My Monthly Traffic and Income Report for June 2012

Well folks welcome to another monthly online traffic and income report for June 2012. Just when I’ve finished publishing one report it seems like the following month comes around so quickly, seem like only a few weeks ago I published the report for May.

I hope you’ve all had a productive month and are making steady progress in your quest for online success and making money online.

May has been a steady month and I’ve managed to get to grips with my time management and juggling 2 very busy online businesses, and as a result I’ve found more time to spend on the blog.

OK, so let’s start the monthly report for June and once again I’d just like to remind everyone why I enjoy sharing my online income and traffic statistics here on the blog –

  1. Firstly, to help inspire and motivate other bloggers and other individuals wanting to start a blog or other online business working from home, to help them appreciate the shear amount of work that is required in building a profitable business on the internet.
  2. Secondly, for me to be able to look back and see what has worked and what hasn’t worked over the last month, so that I can successfully make changes where and when needed.

Blog Traffic Report for June 2012

June saw another small but significant increase in traffic as I continued to fix posts and remove weak content from the blog (Panda and Penguin). Here is a quick low down on the traffic stat:

Visits: 16,061 (9.65% Increase on previous month)
Unique Visits: 13,889 (10.98% Increase on previous month)
Page views: 24,503 (10.42% Increase on previous month)

Bounce rate has increased ever so slightly from 76.10% to 76.40%. It’s proving to be a challenge to get bounce rate under 70% but Samantha and I are still working on ways to improve this.

So blog wise here’s what we’ve done to increase traffic –

  • Article 2.0 Marketing x 1 Post
  • Guest Posts x 1
  • Blog Commenting x 20
  • Removing thin content and poor performing posts from the blog (37 posts permanently deleted)
  • Improving top performing posts (re-writing, improving SEO)
  • Fixed errors in Sitemap (Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Continuing to remove AdSense from posts
  • Continuing to making affiliate links and using Pretty Link plugin for 301 redirection
  • Continuing to use Broken Link Checker plugin to fix dead links

These are some of the things done to help increase traffic in June, not including engaging and sharing content on social sites, content syndication etc… There are now 16 pages of content remaining where AdSense needs to be manually removed and copy made better.

Screen Shots

Traffic report for June 2012

Traffic Overview for June 2012

Organic Traffic June 2012

Organic Traffic Overview for June 2012

Referral Traffic June 2012

Referral Traffic for June 2012

Noticeably last month we received a welcoming traffic spike from Twitter, sourced from, with the following post 26 Ways to Skyrocket your Twitter Followers, receiving 94 retweets. Thank you to all who retweeted and most of all thank you JustRetweet.

Twitter Traffic June


We were doing well with increased search engine traffic ¾ of the way through June until yet another Panda update was rolled out, it seems just when things are looking up they get knocked back down again. So the month of July will be about looking at new ways to improve the blog.

For now my energies and resources are directed at doing just that and as far as marketing and promoting the blog is concerned, that will have to be placed on hold for a few more months.

Online Income Report for June 2012

OK now it’s time to look at the income generated throughout the month of June. My income report is generally made up of multiple income steams, eBay, Amazon, affiliate marketing, contextual ads, blogging etc. If you want to read our disclosure please do so here:


A friendly reminder that some of the links below are actually affiliate links.

Income report for June 2012

Amazon Earnings June 2012


eBay $600.16
Website Sales $373.73
Amazon Associates $11.29

Other Affiliate Marketing / Blog

Elegant-Themes $19.50
Genesis Theme Framework $48.94
iPhone DevSecrets iPhone App Course $53.79

Contextual Ads

Google AdSense $10.62


Parcel2Go $94.19

Gross Income – $1,118.03

Expenses (Akismet, HelloBar Premium, Web Hosting, Blog Vault Backup, Moonfruit Sitemaker, paid guest posts) materials, shipping fees, eBay fees, PayPal fees, ClickBank refund $455.56

Net total Income – $756.67

So gross income is much higher than last month’s $291.48, which is pleasing, but it still could be much better than this. I can’t imagine July’s income to be much better as although I’m managing my time better, it’s still divided between work commitment and family commitments, but let’s just wait and see.

AdSense Earnings VS Affiliate Earnings

Well Google AdSense is almost obsolete on many of the posts, and it’s still early days to see an increase in affiliate earnings. AdSense at its peak was bringing in around $70 to $100 each month, since beginning the slow process of removing AdSense almost 2 months ago, affiliate hasn’t really picked up.

Amazon affiliate sales are slowly starting to grow so I’ll be evaluating the progress throughout the next few months, before deciding whether to bring AdSense back.

As far as general online income is concerned eBay and website art sales continue to dominate. These streams have great earning potential for me.

Well that’s all I have this month, my goals for July is not so much to increase income, but to continue making the blog better and increasing traffic. Let’s work towards a better report for next month. Until next month, happy blogging and making money online, what ever you do business wise.

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  1. Great Fabrizio.
    I want to know how you make money with eBay and how you promote products??
    Can you please publish a post regarding the same ??
    I will be much glad to learn from your post.
    Thanks. :D

  2. Hi Fabrizio,
    Congrats for your June Monthly income report :) Looks like June is better than May, I’m so glad to see JustRetweet mentioned here and I wish you all the best mate.


    • Hey Valentine, thanks for your comment and well wishes. Yes, here’s to hoping for an even better month in July. It would be a crime not to mention JustRetweet since it’s a new traffic source for me. I love what you guys are doing with JustRetweet, keep up the awesome work.

  3. Fabrizio Van Marciano @ very handful job has been done by you, where we are running behind $200 per month but you has bagged $1000+ .Best of luck .

  4. Hey another in depth income report, good to see traffic recovering a little, will be much better when Google stops rolling out algo updates.

  5. Hey Fabrizio, Did you earn all the amount from this blog or you have other blogs and websites?

    • Hey Ehsan, thanks for visiting. Accept for eBay and website sales the rest of the income is generated from this blog only. I have two other new blog projects in development at present but I won’t be monetizing them for a while.

  6. wooooo. Great work Fabrizio. You are making good money. Thats awesome……

  7. That’s really a huge amount Fabrizio. Keep on going.

  8. You are making great money with affiliates. Work on Adsense too, buddy. That will help you grow your current income.

  9. Hi Fabrizio, congrats on your digits. The reason why your bounce rate increased is probably because of “JustRetweet”, if you disinclude visits from that source you will see that bounce rate was lower then last month.

  10. Hi Fabrizio,

    Thanks for letting us see your referral sources in your traffic update. This makes the data and the credibility thereof that much better and easier to interpret.

  11. Hi,
    I too want to know how to make money with eBay and how to promote products? Will wait for that post to get some idea. On the whole, you seem to have a great run online with your blog and other things. Great achievement. A steady growth.

    Amit from iTechCode


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