The Hottest Internet Marketing Trends For This Year

In this post you will learn 4 top internet marketing trends of 2012 - Trying to market a business using techniques that have been effective 20 years ago may no longer be the case nowadays. The world is changing at a fast pace. Equipment being used today was not the same as what was being used 20 years ago, and this affects the marketing industry as well.

Using marketing techniques that are outdated will only prove fruitless and will not be effective in penetrating the market. This is why marketers should be updated in their marketing methods and strategies.

This year, not only will marketers have to make use of the Internet in their combination of marketing strategies, but they will also have to evolve along with the trends to cope up. For Internet marketing, here is what’s hot for this year:

internet marketing trends

4 Internet Marketing Trends of 2012

Trend #1: Hire a Professional for PPC Campaigns

Fooling around with pay-per-click campaigns on your own is already outdated. In order to really make the most out of the pay-per-click offers, start hiring a certified PPC professional that specializes in driving good quality traffic to your website and still works on a budget. Do not entrust these kinds of specialty tasks to people who are not experts in the job as you will just be wasting your money. Investing on a professional would be the smarter choice here.

Trend #2: Generating Quality Traffic in the Web

Although it would make any webmaster happy to see that their website is generating a lot of visitors. Yet even if that is the case, converting these visits into actual customers is even more ideal. The idea here is not just about generating traffic for a website, but to generate traffic that has quality. You can start building long-term relationships with these people by using tools that do not cost much like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Vertical Response. Create your own list of potential and existing clients to email and then start offering them valuable content in order to direct them back towards your website.

Trend #3: Being Visible in the Web

For most people today that do not have their businesses on the web, they do not exist for customers. How could one be able to find a location if there are no directions to it? It is not possible. The same is true for potential customers who are looking for you on the web, but couldn’t find you. That is why marketers should start claiming those local listings as they are relevant in directing additional traffic towards the business. After all of the local listings in Bing, Google and Yahoo have been nailed down, start optimizing the website for the local shoppers to easily find your physical location.

Trend #4: Content is still Important

Creating content that focuses more on quantity instead of quality is not enough. Weekly blogging is not going to make it. What marketers should do is to write and blog more, and start attaching some of the latest sharing options in their blogs in order for readers to easily spread your content. Popular social networks to share content are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

As an internet marketer, are you engaged in such trending marketing strategies?

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  1. Aditya says:

    Hiring a PPC professional or an SEM expert is the best thing one can do if they really want to make things better.Anyone cannot do what it takes to be at the top.

  2. Sam says:

    As we all know how competition is going on in online marketing but you shouldn’t forget one thing beside that there are lot of ways to make your presence in online marketing just in few days but it will possible in that conditions only when you will learn some things from your competitors as well.

  3. Ameenah says:

    Absolutely, in any field, and especially in a technology based field, it’s imperative to be up-to-date with marketing trends. However, in the case of some of these trends – not every small business can afford to shell out for the top quality adviser right off the bat. I appreciate the recommendations, however.

    Mail Chimp’s an excellent tool, isn’t it? Really well designed and super easy to use for your average person.
    Ameenah recently posted..Worms: Revolution ReviewMy Profile

  4. Raina Bright says:

    It seems like the basic principles stay the same, but the way we achieve them evolves. Like getting found in potential customers’ search results. Keeping up with the changes when it comes to Google can seem daunting, but is necessary in order to stay relevant and have your marketing efforts be effective.

  5. Thanks for sharing. All of the above tips are mostly adopted by everyone. However its easy to adopt them but hard to manage due to a huge trend towards them tends to huge competition.

  6. Hi Peter,

    Yes – Having someone with not only knowledge on PPC but your specific business market (like finance as an example) is crucial for not throwing money in the water and gaining maximum exposure for your business resources already invested.

  7. Anshul says:

    I think the person who have know the PPC and SEM is the best for growth your market because in my view PPC is not only necessary SEM is also important. I like your all tips to gain something better for your business is good.

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