Days To Engaging With Your Facebook Audience More Effectively – Day One

This is day 1 of a series of 5 day posts, on engaging with your Facebook audience more effectively – Whether you run a blog or an online business, social media engagement is vitally important for establishing and building solid relationships with your audience, whether you see them as readers for your blog or potential [...]

5 Ways to Increase your Affiliate Sales before Christmas

Want to increase your affiliate sales before Christmas? Christmas and the festive season usually mean going out and spending more money than you like to… If you’re looking to earn a little extra money before Christmas, give affiliate marketing a serious thought. Or if you’re already doing some affiliate marketing and making some money from [...]

5 Awesome Plugins to Secure Your WordPress Site from Hackers

A lot of hard work goes into the creation of a successful WordPress site, but is made useless without proper protection. Hacking is one of the most common problems that several websites, even that of crucial departments are affected by. If you want to stay away from hacking, it is necessary add extra layers of [...]