How to Monetize a Weight Loss Site

In this post you will learn some useful tips on how to monetize a weight loss site or blog - You’ve probably heard that ‘weight loss’ and ‘health’ in general are among the best niches for a blog. This is true but this doesn’t mean every weight loss site is a gold mine. If you don’t know how to monetize it, even if your content is top-notch, your precious weight loss site won’t bring you any money. Of course, this won’t make you happy.

In order to avoid frustration, here are some useful tips on how to monetize a weight loss site effectively.

4 Ways to Monetize a Weight Loss Site

CPM Ads Don’t Work at All!

CPM ads, or the ads that pay per visitor (unique or not) are definitely not what you want on your weight loss site. CPM ads are a great way to monetize a site (regardless of its niche) only if you have huge traffic volumes. Otherwise, you will make pennies from thousands of visitors, which is next to nothing.

If you are curious to see for yourself, you could put a CPM banner or two but be prepared for very low payment. The only case CPM ads could work is if you have a huge pool of precisely targeted weight loss, dieting, fitness, diet food, and recipe ads to rotate.

Needless to say, no ad network offers tons of these but even if you somehow manage to find ads that relate to diet food, nutrition, weight loss, exercise, etc.., it is still a waste of ad space because if you use this space with other monetization options, you will earn much more per visitor or per pixel of ad space.

How to Monetize a Weight Loss Site

AdSense and the Other PPC Ads Could Work

In comparison to CPM ads, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads work much better in the lose weight niche. There are dozens of good PPC networks, though probably the first (or only) name you can think of is AdSense.

AdSense is considered the best PPC network and this is for a good reason. They have a big pool of advertisers, which means you have a higher chance to get relevant ads on your blog. As you know, when ads are relevant, this usually increases the CTR (Click Through Rate) and you are making more money. The cost per click is also decent for the weight loss niche, so with decent amounts of traffic, coupled with relevant content, AdSense could be an option.

In addition to AdSense, there are many other good PPC networks that are good for a dieting site or for a workout site. Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Clicksor are some of these alternatives. It won’t hurt, if you give them a try and see if you are making more with them or with Adsense.

Affiliate Programs Are Really the Best Alternative

Affiliate programs are the queen of monetization for a weight loss site. Almost any affiliate network has offers for weight loss products, so it won’t be hard to find what to promote. There are even affiliate networks, for example Moreniche, that specialize predominantly in weight loss offers (plus some general health ones but for a weight loss site these could work as well) and the commissions are generous (up to 30-40% on some offers).

The most important thing with affiliate programs is to pick good offers that convert well with your audience. There are offers for weight loss pills that make you lose weight overnight or that make other promises that are too good to be true. Unless your audience is really stupid (which shouldn’t be a reason to be proud), such offers not only don’t convert well, but they also make your site look stupid and make intelligent people distrust you, so you’d better keep such ‘magical’ offers away from your site.

In addition to the ‘miraculous’ weight loss pills, there are many legit offers for weight loss pills. Amazon has many of these but of course many other networks (that pay higher commissions) offer them as well.

Weight loss programs, such as Weight Watchers, and food home delivery for weight loss are another option. So are various best diet programs because they are always in demand even by people who aren’t serious enough about weight loss and wouldn’t use a food delivery service.

Direct Advertisers Could Bring You Some Money

Direct advertisers are another opportunity to monetize a weight loss site. The main advantage is that you get the whole amount the advertiser pays because with many ad networks half or even two thirds of the money of the advertiser go to the network’s pocket.

However, finding direct advertisers isn’t easy. There might be thousands of products that relate to weight loss, diets, exercise, healthy food, etc. to advertise but negotiations with advertisers take hell of a time. Additionally, you need to have a really popular and targeted site in order to attract quality direct advertisers that pay top dollar. What is more, the ad space on your site isn’t unlimited, so it might turn out that you can’t beat affiliate income with direct sales of ad space.

Weight loss is a profitable niche, so it isn’t very hard to monetize a weight loss site. If you are lucky and if your site ranks well with search engines, you might be able to earn well from it. This is why, if at present your weight loss site doesn’t bring you the money you hoped for, don’t give up but try harder, especially with affiliate offers. Sooner or later, you will see how your investment pays off.


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