5 Ways To Get More People on your Facebook Page in 2012

How do you get more people on your Facebook page these days? It’s been a while since I posted anything about promoting your Facebook page, and some comments were left on an old post that I published many, many months back about updating the post. Whilst I’m going to be updating that post in question (56 Ways to Get More Fans to your Facebook Page), I thought I’d share with you some NEW ways that I’ve been using, and you can use too, to get more people on your Facebook page.

1. Send your photo’s to Twitter - I started doing this a while back and I’ve seen that it can be quite affective at times. For example I recently changed the cover photo on my Facebook page, so I wanted to tell everyone about it. What I did was create a shorter link of the long-link to the cover photo hosted on my Facebook page, and I posted it in the form of a tweet on Twitter. But then I thought why not let everyone know about my new cover photo, and so I shared it on StumbleUpon, Digg and LinkedIn too… Give it a try, the next time you change your cover photo or in fact upload a mew photo to your Facebook page, tweet it about. You’ll be surprised how many new people you get liking your page.

I’ve embedded my cover photo retweet here should you feel kind enough to RT :)


2. Get the Facebook Lightbox - I’m sure by now having visited many of your favorite blog’s you will have noticed that many blogs have the Facebook pop-up lightbox enabled. I’ve been using the lighbox myself for about a month now and I’ve seen a notable increase in people joining my Facebook page. If you don’t like the thought of having a pop-up box staring your visitors in the face each time they visit a new page, you can adjust the settings so that it appears every other day or week even… Give it a try, it is a great way to get more people on your Facebook page – You can get this plugin for WordPress from the plugin directory – Facebook Lightbox

Get people on your Facebook business page

3. Create your own Facebook group page – Facebook group pages have so many advantages and is currently the hottest places on Facebook to find new audiences for your blog. It’s one of the best ways to not just promote your content to your Facebook audiences, but to also promote your Facebook business page. Consider creating your own Facebook group page so that others in your niche can share related content and exchange comments, likes and shares. At the same time you can add a bio and a link back to your Facebook page in the ‘about’ section.

BlogShare Page

4. Participate in a re-tweet exchange program - If you haven’t come across sites like JustRetwet and EasyRetweet then these sites are just great to get more people on your Facebook page. JustRetweet is my favourite of them all at the moment and signing up is easy too. Once you’re in you can create a retweet campaign with a shortlink to your Facebook page and start promoting it. Other members will retweet your message and you’ll get additional exposure to your page, thus get more people on your Facebook page. JustRetweet has also recently added some new Facebook features which makes it even more useful for promoting your page…

Read: Get More Followers, Fans, Traffic and ReTweets with JustRetweet

5. Add your Facebook page to the directories - Did you know that there are some great dedicated Facebook business page directories where you can add your page to? I think one of the challenges that many people have is trying to find pages that they’re interested in joining, so below are three suitable and reputable Facebook page directory sites you might want to check out -

Fan Page List

So I hope you’ve enjoyed these five tips on how to get more people on your Facebook page, if you have your own tips you’d like to share, or perhaps something that has really worked for you please do share in the comment section below.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday morning – Fabrizio

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  1. Md Sohail says:

    Adding Lightbox to a blog is an effective way to get genuine likes to our facebook fan page, but i think it would decrease blog reputation as it would be sticky at any page.. so it is recommended to make it enable only at homepage.. i also use some social sites to get likes.. such as rylcolikes.com and getlikes.eu..


    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey MD, thanks for your comment mate :) – I agree with you to a degree, I’ve set the lighbox on homepage and posts but the settings are set so that they don’t appear on every page load. Thanks for the resources too, I’ll be sure to check those sites out.

      • Samantha Wright says:

        @Md, I know exactly what you mean, there have been times that I’ve visited blogs and have found the pop annoying, especially if it is on every page.

  2. Aditi says:

    Hi Fabrizio,
    Thanks for providing these helpful tips on facebook. Facebook is truly the best social networking site where a lot of interaction can be done. I like the facebook light box that you have suggested. Thanks for the share!!

  3. Ashish says:

    Well personally,I don’t like the fb light box,it is very annoying but can help to increase the likes.I liked your point “creating a group “the most because it helps in interacting with fellow bloggers plus in getting referral traffic,BTW thanks for proving these useful tips.
    Ashish recently posted..5 Best & Free Tools For Checking Plagiarism or Duplicate contentMy Profile

    • Hey Ashish, thanks for your comment and being honest about the lightbox, I do agree with everyone that using this plugin excessively on every page load is going to just turn visitors away. Which is why if anyone is using it should only execute on certain pages and or even limit the number of times it appears for one user.

  4. Atish says:

    These are nice tips. Specially this lightbox plugin worked great. Facebook likes matters a lot so every one should focus on it seriously. These tips can surely help.
    Atish recently posted..Rumored features and specifications of iPhone 5My Profile

  5. Samantha Wright says:

    Hey Fabzy these are great tips, I definitely agree about joining Facebook groups, especially for all the reasons of increased engagement.

    • Yup I’m glad you agree x have you joined our Facebook group yet lol :) To be really honest I’ve been missing out on a great deal by not joining in any groups until now. So I’m loving being part of the community with other great bloggers, and that’s the true beauty of Facebook groups.

  6. Sue DeBrule says:

    Wow!!! Great article – what great ideas to get LIKES! I love the FB Lightbox, but I don’t have a wordpress blog.

  7. FInally placed a light box after reading your post..
    Thanks A lot..

  8. Make It Mine says:

    This are a cool guides you have, have a group is a great way to get people in a page, but there are some exchange like site can get likes in your page but I am sure that the quality is not worth it.

    • Yes I’ve heard about exchange ‘like’ sites, personally I don’t entertain them because you’re not getting any targeted likes, it’s just an exchange for more likes, just to make up the numbers. People who are not remotely interested in reading and engaging with your content is just going to place a like for the sake of getting one back. Facebook groups on the other hand are much more effective, because the people that are using them are interested in your content and therefore share it with others that are interested too.

  9. Md Firdosh says:

    These are really great ways to get more people on the facebook fan page but i personally felt that Facebook Like box is an awesome plugin to get more people. Anyways thanks FABRIZIO VAN for these tips

    • Hey Md, thanks for your comment, really appreciate your visit bro. Some people enjoy this plugin whilst other’s aren’t so fond of it. I think it’s a great plugin in moderation, highly recommend that you install it.

  10. anshul says:

    Hi Feb!
    facebook is really a good social site to share information and way of communication and i like it most.in my opinion facebook lightbox is the best way to get more people to contact.
    thanks for joining this blog……….
    anshul recently posted..Online Banking SoftwareMy Profile

  11. Simmeon says:

    Hey Fab,

    Opening your own FB group is a smart way of accumulating shares, the issue is you really only want a small circle of people (10Max) In the group that are dedicated to the cause, otherwise you have a bunch of people that that do anything.
    Simmeon recently posted..How To Effortlessly Capture A Readers Heart and MindMy Profile

  12. zac says:

    Wow excellent post
    Wonderful ways to get more followers on my Facebook page.
    zac recently posted..Now secure your Dropbox account with two-step verificationMy Profile

  13. Naveen says:

    Unlike writing every time like that to send request to friends and request friends to send their friends, you’ve written unique post from your experience and most of them are powerful ideas that not all the people use.

    Thanking you.
    Naveen recently posted..TimelineRemove – See Facebook Profiles in NON-Timeline FormatMy Profile

  14. Hello, thank you for sharing this brilliant post. Opening your own facebook group is a smart way to get more people interested in what you are doing and I agree that adding Lightbox to a blog is an effective way to get genuine likes on your facebook fan page.

  15. Lots of good information here .

    I see that you have another tool you haven’t mentioned in your blog. At the bottom of the page on the right “You Might Also Like”- What plugin is that? It also has a Facebook Recommend button.
    Annetta Powell recently posted..Organo Gold Scam: Top Twelve AllegationsMy Profile

  16. Owen Logan says:

    Really i want to get more people on my Facebook page now. So, i think,this article is very important and helpful to me. I’ll try to learn it and want to improve myself. Thanks for sharing.
    Owen Logan recently posted..maxworkoutsreviewed.netMy Profile

  17. Personally, I hate LightBox. Because no matter how much ‘likes’ it fetches, it spoils the impression about my site. Its a big obstruction! A turnaway sign! It speaks for itself, “this guy is desperate for likes”
    If you ask me, I would say there should not be any trace of marketing your FB page within your site, keep your FB page to Facebook itself. Ofcourse you can showcase your fan-page using something subtle like the official Fan-Box widget.
    Jyothis Thaliath recently posted..How To Add Google Authorship Tags to Your BlogMy Profile

  18. Aditya says:

    Hey Fab,interesting views about how to get more people on your Facebook page.I found your idea of getting the Facebook image tweeted quite impressive.will give it a try once for sure.And also never thought of getting a Facebook page submitted on the directories.

  19. Shane says:

    I believe face book group page is one of better way to grow up people on face book page. Oter steps are effective to the same.

  20. Hari Narayan says:

    Hi Fabrizio,
    This is the first time I’m visiting your blog. Really valuable article this one!, social media is the only way which helps us to drive more traffic than organic traffic (from search engines). Thanks
    Hari Narayan recently posted..How to create a free WordPress blog on WordPress.comMy Profile

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