Getting Publicity Out Of Negativity

It’s seems there is always people using a brand’s likeness for their benefit whether it be copying their logo or making a knockoff of one of their products. When companies find out they usually sue to get their product back in their control. In each case, the company can be viewed as greedy and seeking more wealth but it’s rare when a company can turn the situation in their favor.

Jack Daniels, the whiskey manufacturer, recently found itself in a case of copyright infringement over a book cover. Instead of going after monetary gains they wrote a cease and desist letter to the author even offering to pay for the cover changes. The course of action they chose suddenly turned the whole situation into their favor and garnered publicity for both parties. Jack Daniels got attention to their brand and the author to his book. This is an example where a company can turn a situation to favor them and avoid negative buzz.

Turning bad situations into good publicity should be a high task for companies. Jack Daniels was lucky and able to develop a plan that turned the case into good publicity. But if something negative is brought to the company’s attention too late it could be a lost cause and take lots of monetary funds to fix the situation. Social media monitoring is something that companies need to have as part of their budget and tasks. Anyone can post anything at any time about your company and can cause lots of damage if caught too late. People can read a negative review and cease to buy things from you or a copyright infringement could be happening unbeknownst to you. With social media monitoring you can be alert and know what goes on online regarding your company.

There are SMM tools available to assist in monitoring your brand online. Programs like Alerti can tell you everything you’d want to know about your brand’s presence online. It’s easy to find out where and when your company is being talked about and give you sentimental analysis. Graphs and reports usually are provided by these tools, which can make it easier to read data. Social media monitoring should be something every company invests in. It can assist in turning a growing negative problem into a positive one and avoiding any large problems. You can get to know your audience better as well so you can keep your presence in a good light and keep consumers loyal to the brand.

In this week’s episode of “The Future of Engagement” Murray Newlands talks about the Jack Daniels’ case and ways to turn publicity in your favor.


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  1. Ben says:

    This reminds me of when Wendy’s was pushing their new fresh cut (skin-on) sea salt french fries. Turns out they were even more fattening than their previous ones with more calories. People on social media were having a hay day, and from what I can remember, Wendy’s pretty much ignored the people who posted negative comments on social media sites. They could easily have turned this around as well. I definitely think companies should budget for social media monitoring. It’s just the smart thing to do.
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  2. Aditya says:

    Applying social media monitoring to keep track on your website will surely help and it will save you from Copyright violation of your product brand or company.

    Its interesting to see how jack has turned his violator negative impact into a positive one. But my point here is its good if he will file a case against him.Because he is downgrading the reputation of the company that will surely affect his market.By filling a case he can gain the same confidence of its customers after exposing the violator and making all of its customers to be aware of that particular company.
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  3. Jeny curran says:

    I completely agree with you,Social media marketing plays a vital role in adding value to one.

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