How to Deal with Disgruntled Customers via Social Media

You are righteous and treat your employees and customers like Angels from heaven. That sounds really great but despite all your best efforts, honesty and hard work, you may bump into some negative feedback that can make your skin crawl in disbelief, but this happens and there is no way you can escape it no matter how hard you may try.

So, the only way out is to confront it head first. Turn this negative feedback into opportunity to get cozy with the targeted audience though there are some hard work involved but believe me, the outcome will be just awesome.

Listen to what people are saying about your company

You need find out what other people are saying about your company. Now since the world we are living in is not perfect, you may find that people are talking foul about your company even when the fault is not yours.

You need to set Google Alerts with the name of your company and you will have automated mail to your mail box whenever there is any mention about your company. Keep a hawk eye on your Facebook page, as you never know when a disgruntled customer will blurt out something bad against your company.

disgruntled customers

Is it worthy of a response?

It is not good for a big corporate organization to get involved in an open fight whenever someone posts something against it. If someone posted something in a small forum, you should not pick up a fight. This is not going to do any good to you and your brand image.

It can draw undue attention that could easily be averted.  Sometimes, if you happen to find a hot headed, my humble suggestion is to avoid them or ignore them at their best because it is not good to argue with reasons. They are not going to listen to your theories; they’re more interested in making you buy theirs.

Don’t put it on hold

Once you spot a negative feedback, you need to act decisively and proactively. Do not waste a minute because things will start getting out of your hand as the time passes and the person may get more angry and frustrated. At least, give them the understanding that you are looking into the matter, even when you are not.

Be a Human

You should not act or react like a dumb head or headless corporate honchos. You should feel the pain of the person who is complaining about your company and therefore, you need to approach with empathy.

Use your real name and show him that you are really sorry for whatever the cause may be. It is easy to shout against a company but when an official with that company interrupts, everything changes. Start something with this, like – This is Mathew from Company name and you will see dramatic difference in the circumstances.

Offer a public apology

If you see that you are responsible for the problem caused, you should come up with  a strong public apology. It will earn you respect from people around you rather than letting things go out of your hand. Come clean on whatever you have done and you will have a better world to live in, believe me.

Offer a good will gesture

If you have apologized, it is time to make up for the loss of reputation. You have to turn the tide against your side by offering something back that will make the person say some good things about your company, or make a U turn from his former position.

No fighting please…

As mentioned, it is bad idea to get into a fight with someone you barely know. It is quite common for people to say bad things but you should not go on the offensive side and start abusing the person or attack him headlong. Listen to what they are saying and then try to reason with them. Don’t be emotional and be your own critic and you will have a better world to live in…

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