4 Ways to Use Pinterest for Effective B2B Marketing

With the tough competition in the internet world these days, you need to ensure that you stay on top of the game. To achieve this, you have to make sure that you are armed with the best tools so your brand is well known among your target audience. One of the most effective strategies that you might want to use is Pinterest.

Pinterest is the newest and hottest website for social media this year, and has taken the Internet world by storm. Pinterest has already managed to establish a position right behind Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as shown in the current list of the top 10 websites for social networking. Even though it is only about two years old, Pinterest has proven that it is a site that can compete with other social media sites that have long been in the industry and it might even manage to exceed what others have achieved.

Although it is currently popular among individual users, many B2B marketers are now starting to realize the potential of Pinterest as one of their business strategies. If you are a B2B marketer and you want to have a better online marketing campaign, here are four ways you can use Pinterest for more effective marketing.

Pinterest: Why should we be interested?

Pinterest as Storehouse for Visual Assets

With the nature of this social networking site, you can easily make Pinterest your official storehouse for your finest visual assets. Of course, it goes without saying that you only need to share those things that are really worthy to be shared, and not all of the images and videos produced by your company. The best thing about Pinterest is that it links back automatically to your image’s page; so your backlinks are made more valuable and at the same time, you make it easy for your audience to follow your content.

Pinterest to Rise Above Brand Promotion

Instead of coming up with pin-boards that merely discuss your company, try to make them more about a certain subject or topic. However, do not forget that your pin-boards need consistent identity; if you want to be trendy, stick to being trendy. If you want to be edgy, be edgy. Let your profile tell the story of your brand through pictures and strive to project to the entire world what type of brand your business is.

Pinterest for Brand Improvement

Simply because your company is B2B in nature does not necessarily mean that the pin-boards you have should be merely discussing your products or showing demo videos. The pin-boards should be used to reveal the real personality of your brand. Try to discuss your company’s culture, your customers, top executives in the company and anything that will help your target audience see you better.

Pinterest to Connect with Employees, Clients, Partners, and Prospects

Never neglect the fact that Pinterest is a social networking site and similar to other social networks, your success here will depend on how effective your collaboration and engagement is. Make a pin-board and encourage your clients, partners and employees to add related images, so that they feel that they are connected with the business brand. Reach out to your prospects and clients who have their own Pinterest accounts to make them feel that you value their connection with your company.

Visuals are powerful and for B2B marketers, Pinterest is the best site for you to ensure your company is better known among your customers and prospects.

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About the Author

Obi Orgnot is the founder and CEO of OrgNot Ltd. He is the author of the Exponential Growth Manual. As a social entrepreneur he helps small businesses to grow through his company’s digital marketing service.

  • http://www.globalnetworkseo.com anshul

    Hi Obi! I read your blog and i think that Pinterest will be more famous in coming years like other social websites and it will benefit to the marketer and business. I like your tips which you have defined well above.

  • http://www.psd2htmlwordpress.com/ Aditi Datta

    Hi, I must say that with the introduction of Pinterest as one of the social media sites, it has really gained a significant position among people and specially with female users as most of the pins are just related to fashion. This pin concept is also innovative too. All these tips that you have highlighted are also great too. Pinterest is definitely use for the promotion of brand and I should also say that in order to get effective marketing from Pinterest, it is better to update your pin with relative content and also to have more followers on Pinterest. This is all I think. Thanks for the update!!

  • http://www.rancorinfotech.com Aditya

    Pinterest has grown up as a giant Social networking site and it is popular not among business personnel but even other users as well.It is a great platform to share and get exposure of the business much more effectively.