5 Common Mistakes Followed by Bloggers

What are the mistakes followed by bloggers? If we all were to make a list of the mistakes we follow as bloggers, we could easily fill an entire blog with these mistakes. Understandably, bloggers keep learning over the passage of time. And therefore have been able to fix their mistakes and keep moving forward. But even then, there are still numerous mistakes that even experienced bloggers make to this day.

Often it is for the reason that they are not attuned to the approaches their readers consume their content. Often it is because they did not give a particular idea any thought. Sometimes it is just laziness. It does not really matter what the reason is, there is still time however to fix these issues. The following are the 5 most common mistakes followed by bloggers.

mistakes followed by bloggers

The Mistakes followed by Bloggers

1.       No Mobile Portal

If you consider that everyone uses Smartphone’s these days, you’ll need to wait for 2 years from now… You will notice that there is a rapid adoption of these robust Smartphone’s, and with the cost of innovation and technology always on the decline, we can anticipate an even faster rate of adoption in the near future.

These days, people apparently love to read from their smart gadgets. Therefore, you need to ensure that your site or blog is accessible and readable on these Smartphone devices. It is imperative to have a mobile-friendly site. They utilize less data, and as a result they are faster to load and do not acquire much of bandwidth.

2.       No Dates On the Posts

Whenever an Internet user is browsing a blog for the very first time, they prefer to know if that particular post is up to date. If the post is published within the last month, that is a good sign. But, most blogs do not have any dates mentioned in their posts. Unless it really pertains to the latest news, and users happen to know about the news, how are they supposed to know if it is an update?

Most of the blogging platforms offer the feature of date stamp on the posts. If you have it, please do take the advantage.

3.       Laid Out For Advert Space

We all are aware that running or placing adverts on blogs is something imperative these days. Moreover, readers also understand this fact. Many adverts do not fit in and appear ugly with the site’s overall layout, but readers are aware that bloggers do not get paid directly; they need adverts to generate income…

However, readers will only understand this to a certain extent. If you are to fluff your site with many adverts, you will run the risk of putting off your visitors and as a result you will loose earnings too. Therefore, it is important to only have well-placed, relevant and an adequate number of ads on your blog.

4.       Poor Internal Link Structure

Bloggers have been focusing greatly on the incoming links. The more links a blog has, the higher the portal will be ranked with the search engines. The one area where bloggers can easily improve their site navigation is with internal link structure. Internal linking is an integral part of good on-page SEO practices. WordPress now has a feature that allows you to easily link to internal pages of your blog without having to use fancy plugins.

5.       Poor Guest Post Guidelines

It is good to have guest posts on your blog. But, you need to make sure that you keep the guidelines simple and uncomplicated. On the other hand, being too restrictive and esoteric can make people lose interest in publishing their posts on your blog. If you have to be too strict, why would you want to have guest’s writing for you in the first place? If you intend to accept guest posts, it is recommended you keep things simple as there is a good chance that they will provide you with quality posts instead of spammy ones.

These are some of the mistakes followed by bloggers, I’d love to hear your own thoughts and comments and any other suggestions you’d like to add in the comment section below.

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  • http://www.itechcode.com Amit Shaw

    Yeah I am agree with You Nadine, we should focus on #2 bcz now a days many themes has no date features on article and which is really not good for readers.
    We should not hide the date.

  • http://www.rancorinfotech.com Aditya

    Implementing the Option of viewing the blog in phone is a great idea and every blogger should look into the this matter and make their websites for both platforms.

  • Samantha Wright

    Hi Nadine you’ve pointed out some very interesting things here. Number 4 internal link structure is one of the most important elements of on page SEO as you say, I’ve visited many blog’s who don’t make the most of this feature too. All the best – Sam

  • http://www.indian-seo-company.com/ Aditi

    Great concept you have highlighted. Knowing these mistakes possibility would definitely be a great help for all the bloggers. I like the fifth point. A real natural point and true at the same time. Thanks for the share!!

  • http://www.helik.in Brian Harry

    I am often caught on the internal links having it poorly laid out on my site. That is one of the common mistakes I often neglect which might get me into trouble in driving traffic to the site. This post helps me identify it and really helpful thanks.

  • Bhushan

    Good point which should be hidden from everyone’s eye.Firstly i want to solve out this problem that on mobile portal to show the blog on mobile should be i think. and secondly is not to showing date. it is big and common prob also. every blogger should not use it.

  • http://toplisturk.com Garcia

    If you are a blogger, dates are a must. If you have a portal with some universal information you may leave this point without attention.

  • http://www.webhelparticles.info PJS

    You have highlighted very important points… the most annoying things is too many adverts on blog pages…. Thanks for tips…

  • http://www.alkalinedietplan.org/ Nancy

    Isn’t having dates on post a double edged sword? If someone is looking for info and they see the post on google dated 2007, there is a high chance they might not even click on the site and just go somewhere else. This is the reason I have turned off dates for some of my non-news blogs, but I will reconsider this strategy after reading your post. Thanks!

  • http://www.netidnow.com/ Glen

    I do agree on your point that bloggers really need to place a date on their published posts because information changes from time to time.. if there’s no date in there, your visitors or users might be using your suggestions which already are obsolete and that doesn’t help a lot..

  • http://www.bloghover.com/ praveen

    yes absolutely a poor link never brings good traffic from searches…so the link should be formed according to your content. and the keywords should be entered carefully. nice post thnxx…:)

  • http://www.kindredcone.com mathew

    I choose to leave the mobile browser off because it doesn’t support adsense or anything like that. I still find my site legible from mobile though, so i guess it just depends how bad your theme is for a mobile.

    P.S i admire tips from others that help people improve their sites! well done & thanks