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PremiumPress offer some of the best premium WordPress themes for all types of business and niche market ventures. Whether you're looking to start a business in advertising, ecommerce, real estate, or maybe launch your own website auction site, PremiumPress has something to cater for all your business needs... PremiumPress themes comes complete with a host of ground-breaking features and unlimited updates plus more...

This is PremiumPress Themes review - Starting a business with a WordPress powered website or blog has to be one of the biggest highlights of starting a business online full stop. Well it certainly was for me in any case, with my own blog’s and my online art company.

Every business these days must have some kind on online presence, if not the entire business alone being an online establishment. WordPress makes this possible on every level, and amongst the most awesome premium WordPress themes available out there, are PremiumPress, which I’m sure you’ve come across at some stage or another, or perhaps not.

PremiumPress themes serve as today’s subject for review, and not only that, until September 30th, you can get a whopping 50% off selected premium themes from PremiumPress. So let’s begin.

premiumpress themes

What do PremiumPress themes have to offer?

PremiumPress offers 11 awesome WordPress themes for every business idea possible, and we’ll start by quickly going through each theme. Check out the list below –

1. AgencyPress Theme – The AgencyPress theme will empower your WordPress site, transforming it into an active online community property site. You can give your users the power to register to your site, connect and engage with other like minded individuals within a niche market.

The great thing about this theme is that it offers full back-end administration options, like setting up free and paid membership packages for your users and much more.

2. ComparisonPress Theme – This is another awesome theme and a great business idea opportunity. Why not create your very own comparison website. This theme is perfect for creating SEO-friendly affiliate websites for displaying products and earning affiliate commission too.

3. ShopperPress Theme – Transform your WordPress powered website into a fully fledged ecommerce platform. Perfect if you’re thinking of opening your own online store.

4. DirectoryPress Theme – If you’ve always dreamt of starting your very own online business directory or local directory website, this theme is perfect for you. Once again one of the key features is being able to create free and paid listings.

5. AuctionPress Theme – This theme is perfect for creating niche market auction websites. How about starting your own website auction site similar to the success of Flippa?

6. CouponPress Theme – If building your very own online coupon website sounds more like the business idea for you then this theme is perfect for doing just that. Coupons are a hot topic at the moment and everyone is after a coupon of some sort, think about it!

7. RealtorPress Theme – Start your own property and real estate business with this WordPress real estate theme, packed with key features like the ability to set up agent profiles, integrating Google maps and property adder…

The RealtorPress theme is the ultimate theme solution for creating online property directories similar to Right Move…

8. MoviePress Theme – We recently reviewed a great video WordPress theme from Theme Junkie, this is another great video theme. It will allow you to upload your very own videos, or import videos from YouTube and Metcafe. Perfect for those looking to start their own video blogging site or video games review blog.

9. Classifieds Theme – PremiumPress Classifieds theme has been one of my personal favourite for a long time. With this theme you can build your own classified ads online property in a variety of niche markets, such as buy and sell, jobs, local services and more…

10. EmployeePress Theme – How about building your very own local jobs listings website? Well the EmplyeePress theme will help you do just that. There is a unique opportunity in this market for a jobs board in what ever niche or sector you want to set up in. Just look at the success of Elance, a site for web developers and freelance designers looking for work.

11. ResumePress Theme – The resume / CV theme is perfect for allowing your visitors to build their online resumes to share with potential clients, employers, friends and family.

So that’s a run through of PremiumPress catalogue of themes and as you can see there is a theme for every business idea and occasion. Again WordPress makes this possible.

Now let’s look at some of the reasons why you might want to consider using a PremiumPress theme for your business solution.

Affordable? Maybe…

Each theme package will set you back $79 (£49), or $249 for all the themes package, plus any future themes released… which we think is not the most affordable, but well worth the money in any case, especially the all-themes package.

Remember – until the 30th September you can pick up the ShopperPress, AgencyPress, Classifieds, ResumePress, ComparisonPress, MoviePress themes for just $39.50 (£24) instead of $79. You can do this by using the discount code SAVE50NOW . See below image on how to redeem your coupon code for 50% off…

Prices include all the themes key features, unlimited updates and support.

Themes Optimized for Mobile Devices

All PremiumPress themes have been optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, iPhones etc. That is a big plus point and I know many of the premium WordPress theme developers are now making many of their themes mobile responsive.

PremiumPress themes optimized for mobile devices

Individual Theme Key Features

Each theme boasts its own unique key features. All themes are developed with current search engine optimization practices in mind.

Active Community Forum and Support

If you have a problem or a technical query regarding any of the themes, you can access the community forum for help. There is also a dedicated customer support center if you need further assistance.

Video Training Tutorials

If you thought that an active community forum and a customer support center wasn’t enough, PremiumPress also has a library of informative video training tutorials to get your teeth into.

Generous Affiliate Program

If you want to promote PremiumPress themes yourself, their affiliate program offers 70% commission on every sale you refer, which is stompingly awesome.

Conclusion for PremiumPress Themes

In all PremiumPress offers neat and tidy theme packages to suit all types of businesses, each theme is bursting at the seams with lots of great features. You really are getting quality for your money here I really can’t fault it. But I’ll leave you to decide for yourself whether you feel PremiumPress are folks that can help cater for your business needs or not.

Do let me know your thoughts; perhaps you’ve used PremiumPress themes before, if so I’d love for you to share your experiences in the comment section below as always.


PremiumPress offer some of the best premium WordPress themes for all types of business and niche market ventures. Whether you're looking to start a business in advertising, ecommerce, real estate, or maybe launch your own website auction site, PremiumPress has something to cater for all your business needs... PremiumPress themes comes complete with a host of ground-breaking features and unlimited updates plus more...
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  1. Donna Spears says:

    Is the Freelance wordpress theme not good for business!
    it’s actually one of my favorite choices!

  2. Aditya says:

    Hey Fab,
    What an amazing offer from Premium press them.And the part i like is,one can have access from smart phones too.That’s what everybody wants.Technology has bought up the access to web at our own hands.This deal is worth more than one can get @ $249.

  3. Shane says:

    Great article Fabrizio! Indeed, Premiumpress is amazing. That, being able to cover a lot of services and at an affordable rate. And it has expanded it’s productivity on smart phones as well. Thank you for posting this! Very informative.

  4. Samantha Wright says:

    Amazing offer from premium press they do make some great themes for business ideas. I’m a big fan of the classifieds theme myself.

  5. Hi Fabrizio:

    These themes look awesome! I will have to check them out.



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