How To Improve Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

In this post you will be provided with tips and ideas on how to improve blog bounce rate - Every blogger works hard to try and get more traffic and more readers to their blogs. Some people find it easy to increase traffic whilst others find it difficult. Realistically getting traffic isn’t all that hard, when you’re starting out you can quite competently write a dozen good posts and after a while you’ll get a small amount of traffic.

Regardless of the amount of traffic you can generate, small or big, the hardest part is getting people visiting your blog to stay on your blog. It’s perhaps even harder to make visitors reading your blog to visit more than one page on your site. If you struggle to achieve this, more than likely your blog will have a high bounce rate.

Terminology of Bounce Rate (percentage of users exiting your site without viewing further pages).

improve blog bounce rate

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The reason as to why your site has a high bounce rate could be many. Often it can be because the user didn’t find the answers he or she was looking for from the page they landed on, in which case you probably need to look at creating more focused content.

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Having a high bounce rate can affect many things, but more over it affects the number of page views per visitor on your blog, and therefore this can also affect your affiliate and AdSense revenue earnings.

In this post we’ll look at ways in which you can improve blog bounce rate and increase page views per visit.

6 Ways to Improve Blog Bounce Rate

Quality Content

Let’s kick off with the all important tip, ensuring your blog has quality content. You might be thinking that this goes without saying right? But believe you me, if you want readers to show interest in your other posts, they must find the content on the page they landed on first to be valuable. Even if they didn’t find the answers they were looking for, great content encourages people to want to read more. So ensure that you keep putting the very best stuff that you possibly can out there on your blog consistently.

Interlink Posts

Interlinking posts can work effectively if your site has lots of quality content. When interlinking posts ensure that it is relevant and subject matter related. Interlinking posts have benefits beyond reducing bounce rate and increasing page views, it can also improve your blog’s search engine optimization, and reduce the impact of Google algo updates.

Content Breakdown

If you love to write long posts, consider breaking the content up into smaller parts or multiple posts. Add a link to the next part of your post at the beginning and at the end of your posts, this is a great way to increase page views. If you use WordPress and don’t fancy breaking up the content in multiple posts, consider using <!–nextpage–> tag to make a new page in your long post. I’d recommend using this technique on posts that contain 1200 or more words.

Related Posts

If you’re not showing related posts / content at the end of your posts then you’re missing out on an effective way to increase page views. What do you want your readers to do after reading your content? Leave? No of course you don’t. Consider installing a related posts plugin, the one I’m currently using on the Magnet4Marketing blog is by nRelate and it’s a great plugin, easy to install and gets your readers exploring more of your content. I recently talked about the nRelate plugin in-depth and how it could help you optimize your blog after the recent Panda updates.

Improve Page Loading

Another reason as to why readers are leaving your blog without viewing other pages is perhaps the page they landed on took too long to load, in which case, work on increasing page loading times. Look at the number of plugins you have installed that could be slowing things down, is your theme optimized? Should you use a CDN service? Slow loading page times can also dampen your conversion rates, and that you don’t want to happen.

Top Navigational Links

Your home page will be one of the most visited pages on your blog no doubt. Take a look at your top navigational bar; ensure you have links to your most visited or most popular categories and pages.

So there you have it, some tips and ideas to improve blog bounce rate, I’m sure you have a few more tips that you’d like to add that has helped you improve bounce rate and increase page views, in which case I’d love it if you could share them in the comment section below.

  • ameer khan

    Very nice article. Your 6 points are very useful to increase my page views…thank you

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Ameer, thanks man, glad you enjoyed the tips here today.

  • Trixie

    Great tips. Loading page can really turn tables, customers won’t wait for page to load they will simply go elsewhere…

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Welcome to the blog Trixie, most people would agree that page loading time is one of the most important. Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Ammar Ali

    Great tips. Loading time, interlinking posts and using related post plugin is best way to reduce bounce rate. :)

    Looking forward for your next post ;)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Ammar thanks for visiting. Which related posts plugin do you use?

      • Ammar Ali

        nRelate, You are also using this pal. ;)

        • Fabrizio

          That’s great :) It’s an amazing plugin isn’t it. I’m thinking of changing the style to a list view.

          • Samantha Wright

            Do you mean Huffington post style? I prefer the way it looks now Fabzy :)

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Hi Fabrizio,

    You have picked really important topic.
    For me ‘Quality Content’ is more importent…and it works in every situation.
    My first priority is ‘Quality content’ as it engage my readers automatically.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Absolutely Sandeep, quality content entices readers to explore more of your content as well as engage.

  • Mariaa Sussan

    You need quality content with keywords you wan to rank, as well as properly optimized meta content.

  • Samantha Wright

    Hi Fabzy the tips are well proportioned, I’m pleased to see content quality at the top of your list. If I’ve landed on a blog page and I enjoyed reading the content than I would be more than happy to explore the site further.

  • Liane Markus

    When it comes to blog rate, it is not easy to determine when will we be able to have a good rate but I think so long as there is an exacr strategy or technique to be used, then there will be a good bounce rate and the information that you have discussed really makes a huge sense.

  • Aniruddha

    Hi, i just added nrelate after reading your blog post. It will take some time to show so…
    Nevertheless… i hope you also visit my blog and enrich it with your insightful comments

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Aniruddha, thanks for the visit. Yes nRelate is an awesome plugin, it takes time for the indexing to take place but once it’s up and running you should see some improvement in bounce rate. I’ll be visiting your blog shortly, have a great day.

  • Md Sohail

    Hi Fabrizio, nice article. I believe quality content is key to reduce bounce rate.

  • Mohsin Ali

    Fabrizio awesome tips man, my blog bounce rate is getting very dangerous now infect its 80% so surly will implement your tips.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Moshin, keep working on it man. My bounce rate fluctuates from around 73% to 78% I would like to get it under 70%. Look at your top traffic posts and see if you can improve the internal linking. This is something I’m doing also and it’s proving to be paying off slightly.

  • Centrelink

    Pretty nice set of guide. This will really help on how my blog become successful, thanks for sharing.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Best of luck Cenrelink :)

  • PrIyAnGsHu

    Great tips buddy. Interlinking & Long quality articles works great for me to reduce bounce rate of my sites.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey PrIyAnGsHu, great to see you here again buddy. Yes I’ve been enjoying writing longer articles but also breaking them up to. This helps with bounce rate. Have a good day mate :)

  • Simmeon

    Hi Fab,

    How to improve bounce rate? Use a trampoline

    No seriously.

    Also I would say try and make sure the places that are linking to your content are relevant and not from bad website neighbourhoods ( aka irrelevant site) , as if people were clicking just to see where a linked went that would also contribute to having a high bounce rate.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Simmeon, I like your sense of humor mate. You made a very good point indeed. This is where guest posting on the right blogs can also help.

  • Byron

    great post here with great tips, reducing bounce rates is a difficult one, I guess the secret is constant quality content but that´s easier said than done eh!

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Bryon, yes it’s not always easy to put out great content, something I’ve started doing a lot of is posting less and focusing more on the quality of the post I’m putting out.

  • Bhushan

    Hi Buddy,
    Pretty nice set of guide.
    It sounds quite interesting what you wrote about feeds, very helpful. I agree with you.
    This will really help on how my affiliate marketing become successful, thanks for sharing this.

  • Deniz Rovcanin

    I like it. Quality content is the most important factor of each site. If you manage to have a quality content, “bucks” will come with time. Focus on quality, and “bucks” will focus on you. :)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Deniz thanks for stopping by mate, I certainly hope so, bucks wise that is. Quality content certainly can help towards generating more income online I guess.

  • Kevin

    Great article, I strongly agree that quality content is one way to improve your traffic, because if you give people something worth reading chances are they will come back to read some more. Page loading as you mentioned could also play a major role, in whether they stay or go. I know I for one, don’t like laggy sites, so why would people coming to yours.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Kevin, page loading is something worth looking at if your blog or website is slow loading. For those who are then consider using a content delivery network (CDN) service or check out our post on how Google can help you improve page loading time:


  • Shalu Sharma

    Brilliant tips to improve the blogs bounce rate. Taking note of quality content and interlinking the posts makes a huge difference. I also suggest adding some videos as well.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Shaula, do you mean embedding videos into your blog? :) Thanks for visiting us mate.

  • Ehsan @ GuideAndNews

    Hey Fab,
    For me improving the blog speed and using the related posts below blog post is the best way to reduce bounce rate.
    Thanks for the tips anyway,

    Ehsan U.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Ehsan, thanks so much for coming by the blog, glad you enjoyed the tips here. Related posts is something simple to do to help improve bounce rate, agreed. If anyone is looking to check their website loading time they can access a tool in Google Webmaster tools.

  • Eve Donalds

    The speed at which the pages load is very crucial. I myself can’t stand a website that a page takes very long to load, so I do my best to make sure that my blog pages loads speedily enough. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  • Derek Maak

    Hey Fabrizio,

    These are some great ideas for decreasing bounce rate, but I think it’s also important to keep in mind that bounce rate is a flawed statistic and why Matt Cutts has even admitted that Google doesn’t us it in their search engine algorithm despite all the people out there who say that they do.

    Everyone always talks about how a high bounce rate means you have a poor quality website, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, a really awesome website could have a high bounce rate as well? Why?

    Well, because if you give people exactly what they are looking for the minute they land on your website, then they may not have any need to visit other pages on your blog. If someone searches for “how to make a cat tree” and they land on a post on my website that tells them exactly how to make a cat tree, then they may have no reason to explore any other area of my site because I gave them exactly what they wanted.

    Therefore, I don’t care much about bounce rate at all because it’s not a good indicator in my mind unless you have a way to know whether someone is leaving your site because they didn’t find what they wanted or if they are leaving because they found exactly what they wanted. And Google understands it’s flawed nature as well so I doubt it’s ever going to be an important algorithmic consideration.

    Thanks for the mention of nRelate. I’m going to check that out. I’ve been using Yet Another Related Posts plugin, but am curious about other alternatives.

  • Arpita

    Hi Fabrizio Van Marciano,
    Thanks for sharing this great post !
    The tips are very useful to improve the blog’s bounce rates.Including Related Posts and top navigational sites are really helpful.
    Thanks again

  • Robert Koeing

    These are highly-effective steps that anyone blogging should utilize. I particularly think the emphasis on focused content is a way to attract and maintain readers.

    On my blog I write about a variety of legal issues and relate them to current issues, but of course the focus always returns to law. I think by diversifying your topics you can keep your content fresh but always returning to the focal point is what keeps your readership.

  • Nwosu Desmond

    Following your advice here i have been able to drastically reduce my site’s bounce rate…..thanks for the info. You’ve just won a regular visitor.

  • Vijay

    Interlinking in a Niche blog or websites works great eventually for visitors and spider too. It gives more complement in return.