Should Small Businesses Consider Digital Marketing?

Everyone knows that for big corporations and industries, Internet Marketing is a must. No major corporation has a chance of survival these days without utilizing the benefits of the world-wide-web. But, is it really necessary for small businesses to market online? After all, small businesses usually cater to a small, local community. Is there a need to market your business to the world?

Small Business and Digital Marketing in the Past

In the not too distant past, small businesses didn’t worry about Digital Marketing. They were happy to leave all that technical stuff to the big boys. Their customers were happy to look in their daily newspaper for weekly circulars or coupons. Occasionally, they might dip their toe into some of the earlier forms of Digital Marketing by way of a television or radio commercial but that was the limit.

But now that the cost of online exposure has dropped to a more affordable level, more and more small businesses are taking the Digital Marketing plunge. They are finding that the benefits far outweigh those of other marketing strategies.

“My Small Business Does Not Sell Anything Online and Why Should I Go Online?”

Even if a small business chooses not to sell their product or service online, the Internet can still play a useful tool for them. We live in the information age and when people are in search of something they no longer reach for the yellow pages, the reach for the mouse. A small business that has a steady flow of information about your company can educate the public about your services. That education can play a large role in bringing new customers to your door. Simple things like customer comments, liking you on Facebook or an informative website can be available for any person that is looking for what you offer.

There are other advantages that can give a small business an upper hand on the Internet. They can have a greater appeal to the local community than some of the larger corporations. Many of the big companies invest a great deal of money establishing their chain stores. But with each link in their chain they tend to lose contact with the local community offering the same things in every town. A small business is only interested in their community and communicating that online can give you a major advantage.

Small businesses’ customer service can beat out the big guys too. Because of your knowledge of the communities needs you have your finger on the pulse of the community, you know what they need and want and you can use that knowledge online to lure new clientele from those businesses that are not aware. Doing this demonstrates to the customer that you understand what they need as opposed to the big guys just pushing something in their direction. This can make the difference between a customer walking out or getting one to walk back through your door.

Even in today’s worldwide exposure and marketing frenzy, people want and need to feel special. Small businesses have a greater chance of accomplishing this by employing the personal touch. Just because being online keeps you from that face-to-face contact it doesn’t mean that they can’t still get that personal touch if you are astute enough to plan it right.

If you are a small business owner, what are the online marketing methods you are using to connect with your local community online? I would really love to hear your story.

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About the Author

Annetta Powell is a success coach of real estate investing, network marketing and social media marketing. Her personal blog is and can connect with her in Google + and in Twitter

  • Aditya

    Whether marketing a product or business online or offline.The effect it makes depends on how effectively one does it.Small businesses are adapting digital marketing just to let others know they are in the market like all other big giants.

    • Annetta Powell

      Absolutely! When small business do the digital marketing, it can use some very simple and effective ways to target. The target audience are localized and without spending much resources for SEO, they can find a good position in Google places .

  • Raina Bright

    I think it’s a mistake for any business not to have an online presence. Today’s customer picks up his or her smartphone to find local establishments, and companies that don’t have a website – or at least a Facebook page or something – often get passed up if they are seen at all. Of course, these have to be monitored. It’s off-putting to realize that nobody ever checks the inbox or responds to questions.

    • Annetta Powell

      Very good point about smartphones! Could it be small business or a large business, a mobile optimized website is really really important now. As more and more people are using mobiles phones for search, a simple mobile optimized website with a click to call button can do a tremendous job in converting the traffic. Imagine you are searching for florist from your smartphone. If the result page of the business has a mobile optimized website and they have a click to call button, is it not just tempting to click that dial button and check out?

  • Samuel Junghenn

    Definitely!!! Many small business owners are missing out on the digital marketing strategies. In today’s world, any business can flourish greatly and increase their sales, leads or bookings through online marketing. Social media marketing plan helps to maintain customer relationship intact. Also mobile internet usage has gone to a greater height. Small businesses must definitely adapt to these marketing changes for higher financial gain and exposure.