Outsourcing SEO – Cost Effective or an Unnecessary Expense?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is now considered one of the major forms of apparatus for spring-boarding your company to recognition and credibility.

By shifting your website up the rankings on search engine results, the reputation of your company can improve dramatically as more traffic is driven through your website and the general public begin recognize your brand as a household name.

With SEO becoming such a priority, the question is whether or not hiring professional SEO experts is worthwhile. At such a hefty cost and commitment to your business, signing a contract with an outsourced SEO agent is a big decision to make and one which requires an insight into what exactly your company is going to receive.

Outsorcing SEO

Accountability for Results

Firstly, it is important to recognize the time and effort it takes to learn the best methods for improving SEO for a company. If you decide to allocate the job in house, either by undertaking the responsibility yourself or advocating a member of your team to complete the work, you put the blame for any mistakes that go wrong in your own hands.

Without the professional expertise carried by a warranted and accredited SEO company, there is a great deal that can go wrong which can be detrimental to the progression of your brand.

By hiring a professional to assess your current status as a company, analyze the work that needs doing, set out a scheme of action and to monitor that course, you are entering a contract where you expect guaranteed results by somebody who knows what is what in the SEO world.

What you’re doing in this circumstance is apportioning accountability to a third party, who by their very credentials, are promising to provide you with a higher ranking on search engines and in turn more traffic to your website.

So for example, say you’re offering web conferencing services online and you have a slim budget for progressing the recognition of your brand, you’re looking for cost justification for video conferencing SEO improvement on your website.

By hiring an expert to look into this project for you, they’re providing a framework of guidance which categorically assures you that despite the vast number of competitors in the web conferencing industry, you’re investment in SEO will place you in a higher ranking spot than you’re currently in.

If you as a company, don’t get results from the campaign set out by the professionals you have hired, then they are held accountable for the failure. By placing another company’s reputation at stake for the work they do in supporting your business development, you’re placing accountability on their shoulders holding them responsible for your SEO success.

What’s Inside Their Brains

Not everyone is an expert in every field. As with the previous example, if you’re a web conferencing company looking to assign a report on the cost justification for video conferencing to one of your members of staff, you wouldn’t allocate that project to a software developer because they wouldn’t be right for the job.

Aside from tearing them away from their own crucial tasks, you’re asking them to execute an assignment outside of their area of expertise. It would be far more appropriate to assign a report on cost justification of video conferencing to a financial administrator or a role along those lines.

The same goes for allocating an individual to carry out an SEO campaign to boost your company. Why do the job yourself when your expertise lie in a completely different field?

By outsourcing the duty to a professional in the industry, you’re hiring their expert brain to work on a task which their accustomed to performing exceedingly well on a daily basis. As they have a breadth of knowledge that supersedes anything you, yourself, are capable of, they are able to decipher original, dynamic and innovative means to achieving the recognition goals set out for your brand that you hope to achieve through SEO.

Time is Money

Lastly, and arguably most importantly when assessing cost effectiveness, time is a crucial factor in the results you’re hoping to achieve. Despite the fact that SEO contracts with external companies are usually on a twelve month basis, the time spent achieving recognizable results by those outsourced is often more effectively used.

As they already have the knowledge, tools and credibility that accompanies experienced SEO professionals, they need to spend less time researching the topic and can instead spend 100% of their time dedicating themselves to the project of improving your company.

Within a twelve month contract, outsourced experts are far more likely to achieve the goals set out in an SEO campaign that if the job were assigned to an amateur in-house, as they know how to effectively spread their time and resources to get results.

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Author Bio

SEO expert James Martell has gained a reputation for being the voice of Google rankings among his clients. He has an uncanny understanding of how SEO works and have managed to bring many small online businesses such as the Web Conference Classroom, into the public light, using his expertise and wide knowledge as well as his creative flair for original SEO tactics.

About James Martell

James Martell is well known as an affiliate marketing specialist in outsourcing and SEO. He is also a speaker and does weekly podcasts and affiliate marketing trainings. James is host of the Affiliate Buzz podcast on WebmasterRadio.FM (the first ever and longest running affiliate marketing podcast), and creator of the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp where he teaches others how to make money with affiliate marketing. He lives in White Rock BC, a seaside suburb of Vancouver on west coast of Canada with his wife, Arlene.

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  1. Adrian says:

    Hi James, you have raised a good point in terms of commercial field of SEO and companies. In my perspective I believe a company having a good budget should prepare their own In-House SEO teams, where as the Small business should have a thorough research and make a contract with a SEO company by having a realistic Goals. thanks

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Adrian, I very much agree with your here. But I also believe that some smaller companies can save expenses by learning to implement SEO themselves.

  2. Hi James,

    You have addressed a vital issue. Outsourcing SEO is purely dependent upon the owner of the blog/site. I can’t say that it is totally unnecessary as it has helped many in realizing their objectives. But one must be careful in choosing the correct resource before handing over the project for SEO.

    Vijayraj Reddy recently posted..Why Do Currency Exchange Rates Fluctuate?My Profile

    • Samantha says:

      Well said Vijayraj, especially with the recent goings on with Google. If I was going to outsource SEO services I’d want to understand some aspects of it myself. I wouldn’t want to hand over to the wrong hands, SEO companies that haven’t been brought up to speed with current SEO practices.

      • Fabrizio says:

        Hey Sammy not all companies are going to be behind on times. I’ve tried outsourcing myself in the past and have had some success. But let’s face it SEO isn’t exactly rocket science once you get to nderstand the ins and outs of it all. It is time consuming though that I’d have to agree with.

  3. Hey James…nice write up and very useful for me indeed. I am a blogger and a freelance writer and am totally unaware of the SEO techniques and I guess this is the reason of my blog not turning into a successful blog. . Well I also tried outsourcing SEO for my blog but didn’t get the desired results.
    Now I am trying to do it myself. Lets see how it turns up.
    Shiwangi peswani recently posted..Best Photo Editing Software Free DownloadMy Profile

  4. Sam says:

    I like these words too much which you mentioned like that in your article “”Time is Money”" yes when everyone will understand so well what is the value of time in their life then every person can do lot of that things which all looking impossible for some times.

  5. Aditya says:

    Hi James,
    In my point of view i guess having a SEO to promote a business or a blog will only make a difference when it has provided great services to others.But for me the best thing is to do it on my own after going through all the requirements needed for ethical SEO.But its not an easy task though.

    • Fabrizio says:

      Hi Aditya, I totally agree with you there seems to be more to SEO than use to be. Like you I prefer to do it myself. At least if anything does go wrong I can only blame myself. You’re also right in highlighting that seeing an SEO companies previous work, or some kind of testimonial profile can hep install trust in clients wanting to outsource.

      • Aditya says:

        Although i agree with you Fab that if anything goes wrong the only person to blame is just you.But i think if you are going to work own your own then 9 out of 10 times there is a possibility that you are not going to make mistakes.Its your blog and nobody wants to make things worse for themselves.The remaining 1% is the ups and downs which come across due to the competition in the market.

  6. Samantha Wright says:

    Hey James, great guest post. I’ve thought about outsourcing SEO in the past, but I’m a bit skeptical about the expense of it all and whether I can actually trust anyone to do SEO for my sites. I’ve read some real horror stories of small companies making the bad choices when outsourcing SEO, and as a result have had their site penalized by Google. And I suppose I’ve been put off by it slightly.

  7. Steve says:

    Towards Outsourcing SEO, you can in both way. If all things SEO expert did in perfect way then it cost effective or he used wrong techniques to get ranking then it must be expensive in terms of money and bad result about ranking.

  8. Akshat Sethi says:

    Now a day, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very popular technique which is almost used by each and every company or business in the world and there is lots of profit in it if these companies Outsource SEO of their brand.

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