Analytics Tools needed for Online Business

The Best Analytics Tools for Your Online Business

Every online business obviously relies on website of some sort to be able to sell its products or services on the Internet. However, not all websites can boast well-developed software, which covers all aspects of online marketing rendering them more successful than others.

There are several important tools, which although not fundamental to the functioning of a website, as far as sales are concerned, make a great difference in how effectively a business can market their products or services.

Amongst the winning options are analytics tools. These are an essential part of the success of your online business; for understanding what works for your business and what does not, will provide you with a valuable advantage over your competitors.

As a business your aim is to waste the least possible time and money in order to invest it on other more important aspects of your business. Analytics tools provide valuable information about users visiting your website and can help you avoid advertising or marketing in the wrong direction.

By using analytics tools you can test your new products, ideas or services and gather data as to how customers react to these, by keeping track of their actions within your website and how they browse through the web pages and for how long.

If you want your online business to be a step above the others, you need to track and test your website, in order to drive more traffic and potential customers to your business. You can use analytics tools to find out the geographical location of those browsing through your website, which pages they spend more time on, which links they click on and also which tabs and boxes users prefer.

Google Analytics is probably one of the most popular web analytics applications, as it has been greatly developed and enhanced, as well as being easy to use and follow. One of its best assets is the simplicity of its application, in addition to its advanced options that attract the more professional marketing strategists.

It is also fundamental to know how your online business is ranking and how, as a website owner you can optimize your website and drive traffic and potential customers through search engine optimization; this is why it is paramount to analyze your web pages in detail.

The following are a few of the most useful analytics tools you can use to boost your online business sales.

Woodyard has been deemed as a tough competitor to Google Analytics, as it offers the most comprehensive options for website analysis, in addition to an extensive website analysis package.

Chicky is highly rated amongst the most useful tools for online businesses, as it provides a vast array of features, with the added asset of being amongst the few analytics tools that can be used directly from an iPhone.

Trace Watch allows you to keep close track of all those who enter your website, providing you with instant detailed statistics, as well as being easy to install. This analytics tools uses an avant-grade user platform, which will supply valuable data helping you develop your online business website to make it more effective.

Piwiki analytics tools offer a complete range of features that are needed for an optimized analysis application, with the advantage of featuring plug-ins. This option allows website owners to choose which features they wish to include in the website, avoiding an overload of data, which is not always relevant to each individual website.

The above are just a few valuable analytics tools you can exploit to enhance your online business, although there are many other good ones, each providing essential data for the success of your website.

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    Really useful website analysis tools, though I generally statcounter for my website apart from Google analytics. Statcounter is also cool analytics tools with real time information.

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    A web designer friend of mine mentioned Piwik to me – he said he’s just not comfortable using Google for this sort of thing i.e giving them too much info.

  3. Soeren says

    Hi just wondering, Woodyard cant find it on google or bing for that matter, so can you pleas point me in the right direction.