16 Killer Tips to Monetize your Blog with Amazon Affiliate Program

In this post you will learn some valuable tips on how to monetize your blog using Amazon products  - Ask any blogger the following question ‘What is the best way to monetize a blog?’ and most of them will no doubt answer, ‘doing affiliate marketing’ or ‘promoting affiliate products’. Yes it is undeniably true; affiliate marketing is without a shadow of a doubt the most effective way to monetize a blog, and make real money from blogging.

These days there are very few companies on the internet selling online products or services that don’t have an affiliate program of some sort. In fact today there are many companies in a wide variety of niche industries offering people the opportunity to make some extra money online by promoting their products and services.

Amongst the biggest and most popular of them all is Amazon.

Amazon Associate Program

The Amazon associates program is Amazon’s popular affiliate program and thousands of bloggers and internet marketers are already generating a decent income by promoting Amazon products.

In this post I’d like to share with you 14 top tips for promoting Amazon products on your blog. Tips that I’ve used myself that has helped me to generate some decent income from Amazon.com

If you currently don’t have an Amazon Associate account, you can sign up for one here, it’s completely free – Signup for an Amazon Associates Account

OK, let’s get started…

7 Tips to keep in mind when you Monetize your Blog using Amazon

Let’s begin with some things to keep in mind when promoting Amazon products or affiliate links on your blog.

#1. Have A Little Patience – First of all, understand this, you’re not suddenly going to find financial freedom overnight just by putting a few Amazon widgets and links on your blog. It takes time and a sh@t load of hard work before you can see some revenue coming through from your efforts, so like with every other method of making money online, you need to remain consistent and most of all, have a little patience.

#2. Put Your Audience First – Secondly always put your readers first before thinking about whacking Amazon banners and links all over your blog. To put it in another context; Ensure that you continue to provide quality content always, when engaging with affiliate marketing or programs on your blog.

#3. Promote Quality Products – Always promote quality products from Amazon. Check the buyer reviews on the Amazon website for the products you want to promote, and decide whether you want to promote them on your blog or not.

#4. Promote Useful, Related Products – In addition to promoting quality products, ensure you also promote useful and related products. So that means products you’re positive that your audience will find useful and products that is related to your niche industry.

For me and particularly for this blog, it means promoting blogging, online marketing and social media related products. I.e. related books, office and computer related products, stationary and business software and so forth.

#5. Promote Popular Products - Here’s a little tip, especially if you’ve already made a few sales with Amazon; Check your reports and see what products you’ve made the most referred sales from.

Below you will see a screen shot of just a few orders taken from my Amazon account for the last quarter. You will notice I’ve highlighted the most popular item on the list, being YouTube & Video Marketing: An Hour a Day. This is a popular sale item for me because amongst my most viewed pages on my blog are YouTube related posts. So with this knowledge in mind, I can begin to look at other ways to promote this single product further, i.e. create a video, write a short eBook, do some podcasting etc.

Monetize your Blog using Amazon

You can do the same, check out what’s the hottest product you’ve been selling the most of and look for ways to promote that product further.

#6. Be Transparent – If you’re a regular reader you might have noticed that below some of my posts I place the title ‘Recommended Reading from Amazon’. That’s because where ever possible I like to be transparent about the affiliate links I’m sharing in my posts, but I understand that everyone has their own theories and beliefs on the subject of transparency and affiliate linking.

If at all possible I’d recommend that you try not to hide the fact that your posts contain affiliate links from Amazon, try and be transparent with your readers, especially if you’ve earned their trust. The last thing they want to experience is being redirected to an affiliate page, by clicking on a link that they thought was going to direct them to another useful post on your blog. Let them know what they’re in for. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this point.

It’s also a good idea to use a disclosure page. If your blog doesn’t have a disclosure page, then consider adding one, this will save you the time having to disclose your affiliate links each time you add affiliate products to a page.

#7. Watch Out For Unique Opportunities – Keep an eye out for unique opportunities to promote pre-release items or items on special offer on Amazon. Also keep a record of calendar dates and special events such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday etc.

9 Effective Methods for Promoting Amazon Products on your Blog

OK let’s now look at 7 ways in which to promote Amazon products on your blog more effectively, ways that will help you increase your Amazon conversion and get more sales.

#1. Quality Content Always – Content quality will always be at the top of the agenda, as I mentioned earlier, put your audience first before any affiliate program. Quality content is the key to succeeding with making money with Amazon, the more the better.

#2. Naturally Fitting Content – As well as quality content, ensure you add related Amazon affiliate links to fitting content. Here’s a prime example, I’m currently writing a section of this post about ways in which to promote Amazon products on your blog, so to assist you further I might recommend the following products / books -


#3. Use a minimum of 3 Amazon Affiliate Links – If you’re using Amazon affiliate links or short links (recommended), where appropriate and depending on the nature of your post, you should try and add a minimum of 3 affiliate links per post. I found that adding them at the bottom of the post as, Recommended Reading from Amazon to work really well for me. If you’re doing written product reviews then ensure you add suitable links, at least 3 in the content itself.

#4. Create & Use Customized Widgets – You might have noticed again if you’re a regular reader, that I use customized widgets with related products on some of my posts. If you haven’t yet used them, consider experimenting with them.

#5. Add an aStore to your Blog – I currently have an aStore dedicated to a page on my blog. This is a great way to increase conversions and it’s something I don’t see very many bloggers taking advantage of. An aStore is like having your own online store built into your blog. Check out the aStore for Magnet4Marketing here – Magnet4Marketing aStore

#6. Create Product Review Posts – This is one of my favourite methods and I know it’s being used by thousands of other bloggers already, but there is nothing more effective than doing an actual written product review on your blog. That’s the beauty and great connection blogging has with affiliate marketing, especially with Amazon. Here are four simple steps to writing a great Amazon product review on your blog –

  1. Find a great product, a quality product related to your niche and buy that product.
  2. Use the product yourself, really put it to the test.
  3. Write an honest review post of the product and add your Amazon affiliate links, don’t forget to use ‘’ in your affiliate links.
  4. Publish it on your blog and promote it the best you can.

#7. Use Video – Video is another powerful medium to use for promoting Amazon affiliate products. Some time ago I created a short hands-on video review of an aluminium keyboard and case for the iPad 2; I applied some basic SEO, shared it amongst my social connections and have since enjoyed some great sales generated from referral traffic from that video. It really is a powerful tool; Embedding your review videos into a blog post can give your videos more exposure too. Consider creating your own video review and posting it onto YouTube and using your blog to promote it further.

Read: How to Create the Best Video Product Review on YouTube

#8. Use Images & Link Them to your Affiliate Links – You know the saying, ‘a photo is worth a thousand words’, and yes people are drawn to attractive images, and that means images of Amazon products in your reviews, it’s also a known fact that ‘images are worth some valuable clicks’, we all love to click on images, so don’t forget to link your images to your Amazon affiliate links.

#9. Consider Using EasyAzon Plugin For WordPress - EasyAzon plugin is a premium WordPress plugin designed to make your life of promoting Amazon affiliate links a lot easier. It also claims to help you increase your conversions and generate more Amazon sales. You can check it out here – Download EasyAzon Plugin

Well that’s all the tips I have for you on promoting Amazon products on your blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed the tips here and as always, if you want to share your own views, tips and ideas on affiliate marketing trough Amazon, please leave your comments below.

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    Hi Fabrizio,
    Its very easy to earn from Amazon if we compare with other affiliate networks, because its products are easy to buy and very common products in listings which can be purchased easily, but commissions are not that much like other affiliate programs.

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    Hey Fabzy another awesome tutorial I must say. Whilst Amazon is easy to promote and make money from I think many people will benefit from putting in a little extra elbow grease to increase their conversions, these tips are valuable indeed. Well written as usual :)

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    Transparency with affiliate links is very important because the revenue will consequently indicate how much trust your readers have on you. I know people that make money by sending others ‘accidentally’ to ‘amazon.com’ home page! That’s not selling and these short-sighted techniques doesn’t make anyone a better marketer, becoming which should be the aim of every affiliate.

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