Why Guest Blogging is Your Best Friend Right Now

So why is guest blogging your friend right now? Let’s find out… In the early days of SEO and the “Google Playground that was” bloggers and internet marketers were really left to rain anarchy upon the rest of the world. We were like mischievous children with a magnifying glass and an ant hill left alone in a sand lot. Trouble was bound to brew…

Hundreds of poorly spun articles were submitted to article directories for mega back links and then people reaped the rewards of anchored text links back to their sites. Keywords were packed into blog posts and landing pages. The Panda and the Penguin had yet to stomp us out! (On a different point, for all the havoc these two created they are regarded as very cute and loving animals by most of the world…sweet irony, yes?)

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Change In the Way Bloggers Market Articles

Now, though, bloggers have to really work to get their brand and blogs noticed. Although, article marketing on popular sites like E-Zine Articles, Article Base and Amazines is still a “decent” option for getting anchor text back links to your sites, Google has pretty much put the “slap down” on the amount of authority these links have in SEO. Truth be told, I’m happy. There was just too much junk getting submitted and accepted by those kinds of sites.

So now what? Well, we guest blog, like I’m doing here!

Guest Blogging; Not Totally Different!

In my experience, the people who complain about guest blogging the most as a way to boost SEO instead of being able to submit bulk articles to article factories are the same individuals who were cheating in the first place.

Writing a guest post isn’t that much different than writing an article that was going to be submitted to E-zine articles, after all. Actually, when I’m looking for inspiration for guest posting topics, I often go to my E-zine article dashboard look at the topic/title suggestions.

The problem that most people have is that they either have to produce better quality content to get published on other people’s blogs (oh, pray tell…the agony!) or they have to PAY MORE for the content they were buying to actually get it accepted on blogs…and at this I laugh! Sorry for your luck, buddy!

Shut Up and Guest Post!

Just get it done! Do some research on the blogs in your niche that are salivating (and I mean really wanting content!) to accept guest posts. Write a good article that is informative and entertaining and submit it! You’ll be amazed at how grateful most bloggers will be that you actually wanted to write for their site!

How about you? Are you guest blogging? Are you afraid of doing it? Need a paid blog writer do it for you? Let us hear you in the comments!

About the Author

Ken Muise gets paid to write blog posts! Visit him or request his services at Content 4 Blogs

  • http://amazingbloggers.net/ Simmeon

    Hey Ken,

    If people are going to publish content on Ezines etc, I feel your doing yourself a big disservice. If you guest post your content will get much more “LOVE” from people who are already interested in your niche and will interact and socially share your posts. Along with the fact you will get people that want to know more about you and your blog.

    Guest posting is the “new” way to doing things. But if it’s just SEO reward points you want to get then bulk submitting to a directory will always be the option people choose.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      I agree with you Simmeon, Guest posting has the tendency to bring a greater audience to your content than posting to Ezines and such sites. Although I do still use article marketing for some content, I much prefer posting my best guest posts on sites that I know will attract an audience and get me some traffic at the same time.

  • Samantha Wright

    I don’t involved myself with article marketing as much as I use to once, guest posting is becoming more and more of the recognized method of building authority links these days.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      You know a lot of people believe that combining the two (guest posting and article marketing) can actually work wonders.

  • http://www.rancorinfotech.com Aditya

    Guest Posting is becoming a new trend in blogging now a days.From this you can provide them with new stuff all the time and people who read your posts regularly will get to know more about your writing stuff and much more about you.And this is what everyone wants.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Aditya, I don’t think it’s a new trend but I do think the awareness of how important guest posting is, is increasing. I don’t think I’ve been more involved in guest posting now than I have been in the past that’s for sure.

  • http://carpetcleaningmelbournecbd.net.au/ Becca

    Because guest blogging is certainly a great way to attract targeted traffic in quick time, however no one can ignore the power of social media but generally it takes huge efforts and time to generate result.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      You said it Becca, targeted traffic I completely agree.

  • http://content4blogs.com/ Ken Muise

    I agree…if all you’re looking for is SEO then Article Marketing in bulk will always be done. However, if you’re looking for a targeted audience then guest blogging on sites with authority is the way to go…IMHO.

    Thanks for reading everyone…