Monday Morning Link Mashup #9 – 13 Top Posts of the Week

Link Mashup #9 for 24th September 2012 – Where has the last seven days gone, really, another week and another link mashup and boy we’re giving credit to 13 posts this week. So grab yourself your favorite beverage, sit back and get your teeth into this week’s top recommended reading…

What? Why?…

OK so you’re new to our link mashup and naturally you want to know why we do it… Each week we roundup the top posts of the blogosphere, posts that we believe is worth reading and therefore recommend them to you. Posts are naturally focused on the topics of online marketing, blogging, SEO and link building, social media, internet entrepreneurship and making money online.

The benefits of having YOUR post featured in our Monday Morning Link Mashup is that you get additional exposure from one hell of a reputable blog (Ours of course), readers and some quality backlinks. Should you approve the trackback from this post, we also benefit from getting a quality backlink in return. So it’s a win, win situation.

OK, enough of my ramblings, without further ado, here is this week’s top recommended posts.

Monday Morning Link Mashup

This Week’s Link Mashup

Online Marketing

Selling Websites: Why You Should Consider Becoming an Online Property Developer. - This is an awesome post by Secret Insider posted on Internet Marketing Here SI shares some valuable reasons with adequate research into  selling websites, and why you should consider becoming an online property developer. If you’re looking for an avenue in which to make some real money online, this post is a must read… – Read Why You Should Consider Becoming an Online Property Developer.

Why Your Customers Want You To Be Fun, Transparent, and Even Weird Sometimes - This was a really inspiring read. Here Gary Korisko of writes about the reaction he received when loading the southwest airlines homepage. He significantly highlights how southwest airlines managed to grab his attention, and I’m sure many of it’s customers attention too, with some really creative marketing (Translating their entire home page into pirate language). As he rightly points out in his post, weird but definitely fun. And a very bold marketing move for a massive company like southwest airlines… – Read Why Your Customers Want You To Be Fun, Transparent, and Even Weird Sometimes

Small Business

5 Ways Startups can Create More Email Leads - Another great post in this week’s link mashup was one posted on Aweber’s blog. The post was written by Gregory Ciotti who shares 5 very powerful ways business start ups can create more email leads. The post covers integrating emails, offering and promoting resources and more… Read 5 Ways Startups can Create More Email Leads.

How to Get Your Business to Work for You Instead - Another great inspiring post this week comes from one of my all time favorite bloggers, Pat Flynn of As Pat celebrates the arrival of his new family member (many congrats Pat, I became a father too 14 weeks ago, and loving it), he also shares in this post ways in which you can make your business work for you when you’re otherwise engaged with other areas of your life, making your income from your businesses more passive. I took a lot away from Pat’s post as always, and I really recommend reading this one… Read How to Get Your Business to Work for You Instead


Writing Great Headlines – 6 Routes To Success – When it comes to writing headlines, are you making the most to capture the attention of your audience? In this post by Mat Beswick, published on, he shares six key steps to writing great headline titles. Read - Writing Great Headlines – 6 Routes To Success.

11 Tips for Trafficless Bloggers - A great roundup of traffic building tips for bloggers facing the dilemma of having little to no traffic. The post is by Christian Hollingsworth of – Read 11 Tips for Trafficless Bloggers.


Is SEO Dead Again? - A short but potentially an engaging post into the death of SEO for the 16th time maybe, which as James Duffy rightly explains here. James also looks at two of Google’s latest arsenal of weapons and asks the question, will this finally see an end to SEO?… Read Is SEO Dead Again?

15 Types of SEO Tools You Should Be Using - In this post by Charles Henry posted on, Charles shares 15 essential and powerful tools for helping you manage your SEO activities better, and getting more from your search engine optimization. From backlink analyzer tools to keyword density checking tools – Read 15 Types of SEO Tools You Should Be Using.

Social Media

Misleading Titles are Misleading - I discovered some time ago and I’ve enjoyed reading some of Morgan’s awesome posts on social media, well worth a check out. In this post Morgan briefly talks about the effects of using misleading titles on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn… – Read Misleading Titles are Misleading.

45 Awesome Twitter Marketing Tips for your Business - This was a great post to discover this week, and I love infographics. The image shares 45 twitter marketing tips as well as answers some of the questions related to twitter marketing for businesses… – Check it out here – 45 Awesome Twitter Marketing Tips for your Business

Internet Entrepreneurship

Todd Garland Explains How He Started And Grew Into A $10+ Million Dollar CompanyYaro Starok of provides an insightful audio-interview with Todd Garland, the founder and CEO of and how he started and grew into a $10+ million dollar company. This is an inspiring interview and well worth listening into – Listen Here

Make Your Business Efficient and Innovative: 4 Simple Steps - In our 12th recommended post of the week is a informative guest post on Blogtrepreneur.comThe post covers 4 really practical steps into using technology to make your business more efficient and innovative. Read more… – Make Your Business Efficient and Innovative: 4 Simple Steps

Making Money Online

How To Increase Affiliate Sales In 5 Easy Steps? – If you’re struggling to make ends meet with your affiliate marketing, then you might want to check out Anup Kayastha’s post on Here Anup shares 5 strategies for increasing your affiliate sales which includes, guest posting, using affiliate link exchange, writing product reviews, using social media promotions and offering free services… Read more – How To Increase Affiliate Sales In 5 Easy Steps?

Well folks that’s all in this week’s link mashup, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading the posts in this week’s recommendation. The bad news is that we won’t be publishing a link mashup on a weekly basis after this one, the good news is that we will publish one every two weeks… so we can add more value to each link mashup. As usual I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions on this week’s selection of posts, leave me a comment below as always, have a great week.


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