DreamHost Web Hosting Review 2012 + $60 off Coupon

This is a non-bias DreamHost Web Hosting Review – A few weeks ago we gave you a thorough review of BlueHost. This week we have another great web hosting review for you and this time we’re checking out the features and benefits of hosting your WordPress blog with DreamHost. Plus you have a chance of saving a huge amount of money off your new web hosting bill with our $60.00 off coupon code.

DreamHost Web Hosting Review

About DreamHost

DreamHost provides shared web hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. DreamHost claim to have a completely unique outlook on how they do business and provide bloggers, small businesses etc with affordable web hosting. If you’ve ever read their about us page you’ve probably noticed they’re not like the rest of the pack… Or so at least that’s what they reckon.

DreamHost was founded in 1997 by four computer undergraduates; the company is currently celebrating 14 years of web hosting. To this very day the company has grown to become one of the most respected web hosting service providers on the web. They are the smallest of their two other rivals HostGator and BlueHost, but have a huge passion for making a difference.

DreamHost is home to more than 1 million domains and boasts a massive 1500 servers in their state-of the-art data centers. In this DreamHost web hosting review we’ll look at features and benefits, reliability, affordability and the level of technical and customer support provided by DreamHost.

DreamHost Web Hosting Review

1. Reliability

As far as reliability is concerned, I have one site hosted with DreamHost (UKBusinesslink) and have experienced only one downtime which lasted for no more than a few hours. The site is around 3 years old so I have to say that a few hours downtime in 3 years is pretty impressive nevertheless. DreamHost does state in its satisfaction and guarantee statement that it offers 100% up-time and a 97-day money back guarantee, that’s one long trial period you can’t argue with… Reliability 5/5

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2. Affordability

Let’s now turn our attention to affordability. We’ll look at the cost of shared web hosting first. Hosting your WordPress blog on DreamHost’s shared server will set you back $9.95 per month. If you remember in the BlueHost review, BlueHost offered only a single professional package for just $4.95per month.

Whilst DreamHost’s pricing is not quite as attractive as BlueHost’s shared hosting pricing, you can save money with DreamHost by taking out a plan for longer period, like 2 years at a discounted price of $8.95 per month.

You can also save even more money by using our $60 off coupon (M4MDH60) which will bring your hosting fees to a sensible $4.95 per month on 12 month plan, and $6.45 per month on 2 year plan.

Other web hosting services available from DreamHost

VPS (Virtual Private Server) from $15.00 per month (find out more)

Dedicated server packages from $99 per month (find out more)

Affordability 4/5

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3. Features and Benefits – Unlimited Services

DreamHost offer unlimited services across their shared web hosting and VPS. Their unlimited services include –

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Hosting benefits include –

  • Free domain on registration
  • Email management
  • Manage users
  • 1-click Installs (WordPress etc)
  • CPanel importer
  • Backup your account
  • Plus many more features…

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4. Ease of Use

DreamHost is slightly different to use than HostGator or BlueHost, instead of offering a conventional cPanel, DreamHost offers a web panel which I have to say is a lot user friendly. From the DreamHost web panel you can configure literally any aspect of your account, and do it quickly and efficiently.

<web panel screenshot>

If you’re installing WordPress, DreamHost offer a simple 1-click installation feature, much the same as BlueHost’s one-click installation or HostGator. Installing WordPress is relatively simple, however if you need assistance, check out the short video tutorial below –

Ease of use 5/5

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5. Customer Service

Let’s look at the customer service and technical support provided by DreamHost. DreamHost offers support by asking users to submit a ticket, and or email via the web panel. There is no subsequent live support like the one offered by BlueHost, however for a fee of $9.95 per month they can offer you support by telephone… So bare in mind that’s almost $120 per year just for telephone support and they don’t have a phone number for you to call either, they call you…

To be absolutely honest I’ve only had to contact DreamHost twice for technical support both by submitting a ticket and they were extremely helpful on the first occasion, but on the second, they were not at all as helpful as I would have liked them to be, to say the least.

I inquired about importing a cPanel, a member of their technical team was unable to help me and I was forwarded onto someone else, I don’t want to go into great detail but basically I was passed around like ‘pass the parcel’ and I didn’t find a solution to my initial inquiry. But as I said on the first occasion they we’re extremely helpful in assisting me setting up my account. Customer Support 3.5/5

DreamHost Web Hosting Review: Conclusion

DreamHost is a great all round web hosting service provider, they make it very easy to signup and offer some fantastic tools and their service is exceptionally good value for money and with the added coupon code of course, you can save even more.

Should they polish up on their customer support and enhance some of the customer support features itself, they may well be a force to be reckoned with, if you’re just starting out then DreamHost is a safe bet… If you’re looking for something a little more solid then I’d go for BlueHost or HostGator, but that’s my personal choice, I’ll leave you to make your own minds up. Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this DreamHost web hosting review, if you have any experience with DreamHost and wish to share some points please do so in the comment section below as always.

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  1. Hi Fab,
    Before reading the customer support services provided by Dream Host i am very much pleased by its features but as i am going through the post my mind sticks to the way they provide service to their customers.Although a 3.5/5 is not bad at all but if continuous support is not there in time one will rethink before taking it as a web hoster.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey Aditya, thanks for stopping by, their customer service isn’t bad, I still use DreamHost today and they are very good. My score on their customer service is based on my two experiences with them only. And also the fact that they don’t provide a live support feature, that’s why I only gave them a 3.5. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them, I’m just being honest as I can about my personal experience with them.

  2. nice review
    Dreamhost is really good one for hosting any types of sites including WordPress

  3. Samantha Wright says:

    Hey Fabz another awesome review of a quality web hoster, I’ve used DreamHost many years ago and I can vouch too they are well recommended, keep the awesome reviews coming in :)

  4. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    This is really a great review that you have shared, specially that I am new to this, web hosting review is quite brief and efficient. Thanks for sharing Fabrizio :)

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