Facebook Fan Engagement’s Potential With SMM

In this episode Murray interviews Ian Karnell, the president of BuzzHoney, a digital marketing agency. He shares his experience on ways they provide more strategies with content engagement for clients that you can use to increase your Facebook page engagement. Over the interview he discusses the importance of analyzing level of engagement, how they monitored competitors and used Infinigraph to assist their goals. In this video you can learn how to increase your Facebook page’s reach and keep them engaged with content that appeals to them.

BuzzHoney is able to find out what drives content and engages customers the most by using social media monitoring. One aspect of SMM is to monitor competitor’s pages and seeing how they engage differently there. See what posts get the most likes as well as what doesn’t get as much response. If you monitor pages of competitors in your field you can see what is working and what doesn’t. This way the content that you post on your page will be what people want and respond to the most.

One effective way to keep users engaged on your page is to have a call to action. Content with calls to action tend to engage users more than fan pages that don’t. Calls to action can state something like, “Click here” for a coupon or a link, related to the site. Others say something like “Suggest us to a friend” where they not only engage with their page but invite others. This grows the network and broadens the customer reach. Having an engaging feature like a call to action can increase your fan page engagement.

Measuring levels of engagement people have with content on social media is a way to see how people are using the Facebook fan pages. Try to use a tool that can measure the social media engagement for you and provide you with results. You spend less time going through each competitor’s page and analyzing it. Once you get people to be on your page it’s important to keep them engaged and coming back for more. Investing in an SMM tool like Infinigraph or Alerti can be a small investment when compared to the results you get. You can take a lead on competitors and get more response on your social sites with the right content. Watch the video below and get some insightful tips from the way Kernell and BuzzHoney handled their client’s request.

In this week’s episode of “The Future of Engagement,” Murray Newlands interviews Ian Karnell where he discusses the benefits of social media monitoring.


  • Keeping a watch on competitor’s Facebook pages lets you see what content your audience respond to and assist in improving your page.
  • Using a tool like Infinigraph can measure audience engagement with social media content, making it easier for you to target interests.
  • Having calls to action on your Facebook page will increase fan engagement and broaden your reach with new users.

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  • http://www.rancorinfotech.com Aditya

    Hi, Its better to know and engage with fans of your blog on social media sites it gives a boost to the blogs.Although knowing about our competitors facebook page and status is a good thing but don’t you think its a kind of fraud thing.I mean everybody wants to know what there competitors are upto but analysizing there page is not a good idea n my point of view.Analyzing own website page and then taking suitable measures is better than seeking into others collar.

  • http://amazingbloggers.net/ Simmeon

    Hey Murray,

    Last week I watched an interview you did with the BlogEngage owner. It was a nice insight into their business model and now I see a guest post by you. Cool indeed.

    Facebook from my experience is the place to be, after listening to your video I must make more of an effort to include CTA in the content I publish. From time to time, I like to see what my niche are responding to, helps come up with new ideas.

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    Social media monitoring is extremely useful for every person who’d like to achieve success in business, to analyze all your weak points, to promote it and so on