Let Us Reward You: Join Our Loyalty Rewards Program

Good morning world, today I want to introduce you to our new loyalty rewards program provided by PunchTab. Yep that’s right fellow bloggers, readers and subscribers; we’re rewarding you for taking the time to visit our blog daily, commenting, tweeting, liking on Facebook and giving our content a good ol’ +1 on Google.

I know that a lot of you are already loyal readers regardless whether we ran loyalty rewards program or not and that for I am thankful like a true Englishmen, but I think it’s about time we did something properly to reward your loyalty.

Get rewarded for sharing our content and commenting on our blog…

How it works is real simple, and we both benefit here. All you have to do to join our loyalty rewards program is register; you can register using Facebook or by hitting the red rewards tab located at the edge of the screen to your right… actually click on the tab instead, as hitting it will only do irreversible damage to your computer screen… I know I have a sad sense of humor so sue me… OK, when you’ve registered you may well be rewarded with up to 500 points instantly to kick start your loyalty points campaign, woop, woop.

How to Earn Loyalty Points

Here is a little list of how you can earn loyalty points –

  • Visiting us on a daily basis give you 100 points, woo hoo!
  • Sharing our content on Facebook, Twitter and Google also gives you 100 points per share…
  • And of course commenting on our blog posts gives you 100 points too.

When you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for the following prizes –

  1. $25.00 eBay Gift Card, sweet!
  2. $15.00 Cash Reward from PayPal…
  3. 30 Days Free Advertising on our Blog (125×125 Button Ad in Sidebar to help you get more traffic, your site of course has to be approved first, if its not related then you can’t advertise, sorry amigos)

Loyalty Points Activity Stream

Here’s the current activity stream for our loyalty rewards program, you can check back here anytime by clicking on the link located at the top of our blog.

We’re also adding new rewards on a monthly basis and as we come up with ideas for rewards, so in the meantime what are you waiting for? join us now and start engaging more on our site and geting rewarded for it!

Your thoughts?

So what do you think of our new loyalty rewards program? Perhaps you’re already using PunchTab on your site, and if so how are you finding it? Share your thoughts and comments below as always, you’ll get rewarded for it :)

About Fabrizio Van Marciano

Fabrizio Van Marciano is the founder and editor of Magnet4Marketing Blogging and Online Business Tips. You can learn more about him here and follow him on -
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  1. HI Fabrizio,

    From my point of view, I think that PunchTab, is just an idiot way to turn readers into powerful readers.. I apology but your this decision, is really bad. :(
    Mairaj Pirzada recently posted…[Review] Hostmantis, Buy Cheap Domain and Hosting via Payza!My Profile

    • Your point of view is welcomed, that’s the whole point of me asking for readers thoughts and comments. It’s light hearted, I don’t think it’s bad in any way, it’s a way to encourage readers to engage and share content, and visit each day. As a result they’re rewarded for stopping by. PunchTab is also great for organizing giveaways and contests.

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    Fabrizio, punchtab sounds like an interesting concept, sounds like a great way to give something cool back to your readers, how long is the program for?

    • Hi Sammy, thanks, it is a great site and I love reviewing new sites as you know. The great thing about PunchTab is that it’s reasonably well organized, it’s free and it’s ideal for bloggers wanting to increase activity and rewarding their readers at the same time. I’m running the program for a month to see how it goes, I will eventually write an in-depth review of PunchTab later on.

  3. This is a great gig. One question how do I monitor my points?


  4. Hi Fab,

    Awesome implementation.
    I think it’s a nice touch and regular visitors will definitely love this new reward system.
    Do keep us posted on how it has improved your retention and returning visitor rate.

    I can see from the feed, people are really getting involved.
    Simmeon recently posted…3 Simple Ways To Get High Quality BacklinksMy Profile

  5. Fabrizio, You have made us curious to join PunchTab for earning the royalty points! Seems quite interesting activity to perform!

    • Hey Adrian, I think it’s a great option for many bloggers to take to encourage more interaction. One of the things I love with PunchTab is being able to create your own catalog of rewards, this feature enabled you to create rewards to suit your niche, something you know the readers will find useful.

  6. Hi, Many may like the program though some may not. It is a matter of opinion. Being receptive to a technique is personal and based on its outcome too. Anyway, this program need not be sneered at in my view. It is encouraging for many youngsters who are yet to take the big leap into career.

    Sanjib Saha
    Sanjib Saha recently posted…Which is the Best Android Addictive GameMy Profile

    • Welcome back Sanjib, great to see you here again mate. Yes absolutely it’s a matter of opinion. I’ll be running PunchTab for at least a month before reporting back on it’s pros and cons.

  7. I am a new visitor but i find your site interesting.I have watched Punchtab for some time and i find it a tested solution to increase traffic!!And the rewards are very nice!:)

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