5 Reasons to Use Genesis Theme Framework for Your Next Project

More than 17% of the websites are powered by the WordPress CMS and there are 100+ WordPress theme shops providing premium themes.

From last few months I’m getting a lot of questions about choosing a WordPress theme and I’ve always recommended people to go with a theme framework like Genesis or Thesis Theme.
In this post I’m going to share 5 simple reasons why you should use Genesis for you next WordPress blog project.

1. Ease of Use

I am a fan of WordPress theme frameworks, because of the ease of use. Genesis Framework comes with a fantastic set of options. The theme has all the elements that you’d need to create a successful WordPress website.

For those who are looking for an extremely simple and secure theme framework, then look no further. I’m using Genesis on my Internet Marketing blog and it works very well. I was easily able to customize the theme within 30 minutes of installing it, with very little technical involvement.

2. Premium Support

I currently have a lot of theme memberships but no theme shop has offered me the support like StudioPress has. StudioPress has been backed by a great team. To start with each child theme has video tutorials on how to install and what options it has to offer. It’s especially perfect solution for beginner WordPress users.

Plus there are hundreds of useful tutorials available out there for customizing and tweaking Genesis theme . If you want to add any functionality, just Google it up and you’ll end with lots of detailed tutorial. There are even Genesis tutorials on Fabrizio’s blog here at Magnet4Marketing.

3. SEO

Geneses theme offer tools for powerful SEO, which is been built with the help of Joost De Valk (WordPress SEO by Yoast). You can easily set up the meta title and description on any page or blog post. You also have options to and any particular page or post.

The theme also support other SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast & All in One SEO. So as soon as you install any external SEO plugin, it will disable the built-in-SEO.

4. Turnkey Child Themes

One of the things I love about the Genesis theme is the beautiful collection of child themes available from the marketplace. The StudioPress team is doing super awesome work in releasing at least one child theme every other week. This is something that not many theme shops are currently doing, which is real shame.

Studiopress theme

The Awesome (in)SPYR theme built on Genesis theme, currently powering Magnet4Marketing blog

This quality theme drama doesn’t end here; the genesis theme has many free well designed child themes also available as well. Check out the full library of themes here – Genesis theme library

5. Instant Updates

It just takes a single minute to update a Genesis theme. All you have to do is to click on the update button, when alerted for an updated via the WordPress dashboard, and Genesis theme takes care of everything.

Over to You

If you want a beautiful design and premium functionality to your WordPress blog, if you’re after quality and affordability all in one, then Genesis theme is perfect solution. To read more about Genesis you can check out Fabrizio’s review of Genesis theme here. Please leave a comment below.

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Devesh is a full time blogger and founder of WordPress Kube; a WordPress Marketing blog which focuses on WordPress Themes, Plugins, Tutorials, News and Modifications.

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  1. Md Sohail says:

    Currently using news child theme which is awesome. I love genesis themes, they are easy to use and fully customizable. Although their is an option of seo settings which is a plus point.

    • Hey Md thanks for stopping by buddy :) The News Child has proven to be an immensly popular one by the looks of things, I think it was one of StudioPress’s best selling for a while, it might still be I don’t know. Out of them all I think the News Child theme for me was the best for customization.

  2. Samantha says:

    Genesis has always been an awesome theme framework and one of my favorites, we use it on all our WordPress projects. You’ve outlined some valuable reasons here.

  3. Now i am using thesis. I have a plan to use Genesis theme for my next site. I like the outlook of genesis theme.

  4. These days I hear a lot about genesis and I am getting bit curious about this theme. My blog was created couple of years back and I am trying to get all my content from my other domains. I have my real estate contents in other domains. So, do you think if I change the theme of my blog at this stage, is that going to affect my ranking?

    At the moment, my site is in a blog style and I want to have the home page to be static with links to all my niche categories. Do you think genesis is a good theme for this? I checked the Studio press and the biggest problem is that they have so many and I am confused with choosing the best one for me.

    • Hey Annetta, to answer your first question if you change the theme of your blog to a Genesis theme, I believe it will affect your rankings in a GOOD way, as their themes are optimized for SEO as you may know. There is a lot of choice from the StudioPress website I know how you feel about that but there should be something for every business type. There is even a dedicated theme for real estate sites I think the theme is called AgentPress :)

    • Devesh says:

      Hey Annetta,

      Changing a theme wouldn’t going to affect your rankings, in anyway. StudioPress has 1-2 themes for every niche/industry and you can also use their Theme Selection tool to find the suitable theme for your website.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thank you for sharing this post. Genesis is a great framework and it is so easy to use. They are such a great variety of themes that are suitable for all types of websites.

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