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Where can you get social media traffic? Social media marketing has grown into a powerful vortex of backlinks and free traffic over the years. Years ago, it used to be about spamming article directories to get a backlink from anywhere possible but now days, we’ve come to find out that Google loves Web 2.0 properties. Social media websites can be included in these Web 2.0 properties as well which makes social media that much more powerful. There are plenty of social media outlets on the web and can generate a ton of traffic and link juice if you know how to use them effectively and correctly.

Social Media Traffic: Facebook

When Facebook was new; no one could have imagined that it would become one of the biggest websites to ever hit the internet. Everything seems to revolve around Facebook now days. People lose their jobs; lose their relationships, and business deals because of things that are discovered over this site. This site also is a huge opportunity for anyone trying to build or retain a client base. Facebook has a wide variety of tools available for free. If you want to spend some money to get people to your fan page, Facebook has Google like advertising on their own site. You can target just about any demographic you want.

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Facebook allows you to make business pages, band pages, fan pages, regular people pages and anything else you can imagine using to promote your business or website. Once someone “likes” your page, all of their friends see it and I guarantee you if it picks their interest, they’re going to go check it out. Facebook is simply powerful.

Social Media Traffic: MySpace

MySpace might have a lot less attention than it used to have now days thanks to Facebook and overkill on ads thanks to Fox Broadcasting, but it’s still a powerful platform to promote a product or business on. Everyone remembers seeing the Tom classic MySpace picture and in turn started the famous in the mirror picture.
The fact is, there are still millions of people utilizing MySpace and browsing them couldn’t be any easier. You can target people to a very specific demographic which you can’t do on Facebook for free.

Social Media Traffic: YouTube

If you don’t know what YouTube, you’ve been living under a rock. YouTube allows people to upload just about anything as long as it doesn’t violate the terms. It takes a lot to violate YouTube’s terms of service though. Some of the things you can’t upload are:

1) Copyrighted material. You can’t upload someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. This also includes music and movies although some people do slip by the mods and cracks by uploading it anyways.

2) Adult content of any nature. It’ll be banned and your account will be banned without any warning.

YouTube allows people to show off their content through a video. If you’re trying to promote a brand new site or a product, you can create a video that either showcases the product or service you’re promoting and it might be one of those one hit wonders with millions of views.

The power of social media and social media marketing has become quite popular over the years. People are obsessed with Web 2.0 properties and social media websites because how easy they are to use and the social interaction. When a site has social interaction involved in it that allows people to comment back and forth which will usually make people keep coming back to the site. It should be used properly and with caution because if you have bad press that goes viral it could ruin your venture or business plan.

About the Author

Charles Henry of Home Host is a social media specialist. Home Host is the leading web hosting company in Brazil.

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  • Stefania R.

    I agree that social media is overpowering the internet, however some people do indeed need to learn not to share ‘everything’ on Facebook and social sites alike. We don’t need to know every little detail of someone else’s life :)

  • Sara

    So true. Everything does seem to revolve around Facebook. Not sure that’s a good thing all the time.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Sara, I agree I don’t think it’s a good idea to reveal everything on Facebook. But it seems that everyone is willing to share everything on there, they’re just not wanting to keep anything private anymore.

      • Aditya

        Samantha And Fabrizio : you both are right in your opinions but if someone wants to promote his/her website then sharing every single information is required to promote it.Also it depends on individuals whether to share their information or not,Facebook don’t force anyone to share the things one don’t want too.

  • Samantha Wright

    Its a shame that Facebook has become a haven for people to write any old trash on. It’s a powerful marketing and traffic generation tool that is so often misused.

  • Kate Brown Wilson

    I totally agree with this article to be honest and based on my experience, using this 3 social media site are now famous nowadays, aside from that many people use this as a basis or source of income.

  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Thanks for the post Charles, as far as traffic from social media goes, I get a decent amount from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I’ve never really paid much attention to MySpace, I think I kind of assumed that everyone else was using Facebook and leaving MySpace and that was the thing to do. Having said that I’m sure I have a profile somewhere on there.

  • Bryan

    Hello Charles
    nice Post
    Facebook truly deserves the first place in the list . Proper social media marketing effort can bring tons of visitors to you web page . thanks for sharing this Bryan

  • Jyothis Thaliath

    It seems that you are forgetting the latest social innovation, that is Pinterest. We have seen unbelievable traffic surges from our pins on pinterest. The amazing thing is that Pinterest posts provide Do-follow links which no other social network can match with!!

  • Sai Kumar

    Hi Charles, awesome tips bro. I only get traffic from Facebook. Now started getting little amount of traffic from twitter. Thanks for sharing this tips bro :)

  • Sum

    generate traffic is the hardest step for a blogger, your advice is very helpful thank you.

  • Reese

    Wow, I seriously double-checked on the the date of this post when I read “Myspace”. I would have expected Pinterest to be on here, not Myspace. I had a Myspace account then and all my friends were musicians mostly. I didn’t realize Myspace still has a lot of active members.

  • Aditya

    Hi Fabrizio,

    For sure social media sites have captured the market and almost everyone is getting addicted to it.Whether small or big enterprise all are heading towards these sites to promote their business.Almost all the world are using Facebook and its the excelent place to promote your business.