iPhone 4s: Cool Uses for Siri for Mobile Bloggers

Mobile blogging is fast becoming a bit of a popular thing, more and more of us are so busy with our everyday lives that we’re becoming fast pacing human beings, and doing things on the go is becoming something of the norm these days, things that we once dreamed of never doing whilst being on the go. All this is thanks to the evolution of the modern digital age and mobile technology.

These days you can have an online meeting whilst sitting on the train eating your lunch, you can be shopping on eBay whilst walking off to meet a friend whilst sipping on a latte, you can be writing your next big post whilst waiting for your hot date to arrive… ok maybe not that one…

Having been using the iPhone 4s for the last month or so, I’ve come to realize that it has become the perfect blogging tool for me, well almost, since I’m now finding myself spending a lot of time away from the desk more frequently.

Siri Mobile Blogging Tool

So how is the iPhone 4s the perfect blogging tool? The fact that there are many great apps that are valuable to bloggers is one thing, the other being Siri…

Check out the post below on what apps are available for iPhone 4s to take your mobile blogging to the next level.

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Siri is pretty much useless for me, as it doesn’t support location services here in the United Kingdom… But I’m sure in the US it’s an even smarter tool to have as a mobile blogger. I only hope that perhaps with the forthcoming iOS 6 release, there will be an improved Siri for UK iPhone 4s users. However I’ve found some other great uses for it in the meantime…

For example, only the other day I was driving home from seeing a close friend when I began thinking about some great ideas for a guest post…

Obviously I couldn’t write anything down or use the phone whilst being behind the wheels of a moving vehicle, so I asked Siri to take care of it, by asking him to take a note or to remind me to write a post on the ideas that I had in my head at the time.

…Later on that day I completely forgot all about it, but thanks to Siri I was reminded that evening about the guest post ideas that I had earlier… pretty neat nevertheless.

From then on I found some other useful tasks for Siri, including searching the web for topics and ideas to write about, sending an email to guest writers and business contacts etc, sending a tweet and updating my Facebook status etc…

What about you? Have you found any cool uses for Siri as a mobile blogger? Share your tips and experiences in the comment section below, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. This is what I was thinking:

    This is going to boost my productivity by lots, awesome share Fab. Time waiting around turns into new post.

    - Then when I read this:

    “it doesn’t support location services here in the United Kingdom”

    It made me sad, why do we Brits always miss out on the cool stuff.

    Simmeon recently posted…Spy On Your Competition Using Bit.lyMy Profile

  2. I would like to add same more info about Siri.
    Siri was able to interact with the iPhone’s native apps as well as external apps such as the “answer engine” Wolfram Alpha for executing web searches.
    blogging is made easy with Siri…….thts all i need.
    Aditya recently posted…ERP Management Software Delhi, Noida, India | Rancor InfotechMy Profile

  3. Brent Stanley says:

    Really iPhone 4s the perfect blogging tool for me. And also I’ll try to use it perfectly for develop my career. So I think, It’s a helpful topic for me. Thanks for sharing.
    Brent Stanley recently posted…http://www.elinformedavid.comMy Profile

  4. Samantha Wright says:

    Hey Fabz I know exactly what you mean, Siri is a let down here in the UK, let’s hope as you say with ios 6 there is an update for international users. Great tips BTW.

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