How to Market your Blog Locally

When we talk about blog promotion we often think about all the much talked about marketing tactics like blog commenting and guest posting, forum posting, using social media etc, but what about ways to market your blog locally to increase traffic?

One of the things I’ve been involved in a lot lately for my blog is getting to understand my stats better, that means playing around with Google Analytics and optimizing the blog on a continuous basis to create content that gets traffic.

One of the topics that is often not talked about in the blogging world as far as traffic generation is concerned, is marketing and promoting your blog offline, so below are some tips and ideas on how to promote your blog locally, to generate local traffic… traffic from local communities, businesses and organizations, regardless of what niche you’re into.

Market your Blog Locally

Targeting Locality

One of the first things you can start doing is to find where your blog is having an impact or a decent enough traffic ranking through Alexa. You can also combine this data with your Google Analytics data. For example for my blog, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Bulgaria and Pakistan are proving to have the highest regional traffic rankings.

I’m based in the UK and my Alexa ranking for the United Kingdom is around 24k, which isn’t bad…

So how can I or you even, market your blog locally to increase traffic, let’s take a look at some of the methods.

There are many offline marketing methods to mention and talk about, but here I will handle just the ones that I’ve used myself in the past, and that has proved to be the most practical and productive.

  • Publishing and Distributing Newsletters – Consider building a mailing list which you can publish useful content and distribute to companies, individuals, clubs and organizations, schools and colleges etc. There is the cost of printing and mailing newsletters to consider I know, but you have to also remember that marketing your blog offline shouldn’t be for the aim of making profits…
  • Do a Press Release – Contact your local press (newspaper) and ask whether it would be permissible to publish a weekly or monthly article, something that will interest readers and get them coming back to your blog. Imagine how many local businesses and start ups read your local paper, if they can get something useful out of reading your article chances are they will visit your blog too.
  • Attending local events, seminars – This could be very rewarding as far as generating local traffic to your blog is concerned. One of the biggest advantages of attending local events, conferences etc is that you get to engage with other like minded individuals. It is an opportunity for you to build relationships and network with other organizations and local businesses. If you can provide value at such events, often word of mouth can provide the much needed attention you need for your blog.
  • Helping a Local Organization – Whether it’s a small business or school event or local organization, if you can provide something for free, which I’m sure you can, it can also go a long way. And remember when you help others often it comes back at you in a good way, so bare that in mind.
  • Raising Money for a Local Charity – Whether you organize your own charity event or support an existing one, raising money is one of the best ways to market your blog locally. You get the attention of a lot of people which could easily turn into potential traffic to your blog and regular readers. Often there will be press release cover, radio coverage, maybe even televised coverage involved which can all lead to additional offline exposure for you and your blog.


There can be a lot of value and benefit in marketing your blog locally as you can see. You are connecting with real people and building relationships with offline businesses that in turn can provide new traffic sources for your blog offline, so start getting involved today and start planning to market your blog locally.

Have your say…

What are your thoughts on offline blog marketing? Are you involved in promoting traffic to your blog using geo-targeted marketing methods? Or is it something that really doesn’t concern or interest you. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Include content of local interest – this helps most – or at least mention some cities or neighborhoods in the area every now and then and this makes Google to put it higher in local searches. I tried this for a client and it really worked, he managed to get more traffic from the cities in the same metro area without investing in other ways of publicity or promotion.
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