5 Telltale Signs That your Blog is Dying or is Dead

How do you tell when a blog is dying or is dead? - I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade but let’s face the truth here people, blogging is not easy, regardless what you may have read elsewhere. It’s a known fact that blog’s come and go like the changing seasons throughout the year.

In today’s post we’re going to have some fun and identify and present 5 telltale signs that your blog is dying or simply dead.

Signs that your blog is dying

Signs that your Blog is Dying…

1. You are blogging less and less and less and less… – One of the most vital necessities of keeping a blog alive is to keep adding fresh content on a regular basis a.k.a consistency. Being consistent is the key regardless whether you have a ton of readers or not (yet). If you are finding yourself f blogging to the point where it’s once a month or every couple of months then there is really no point in continuing. A blog with hardly any new content on a regular basis is a complete waste of effort and time.

2. Your blog is DOA! – Whoa what does this mean? It means your blog is dead on arrival. You had the spark, you were excited to start blogging and got your first post off to a killing start then you did no more… Your blog died on arrival…

3. You burned out – This is one of the most common problems that happen to many bloggers whose been blogging for a while. Burn out occurs when a blogger simply cannot find the motivation or reason to carry on. This can range from experiencing negative comments from other bloggers, experiencing writers block or when a blogger has very little knowledge about the niche ventured into.

4. Expired niche – Sometimes a blog dies when a niche becomes obsolete. It might have seemed like a great idea at the time to start a blog in a popular niche but you soon find out it’s over before it even begun.

5. You didn’t backup – Damn… what was that? You didn’t back up your blog? – Well it happens sometimes, a server can crash or your blog can get hacked into and you’re left with nothing to show for your hard work, because you didn’t backup.

Well this list hasn’t been exhausted by any means, there are plenty of other reasons why a blog is dying or has died. Why not share some of your own reasons why you think a blog is showing signs of diminishing, please leave a comment below as always.

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  1. What about engaging? if you stop stop engaging with other users then blog is definitely gonna burn out. Social media is like a survival kit for your blog =D
    saad naeem recently posted…5 Tips To Get Targeted Audience Traffic To Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Absolutely Saad, yes you’re right indeed. A blog with no engaging activities is pretty much a dead blog. If there are no comments or no engagement with the comments, new readers simply won’t add to the contribution of comments, they will assume somehow ‘the wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead’ as the saying goes…

  2. Niches never get expired. If you have the passion to blog about, you must select it and you will prevent its extinction. But a lot of people choose niches based on its popularity and ease of monetization. They do not understand that monetization can become easy if the niche they have selected is what they are passionate about. Then their blog dies.
    Sergio Vasco recently posted…8 Best Responsive WordPress Themes (Free)My Profile

  3. Hey Fab,
    For a blogger i guess motivation is very important,if motivation is there he will be inspired to blog more.Getting negative comments should not bother any blogger to discontinue his passion,he should learn from his mistakes and keep on engaging with the readers.To move forward is key to success.

    Great insights here Fab. :)
    Aditya recently posted…ERP Software CompaniesMy Profile

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