Who Is Using Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring tools are used by a wide variety of agencies and companies for everything from PR and marketing to market research, advertising, customer service and business development. I hear about new uses for social media monitoring every week. And it’s not just online or retail businesses doing the monitoring.

I read a case study about monitoring for banks. The bank’s primary goal was to see how popular they were in comparison to other banks. In addition, they were working at improving their overall brand image, and discovering what the positive or negative feeling was about the bank across the spectrum.

Social Media Monitoring

But What Is Social Media Monitoring Again?

In my mind, social media monitoring empowers anyone to monitor conversations, to reflect on what’s happening, and to draw it all together, and is as much about setting up what you want to listen to it and why you want to listen to it as doing the actual listening. And, of course, it’s an indispensable tool for engaging successfully in your market or community.

I asked some of the experts and gurus interviewed in this book how they would introduce social media monitoring – here’s what they said:

Seb Hempstead, Sales Manager at Brandwatch:

Social media monitoring is a lot more than some people give it credence for. Some of it’s PR, because people realize that you can listen to what is being said online. Now, of course, you can take that into marketing, you can take that into research, into customer service, and it’s so wide-reaching.

So, the channels of what it is- is it videos, is it a blog post, is it a tweet, is it on the forums, is it a Flickr image? The range is absolutely massive. So, in a way, social media monitoring doesn’t actually do it justice, because that’s just the listening part. Then there’s the analysis part, and the engagement and the response part, and then there’s the tie-up to CRM.

So, what I think social media monitoring is, is that it’s the start of something. I think it’s the start of companies understanding and starting to engage in social ways, I think it’s the start of a journey that is in its infancy. And we come to events, and we all talk as if we’re all doing this, and we’re not. We all think that we have the answers, and we don’t. We all talk about the systems as if they are finished products, and they’re not. We talk about it as if this is a landscape that’s locked down, and it isn’t. We talk about Twitter as if that is the end of micro-blogging, and it won’t be.

Social media monitoring is an early-stage, fluid area that is affecting companies and will continue to affect companies in lots of different ways and in all sorts of different industry sectors. I think it’s going to be a wild ride, and I’m really looking forward to it, but we’re in the early doors.

Trey Pennington, marketing pro, speaker and author:

Social media monitoring realizes that there are conversations going on about you specifically, online whether or not you are there. There are conversations going on online right now about the problems you solve, and you have an opportunity to both see what people are concerned about so that you can fashion your product-service offerings to match not only the problems that people are experiencing in your marketplace, but match the very words that they’re using to describe their problem. So, you can fit your product or service to exactly the thing that they are looking for.

Want to dive deeper into the world of social media for business? This post was written by Murray Newlands, author of the white paper Learn Social Media Monitoring in Fifteen Minutes. Download the white paper for free!

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