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It’s a topic that is often talked about, and is certainly one that should be explored. After all, yes, we are an ever evolving race and the digital era and is becoming a daily part of most people’s lives – even five year old’s have the know-how to work iPads and Apps these days! But, are we forgetting our traditional printing methods completely, or do we believe that they just have no use any more?

Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions with regards to the effectiveness of each marketing method and need to address the individual circumstances of each business. OK, so there are an abundance of businesses that run on a solely “online” principle.

This can alleviate some of the expenses of prime location premises rentals and perhaps even reduce the number of staff needed to make the company work. In such cases, perhaps their priorities lie in online promotion and lack the necessity for printed representatives such as brochures or leaflets.

But, more likely than not these businesses may employ a technique of print marketing without even knowing it – especially if they send out formal printed documents or invoices – as these materials will more often than not incorporate the consistent brand design or logo of the company in the form of letterheads or compliment clips.

print marketing vs internet

Let’s look at the differences of the two:

Print Marketing

The Advantages:

Printing professional promotional materials to represent a business can have the dominant advantage of being placed directly into the hands of a target market. It is a physical item, and one that can be kept for future reference. You can get a better sense of graphics and readability without the need for scrolling down the page and the various folding styles and designs can turn heads and influence curiosity in readers.

The other main advantage of printing is the level of control you give to the reader – they can choose whether or not to pick up the document to read it, or perhaps may even skim the front page upon arriving through the letter box but deciding to save it for later. However, they have physically seen that business’ brand, and it will serve to build a familiarization with the reader so that in time trust can be developed and in turn convert that reader into a buyer.

Printed materials tend not to interrupt or disrupt consumers in their daily activities and can make a strong lasting impression, depending on its quality and design, of the business in question and result in successful returns on investment.

The Disadvantages:

Without the proper preparations, print marketing can be an expensive practice, and this refers to poor proofing or bad research of branding or quality substrates and this can result in frequent alterations. The other fear that some consumers can relate to is the ECO impression – if you are mass producing printed materials some consumers may feel you may not be meeting your environmental responsibilities of reducing carbon footprints.

There may certainly be a little less flexibility when it comes to printing promotional items, such as meeting tight deadlines, and the results of such marketing campaigns can be hard to monitor or analyze. Additionally, there may be a limitation to audience levels with printed materials, as they are generally location based in a local area, and these materials will only have a restricted shelf life.

Internet Marketing

The Advantages:

The majority of people are online these days, so this can allow for easier targeting of prospective markets and a worldwide audience. You can have an unlimited audience and can specifically target those looking for products or services similar to your own, and if you win the battle of page rank and SEO your web pages can be visible at the top of the results pages in the major search engines.

Online marketing is easy to analyze and businesses can choose to employ reports or chart methods to measure their marketing successes and failures, therefore are able to make amendments as per their findings. This method also gives greater flexibility and real-time results – handy when you have little time to advertise an up-coming offer or product – and alterations can be executed quickly and easily without the need for printing preparation.

Internet marketing can also produce long-term exposure and once a business has achieved an established online presence it can be fairly simple to carry out low cost maintenance of a marketing campaign, and of course the campaign can be actively working 24/7.

Another added benefit here is the power of social media networking, and many businesses choose to incorporate this into their marketing strategy – sites like Facebook and Twitter can re-enforce the value of a positive word when people share their consumer experiences.

The Disadvantages

Perhaps the main disadvantage of using the internet for marketing is the element of credibility and security, as we are much more cautious society when it comes to parting with money. You do not have the benefit of trying out products before you purchase them and the lack of face-to-face interaction can be off-putting for some, and whilst consumers may research products online they may prefer to buy them in person.

The element of trust can be difficult to build (unless the business is a well-known and successful brand) and establishing your website’s credibility can take some time.

Depending on the strategy of marketing, some promotional methods can be intrusive, irrelevant and quite simply annoying, and the more of users experience these types of marketing techniques, the more they ignore them. Internet users generally have a reduced attention span; therefore overloading information will simply lead to a user clicking away.

So there it is, the pros and cons between traditional printing techniques and internet marketing, and whilst one specific method may work wonders for an individual business, employ both methods together then you’ll be on a winner!

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