Tips on Finding the Perfect Blogs for Guest Posting

How do you find the right kind of blogs to guest post on? - Having low search engine rankings is part of the problem as to why many bloggers fail to get any traffic to their blogs.

Guest posting has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to build authority backlinks from high content value sites.

The problem comes with the question held… Where does one post their guest posts on for maximum affect? This post will provide you with some tips on finding the perfect blogs for guest posting on.

Blogs for Guest Posting

6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Blogs for Guest Posting

1. Content Relevancy – Let’s start with the first tip which isn’t rocket science really. Content relevancy is your first port of call; this tip is for newbies in particular. The best way to know if a blog has content relevant to your own is to visit and read that blog frequently.

As some of you know, I use a guest post submission form for my blogs, and I turn down many posts on a weekly basis simply because they are not relevant.

If your post is offering tips on how to cut a pineapple, why on earth would you submit it to a blog that discusses topics on online marketing and blogging tips

2. Traffic – How much traffic does the blog in question receive? Sometimes this can be hard to determine but you might want to consider blogs with high traffic to submit guest posts to. There is a greater chance your content will be read firstly, shared on social sites and you’ll also benefit from good referral traffic from that blog.

If the blog does not have a traffic statistic page for guest writers, use to study metrics to determine how much traffic a site gets, before submitting your guest post pitches.

3. Social Signals – Social media now plays a major roll in determining which kind of blogs to guest post on, for example you need to evaluate –

  • How many times does the average new post get shared on Facebook?
  • How many fans are on the blog’s respectful fan page?
  • How many Twitter followers, tweets does the average post receive?
  • How many people in Google Plus circles and +1’s does the average post receive?

4. Page Rank – Whilst many people will have you believe that page rank no longer matters, I believe otherwise that it does, as an indicator of course. The page ranking system devised by Google provides an insight into the importance of a web page entirely, scoring 0 as the lowest page rank and 10 as the highest.

For those not too familiar with page ranking, this measurement does not determine how much traffic a blog receives but more over looks at the SEO aspect, in particular the number of backlinks that website or blog has.

Ultimately whilst I believe page rank is an important indicator to use, it shouldn’t be the reason behind your decision whether to submit guest posts to a blog.

Having said all of that, finding blogs with PR2 to PR5 however will have much more value to you than submitting posts to blogs with a PR0 to PR1 score.

I hope all of that made sense…

5. Engagement – One of the most important elements of finding the perfect blogs for guest posting on is the level of engagement that happens on the average post. A blog with low levels of engagement will really do your content no justice. So here are some questions you might ask yourself –

  • How many thought provoking and engaging comments does the average new post receive?
  • How often do regular commentators appear on posts?
  • Does the blog author actively engage with it’s readers?

6. Where to Find Blogs Accepting Guest Posts - Finally I’ll leave you with a monster resource… Here is a comprehensive list of blogs that accept guest posts – Top 500+ Websites to Submit Guest Posts

Well I’ll hand the discussion over to you now peeps. What are your thoughts on the tips above? Do you have a few more tips you’d like to add to the list? What do you think is the most important element of finding the perfect blogs for guest posting on for you? Please share your reactions in the comment section below as always.

- Fabrizio

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  1. Aditi says:

    Hi Fabrizio,
    Well, I think blogs need to be check first before posting. The more point lies in the traffic as you have said. Social signals also play an important role to determine the type of posts to be posted in that particular blog. Thanks for the share!!

  2. Such a relevant topic!

    Fab, now those are all great points to keep in mind.

    Some other things you might consider:

    Do you know the blog owner?
    Do you see potential in their blog?
    Do they update often enough?

    You mentioned that you get lots of people wanting to guest post, but reject a lot of them.

    I had the same problem, but now I ask to see examples of previous work they have had published.

    Also bloggers need to email me if they wish to guest post for us.
    I had it setup so they could create an account automatically, but this was getting abused so I changed the process. Now I more control over who gets an account.

    But making sure people leave comments in posts is a key indicator. Liked this post bro.
    Simmeon @ recently posted..Do You Know Why Nobody Reads Your Blog?My Profile

    • Hey Simmeon, oh how right you are my friend. I guess building a relationship with blog authors is a big must if you’re planning to guest post for them. Thanks for outlining the three considerations bro.

      The rejected posts are often well written don’t get me wrong, but it’s absolutely irrelevant to what the topic of the blog is about. I had one woman submit a post with the title ‘How to Survive a Plane Crash’. I was in absolute stitches with laughter before deciding to reject it.

      Keep well mate :)
      Fabrizio Van Marciano recently posted..My Monthly Traffic and Income Report for August 2012 [Last Report]My Profile

  3. Guest posting is good for getting backlinks. But one should start guest posting carefully and with niche blogs only.
    Santosh Mishra recently posted..5 Free and Premium WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Blog PerformanceMy Profile

  4. Md Firdosh says:

    Hello Fabrizio , We all know that guest posting is very helpful and can bring lots of traffic to our blog but problem is that how to find a perfect blog for guest posting which can help us but after reading this article it seems that now i will find a perfect blog for guest posting which can help my blog to get traffic. Anyways thanks Fabrizio for such a great article
    Md Firdosh recently posted..Ravio to launh “Bad Piggies” after the huge success of “Angry Birds”My Profile

  5. Guest posting is very good way to earn backlinks and reputation but some people are making business from guest blogging by selling links.
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted..Why bloggers are Smarter than a normal Person?My Profile

  6. Samantha Wright says:

    Great tips here again Fabzy, I agree with Simmeon on the additional information, getting to know the author and working out whether there is a future for that blog or not, after all it’s your content going to be published on there.

  7. chanikacha says:

    This advice is very helpful! I only started guest posting and I don’t know what’s the technique and how to find blogs that allow guest posting. This will surely enhance my knowledge about guest posting since it is a good help in backlinking. Thanks for the link for the 500 website. I will surely try them all.

  8. anshul says:

    Hi Feb!
    your tips is right but first we should check the traffic and backlinks of the websites.if there is no harm to your site then welcome these tips otherwise it can be hard task.
    thanks for joining htis blog.
    anshul recently posted..Online Banking SoftwareMy Profile

    • Anshul mate, you’re right indeed. These days it would be safe to say that we need to check the blog in question not just for traffic but the quality of backlinks, pick blog’s that have a healthy link profiles and not one that has been shunted by Google right? Thanks Anshul.

  9. Sam says:

    As we all know why people are show their interest in guest blogging because this is better platform to do all those things which are mandatory for popularity of site/blog. But before that you should check each and every thing so well which all are mentioned in this post.

  10. Aditya says:

    Hey Fab,
    Two points have a significant role for me if i would be doing guest posting.First is,The traffic a blog site is having and the second and most important Engagement among the blogger and the readers.If i find no engagement on a blog where i am going to guest post then i don’t prefer to be there at no cost.

  11. Steve says:

    Hello Fabrizio,

    Thank you very much for sharing such a great information. These tips regarding blogs are really helpful. If writer’s content is fresh and it post on any non-relevant blog then that content is seems like crap. So finding perfect blogs to reach more users are always good.

  12. Bhavesh says:

    it really helpful post, all the 6 tips are really helpful, now i am able to find perfect blog for guest posting.,
    thanks for sharing….!!!!
    Bhavesh recently posted..Facebook Twitter linkedin – Update Status TogetherMy Profile

  13. You have done a good job rounding up all those cool tips. Yes! Guest-posting is THE way to get your blog going! Honestly, I’ve heard from some top marketers that there’s really almost no way to get good traffic to your blog if you don’t know the big bloggers.

    But myself being a newbie, can you tell me what would you say is the best way to ask to do a guest post? Do you write and send it to them just like that? Or do you contact them first to find out what they expect? I understand that people don’t want to put your junk on their own sites. Please tell me how to proceed.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Thanks in advance.
    Jyothis Thaliath recently posted..Blogger to WordPress Migration GuideMy Profile

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