Google Panda 3.9: Time to Remove Those Unnatural Links

As you’re probably aware by now Google has once again launched out another aggressive Panda update, Panda 3.9 or, 4.0 as some webmasters are rounding the number off, is out of the cage.

It’s been a mere year and a half since Google rolled out the first Panda update which has still left many webmasters and SEO companies in cloud of frenzy and frustration. Many webmasters are recovering whilst there are still many working to recover from lost rankings and lost traffic, some are yet to see a recovery, and so each month Google continues to grace us with a new refresh which affects the way our traffic behaves in Google Analytics.

Panda 3.9 is here and the official retweet from Google confirms this –

If your site or your blog is still yet to recover from lost traffic due to Google Panda then it’s time to take immediate action, although you should have been doing something about it some months ago. Check out the following must-read posts.

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Webmasters should pay close attention to ensuring that there is no content duplication on their site, or check to see if their content still offers any real value (do you have redundant content?), and eliminate pages that are thin in content, and generally ensuring their site provides high quality content always.

Panda 3.9: Time to Eliminate those Unnatural Links

Last week Google sent shivers down the spines of many web masters with Google Webmaster Tool Unnatural Links Warning email. If you were one of those unlucky one’s then it’s time to make some changes, don’t just sit there in despair.

Analyze your backlink profile and make necessary changes, if possible remove any unnatural looking links, unfortunately you won’t have control over some of the links pointing back to your blog or your website. Focus your efforts on building high quality links to sites of higher authority, this includes paying more attention to –

  • Guest Posting on content related, high PR blogs, web 2.0 property sites
  • Add variety in your anchor text links to make them appear more natural
  • Not buying or paying for links
  • Curating content on Social content curation sites like and Pinterest

So folks continue to work on improving your blogs and websites, better content and more attention to the way you build those backlinks to adhere Google’s webmaster guidelines. I you’ve taken the necessary action to ensure your site doesn’t violet Google’s quality guidelines then you can apply for a reconsideration request.

If you’ve been affected by Google Panda 3.9 or any other recent updates, share your thoughts and reactions below as always. The Magnet4Marketing blog has lost around 12% of search traffic though its early days yet and we’ll begin working on making improvements immediately in any case.

I’ll leave you with a short video from Matt Cutts, providing some SEO link building tips.

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  1. Hello Sir,
    I am blogging from a year and did many mistakes in link building and now I lost around 90% of my traffic from search, so I am working to fix it by removing backlinks from bad and unrelated sites.

    • Hey Ranjish, thanks for stopping by. Please do elaborate on the mistakes your made link building wise, share them. If you’re able to fix them now is the time to do it. I’m not sure how much traffic you already had but a 90% loss is an awful lot. Good luck :)

  2. Then.. Now I have to be very carefull from now .. :)

  3. Samantha Wright says:

    Yes another Panda update means webmasters having to make further tweaks and adjustments. How much adjustments have you made to the blog?

    • Here is a list of last months tweaks Samantha -

      Fix 404′s, broken links and remove unnatural links
      Change and variate anchor links in author box (guest post accounts, web 2.0 profiles)
      Remove low quality and thin content posts from blog
      Focus on creating more high quality content

  4. If you’ve been adding variation to your SEO link building strategies through guest posting, forum signatures and blog commenting, and as longs as you’ve payed special attention to making them appear natural you should be OK with this update.

  5. Hey Fabrizio,

    It feels like Google will not let any unnatural link to work upon and its good that it is creating more updates but somehow it creates a sense of fear among the bloggers that their ranking will be affected and their reputation in the market will get down.Now one has to worked hard more if they want to beat the heat of this another Update.

    But i want to share something.Yesterday i read somewhere that its Panda 3.9 not 4.0 Please let me know the exact update version, i am getting confused here.Does they mean the same …..? may be 4.0 is the roundup figure i guess.

    • Aditya, yes you’re absolutely right, it is 3.9 and not 4.0 I’ll have to sack my source provider lol. I think some web masters are saying 4.0 just to round it off as you say, let’s stick with 3.9 for now then. SEO link building has always been an issue as far as who, where and what I think, but one thing is for sure if there are still people out there building shading backlinks to their site it’s time to stop! :)

  6. Fabrizio says:

    Just made a change to the post and it’s actually 3.9 and not 4.0, my mistake, my apologies :)

    • I am glad you have changed the Version from 4.0 to 3.9 now Fabrizio.And you are right,with this new update one has to look forward into building links that really provides them a high rank instead of making backlinks which Panda will not accept at all.

      Thanks for updating the information. :)

  7. I am removing those bad ones since last few months and hoping that the Google will reward me with the previous positioning and traffic stats to help me making money online :)

    Thanks for the link to the Google Webmasters Blog post.

  8. Yes Fabrizio, you are correct. Google has recently updated its panda 3.9 and we all are aware of that. So, finally the time has come to eliminate all those unnatural links. I really find it interesting reading your post and this is informative too. Thanks for the share!!

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