Newbie’s Checklist for Starting a Blog

This post will provide you with a checklist for starting a blog – So you’ve finally made the decision to start your own blog, congratulations. So where do you start you’re probably wondering? Starting a blog for the first time is an exciting venture, but with the excitement also comes frustration, especially if you don’t know where to start or have very little knowledge about blogging itself. Fear not, for this post will try and provide you with a checklist of some of the things you need to do to get your first blog off to a cracking start…

Checklist for Starting a Blog

1. Selecting a niche

The first step of starting a blog is finding a niche for your blog, a niche is an idea, subject or topic in which you will primarily discuss on your blog. This could be anything you want it to be, to help you find the perfect and perhaps the most profitable niche for your blog, check out the following post:

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2. Finding a Web Host

Once you’ve settled on the niche for your blog, the second step of starting a blog is to find a reliable web host. If you’re planning to use a free blogging platform provided from the likes of BlogSpot or then you can skip this process, however if you’re serious about blogging, I would strongly recommend that you consider self-hosting. Check out the following posts on finding a reliable web host for your blog.

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3. Installing WordPress

OK, so you’ve found a reliable web host, now you want to install WordPress, assuming you want to use WordPress as your blogging, publishing platform, which I’d also highly recommend. Most reliable web hosting service providers make it very simple to install WordPress (one-click install), if you’re in doubt, check out the following post.

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4. Writing your Launch Post

Hooray, you’ve launched your first blog, congratulations. Now to start writing your first blog post, but before you do, here are some tips and heads up on writing the best launch post possible. Check out the following posts.

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5. Getting Post Ideas

One of the most common reasons why new bloggers run out of steam in the first month of blogging is because they run out of ideas to write about, amongst other reasons. Getting post ideas can be challenging not just when you’re starting out, but continuously throughout your blogging career. To help you overcome the rut of coming up with new ideas for blog posts, check out the following posts:

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6. Promote your Blog

So now you’re well on your way to building a great blog. But it doesn’t stop here. Another common reason why new bloggers lose interest in blogging fast is because they see very little results for all their effort, i.e. traffic, comments etc. Blog promotion is as important as creating quality content regularly, so check out the following posts:

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I hope this checklist for starting a blog has been somewhat useful. Of course the journey doesn’t stop here either, starting a blog is just the beginning and needless to say that blogging is a lifetime commitment, it takes time to develop and success will come if you persevere, the very best of luck on your quest for blogging success.

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  • Samantha Wright

    Great tips and resources for starting a blog Fabrizio a must read post for newbies.

  • Ben

    Thanks for sharing all the links to your other posts on each topic rather than just explaining everything. I’m sure this will help out people who are new to blogging. I won’t get too much into detail, but Hostgator for me is the better choice over Bluehost ;) I have used both for years..
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  • Enstine

    Hi Fabrizio,
    These are great tips for new and struggling bloggers. One of the things I find that bring a lot of problems to new bloggers is point 5. A good idea brings forth a good post and good content
    Enstine recently posted…4 Smart Tools For New Twitter UsersMy Profile

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Enstine nice of you to drop by mate :) I agree, good original content on a consistent basis can be challenging for new budding bloggers. Should they find this post I’m hoping it will help some of them to find directions :) Have a great day.
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  • Aditya

    These are the tips i am looking for Fabrizio,i am trying to settle some things down before i start writing my new blog.Although it will be my first ever so getting tips from the one i trust is really a great pleasure. :)
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    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Aditya, I’m happy to hear your trust the tips that I provide, it let’s me know I’m doing something right lol :) Good luck with your new blog launch, don’t forget to come back and share your new blog with us here.
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  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Well for every newbie blogger i would suggest to use first as its free and easy to use. And when a newbie blogger who start a blog with wordpress hosting this tips will really helpful.
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  • praveen

    nice post for blogging beginers. when i was new in blogging area i also used to search for these tips….and i really feels happy when i see posts like this. gud gng…gud job…:)