Give Your Online Business a Shot of Adrenaline – Easy Tips for a Boost!

Whether you are a social media expert, blogger, or an online marketer, you have made a career choice that allows you to work from home. There are many perks to working from home, such as flexible hours, saving money, and more time with the family.

However, in order to achieve those perks, you need to keep your production level up so you are not a slave to your computer, just as many are to the hours of a traditional brick and mortar job.

So, I am going to share with you some ideas that I have learned along the way and are capable of giving your online business the shot of adrenaline that it might need.

Set Goals

You’ve heard it before now I’m sure, that setting goals is an important step in a successful career. If you doubt the importance of that, just keep in mind, you can’t reach, what you don’t set.

Make sure they are realistic. If you make them unobtainable, it will only lead to discouragement. And, that is not a good motivator at all when you are trying to build your business.

Also, by breaking up your main goal up into smaller goals this will give you encouragement along the way, as well as provide an easier opportunity for re-evaluation. This will let you know if your path in reaching the ultimate goal is on target, or needs to be adjusted.

And, I would reward yourself as goals are met. It could be anything from dinner out with the family, an hour off earlier than you normally do, or even a new tool for your business. Again, if you set goals it will help you stay in control of your own destiny.

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Plan Your Day Wisely

I like to start each day with a plan. I quite often plan it out the day before, as my last task of the day. However, make sure you don’t overload your day unrealistically. Just as I mentioned above with setting goals, it will only lead to discouragement if you don’t meet your own expectations.

Prioritize the day by placing that list in order of things that need to get done, as well as the most daunting tasks. Get those over with first thing in the day so they are not weighing heavily on your mind the entire day. This often lets me end the day on a positive note, knowing that I accomplished what I needed to do.

Set up with Ergonomics

Even though I have heard about ergonomics before, and have utilized some of it in my own office, I realized the importance of it all when talking with a friend of mine. She was receiving treatments from a chiropractor for a personal injury stemming from an auto accident.

The chiropractor made some suggestions that will help reduce the painful effects from the accident, but also help prevent new aches and pains that sitting at a desk all day can produce.

I have a chair with great lumbar support, which has helped reduce the stress on my lower back. But, apparently it’s not enough to just sit in it. The chiropractor recommends that the chair is close enough to the desk so that your upper arms can rest comfortably at your side, while working on the keyboard.

The chair should also be at a height so your feet are resting flat on the floor, or a box if your feet don’t naturally reach the floor.

There are other items such as an ergonomic keyboard to help with carpal tunnel, and lifting the monitor to eye level to prevent strain on the eyes and neck.

Current Technology

If you are working on a dinosaur, then I suggest you take a look at newer models. Spending time waiting for pages to upload, or saving documents is a complete waste of time, in my opinion. That time can be spent doing other productive tasks.

If you are hoping for a successful online career, you need the proper equipment to help you achieve success. Some things to consider:

  •     Computer with decent memory and speed
  •     Dual monitors to multi-task
  •     Time management software
  •     iPhone

My best advice is to stay on top of the latest technology that is available, especially since we depend on it so much in our daily routines.

Take Breaks

I will be the first to admit, if I am on a roll and getting things done, I am not very good at stopping for a break. However, I also know that when I don’t, I burn out much quicker in the afternoon. So, I have come to the point of actually setting an alarm to remind myself of a much needed break.

Take advantage of these breaks and get up to stretch, preventing your muscles from stiffening to the point of no return. Grab a high protein snack while you are at it to keep your mind strong to weather the entire day.

You can take this time to get a little exercise in as well. Taking care of your body by eliminating poor eating habits, as well as keeping it hydrated with water allows for better endurance, which is necessary for a success.

Productive Time

Pay close attention to when you are most productive. I am a morning person and have my most creative moments during this time. So, I schedule my writing for those time periods, and research and data input for later in the day. If you function better at midnight, then plan your most creative projects at that time.

There are no rules, except your own.

Block out Distractions

Avoiding distractions sounds simple, right? But, it’s really not. If personal emails and communication easily distract you, shut it right off, especially instant messaging. You can even turn your phone off, or set distinctive ring tones for calls you are expecting.

Keep the TV off, and if you want the radio on, try instrumental.

Hopefully I have provided some ideas that you can apply to your business, to give it that boost you are looking for in obtaining your goals.

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About the Author

James Martell, online marketer and author, works out of his home on the west coast of Canada. Writing on a variety of topics, he chose to focus a series on ergonomics after talking with a friend and doing some research on James will take in an afternoon at the local coffee house, working on his laptop for a change of scenery. James is married with 4 kids and a grand-daughter and enjoys living in White Rock, B.C. and often spends time on the many local beaches.

  • Kris Costin

    Hi James,

    some nice basic tips. I am sure you will agree with me that these tips are applicable to achieve success in any business, in any field.

    Your post reminded me of my school days when i will make study routine and will plan everything you have suggested above – take breaks, avoid distractions, rewarding myself……..but i was still not able to reach my goals.

    You know why as my goals were not REALISTIC. I used to make a schedule for almost 18 hrs that i never was able to follow. So i used to end up creating a new study routine for me each & every day. :)

  • Aditya

    Hi James,
    According to me Setting goals and then planning to do a task will bring more output.Breaking up a goal into some chunks will help in doing a work more easily.And doing this one don’t burst up doing work.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Aditya I couldn’t agree with you more mate, I’ve been so guilty of taking so much on, without taking breaks and not planning and as a result never really achieving my short term goals even.

  • Md Firdosh

    Hello James , these are really some great tips and suggestion for any business growth. And i agree with you that we all have to set some goals only then we can achieve that. Anyways thanks James Martell for such a great article

  • Naveen


    You’ve share wonderful tips here. No matter, what type of professionals we’re, we should plan our daily tasks and complete it on same day. Scheduling plans will help us to reach our daily goals.

    I already follow some of these tips, everyday I schedule a time in my hourly planner to do particular work, thus I complete my works easily by prioritizing my tasks what need to first and what next.

  • Sam


    If you want to see you on your destination in less time then you will need to do work with plan like that which do each and every thing in your favor and i am totally agreed with you on your this point “”Take Break”" this is nice option to generate new ides for your work.

  • anshul

    Hi James!
    in my opinion first to set our motive or goal for boost your i am agree with you.if we don’t know what our aim is then how it will lovely steps.
    thanks for joining this blog.

  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Hey James, thanks for the post mate great to see you posting here again. I’ve never been much of a set my goals down on paper man. Myself living already a hustle and bustle lifestyle, Christ knows where I get time to do anything these days, all the goals I have are usually stored in my head.

    One thing that I’m lacking of is scheduling things and managing my time properly, if I could achieve that my businesses wouldn’t be in such a muddle lol. Your tips will certainly come to great use.