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After my last article where I shared my experience on how I managed to re-index my site on Google, I have decided to write another guest post for magnet4marketing. I must say that in a short period of time I became a real fan of this blog. You can see that Fabrizio is putting a lot of his time in this site and if I can make a small contribution, I would be more than happy. :)

Four important steps

Starting your site is like any other project in your life. To do it properly, there are four steps you have to go through: Analysis, Plan, Implementation, Control. In university marketing books it is also known as APIC System.


“You can’t control what you can’t measure.” ~ Tom DeMarco

Okay, don’t blame me for this one, blame Tom DeMarco. In his book Controlling Software Projects, Management Measurement & Estimation, Tom DeMarco explained why you can’t control anything without sufficient amount of information. To analyze something you need information. That is why today, information is the most important factor in every business. With information, you can control.

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In this step you need to calculate your budget, make a proper market research – the best one is S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats) research and make a forecast (set your final goals). Whatever niche you decide to work in, this is something you just need to go through. Analyze your competition and according to your information, make a proper forecast how much will it take for you to outrank competition.


“Planning is important, if you can’t make a plan, you can’t dream.”

Make a plan! Set your steps slowly. Include the information, budget, forecast and put it all in calculation for a limited time period. Let’s say you give yourself 3 years to achieve our final goal. To do that, you have to achieve “small goals”. Each step forward, each word written, is a step which is leading you toward your final purpose.

To make a plan, the best way is to make a regular daily/weekly schedule. Plan everything. Plan your entire year, on daily basis. Hey, time will pass anyways, whether you were just a passive observer, or an active participant. Why not make some use of it? Some would give everything they got, for one chance Never forget that.


“Make you dreams come true”

Okay, this is the hardest part. Implementation means taking action. Going out and making your dreams fulfill. Making your plans true. Implementation is turning theory into practice.

Most fail at implementation, because they lose will, some fail because they didn’t make right plans. If you planned well, and are strong-minded then this is not a problem for you. You will implement everything you have planned and will feel good about it. The truth is, if you implement 70% of planned, you will be very successful man. Some big companies manage to implement 60% of their yearly plan and they consider it a great success. That is because almost everyone set very high goals, so even if you don’t achieve them, you are still among the best ones. “Aim for the moon, even if you miss you will still end up among stars”.

If you fail because you lost will and if that is the only reason, well, then you didn’t deserve to succeed in the first place. Only the strongest will survive. Once all the hard work is done, the next is 4th step.

Control (Review)

“There is nothing better than passive income”

Okay, this is basically a review of your work. Your own wayback machine. At this point the you will see why the first step was most important one. If you did a correct analysis then you didn’t fail. Now you can make a new analysis and improve your system, or you can focus on new projects and watch your passive income grow.

That is it! It is that simple and that complicated. There is one hint I’d like to share when it comes to will loss: That all is a natural selection, but there is a trick which may clear your mind to see things more accurate. This has helped me. When one gives up, he gives me more space to progress, he gives me more opportunities to come to his spot, and he gives me his potential money…

Each time someone gives up, he is putting me in an elite company of those who didn’t give up. Each time someone gives up, he is actually helping me, because the competition disappears. How can this help you? Well, don’t give up! You don’t want to give someone your potential money. You want to be in an elite company of those few hundreds of lucky ones, don’t you? Then stick around, educate, work on yourself, and NEVER give up on your dreams. Prove yourself you are that strong, and believe me I know, it takes real courage to beat your negative side. Will is usually everything you WILL ever need. :)

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