3 Reasons Why I Removed AdSense From My Blog

Everyone loves making money with Google AdSense, I do too I won’t lie. It is no doubt one of the most widely used methods of blog monetization for many bloggers and webmasters. For the last 12 months or so AdSense has been paying me around $70 to $100 a month in revenue and increasing very little each month, and whilst many people might think that is pretty low income, I really don’t think it is low, that’s potentially $800+ a year, enough to pay for my holiday… So why have I removed AdSense from my blog?

why I removed adsense

Here are my reasons…

First Reason – The first and foremost reason is that when I began blogging here at Magnet4Marketing some two years ago, I made the crazy mistake of adding AdSense code to each and every single one of my blog post instead of using a dedicated plugin. I added AdSense to top and bottom of every post manually… that was a crazy thing to do.

Whilst I’m now removing AdSense slowly I’d like to introduce it back to the blog later on in the year using a dedicated WP plugin, but before I do I have to remove AdSense to some 600 posts manually. If anyone has a recommendation for a good AdSense WP plugin, leave me a comment below.

Second Reason – I wanted to see if AdSense was in anyway affecting my affiliate earnings. Before I added AdSense the blog was making a steady amount of income from affiliate marketing, this income over the years have decreased, so by not having AdSense present on this blog, I will check to see if affiliate earnings increase.

I’d much prefer to have a visitor click on an affiliate link that they find useful and relevant and make a purchase from it, in which I can earn a good commission from, rather than them to click out on an AdSense ad link and I end up getting paid a few measly cents for it. Again let me know your own thoughts on this…

Third Reason – The third reason as to why I’m removing AdSense from my blog is because I wanted to give YOU, my readers a break from seeing AdSense ads, and instead having content to greet you when you land on a page or post. I’ve always believed that displaying content first, then ads secondly is the best method, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one too.

So those are the reasons as to why I removed or removing AdSense from the blog. I’m hoping that over the next few months as traffic increases slowly and we continue to add great content to the blog, affiliate earnings will increase, and perhaps I won’t need to use AdSense again, or I may just ad a single AdSense block at the top of each page.

What are your thoughts?

Are you using AdSense on your blog? How is your income from AdSense looking? Do you think you might make more money from affiliate marketing if AdSense wasn’t present on your blog? Share with me your thoughts and reactions below as always.

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  1. Paul Sylvester says:

    If your using wordless you could always to a SQL search and replace and easily remove that code in question!

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    Adsense was a good additional income for the blog, we’ll test the water without it for a while :)

  3. afandi says:

    If you make more money from affiliate marketing than Adsense, then removing Adsense from your blog does not affect you much unless you build another website that is only focus on Adsense itself. Adsense is a program that has the potential and proven to make money from it.
    afandi recently posted..Keyword ToolMy Profile

    • Thanks Afandi, I’ll just have to wait and see over the next few months if affiliate earnings increase. I’d like to bring back adsense in the near future if no as the $70 to $100 per month still is a decent additional income.

  4. I am waiting for the post in which you post the results.
    Divas Chitkara recently posted..12 Best Firefox Plugins for a Better Internet Surfing ExperienceMy Profile

  5. Tina says:

    Adsense might be canibalizing your affiliate earnings and I think that for the traffic you have your Adsense earnings are kind of low but it is much harder to make somebody purchase something that make them click on a link. But you are right, you need to try.
    As for a good WP plugin, I am also curious to see if there is any that allows to place ads intext and have them wrapped, not post them as separate paragraphs. If you place ads in the sidebar, header, or footer, you can do without a plugin, just post the code in the respective area.
    Tina recently posted..Top 5 Advantages of Online EducationMy Profile

  6. Aasma says:

    I haven’t used Google Adsense, but heard quite a lot and certainly it’s one of the most used option for monetizing any blog.
    Aasma recently posted..ecommerce Website Design Development Services India | Rancor InfotechMy Profile

  7. Tim says:

    This is always an interesting debate. I use affiliate links on some posts that are kind of dedicated to selling while I use Adsense on purely informational posts.

    I don’t really have any data but I kind of like it that way.

    Thanks for the post.
    Tim recently posted..Benefits of Massage – Omaha Massage and SpaMy Profile

  8. Durie says:

    I have never used Google Adsense I know of it and have been considering using it on a blog site I am setting up. After reading your article I am going to think twice. Thanks for sharing love it as a newbie it goes a long way in my research :-) .

  9. Shifna says:

    Thanks for your post. I am following only Adsense now. I haven’t think about any other ways like affiliate marketing etc…

    please keep doing the good work

  10. Mario M. says:

    Hey Fabrizio! It seems like you’re gonna receive many comments from me on your blog, because I’m lovin’ it :) Hahah! I was shocked to hear that you put the Adsense codes manually! Jeez! As you wanted a recommendation – you can use Wp-Insert. It’s a great plugin letting you put links in articles, wherever you want i.e. top, middle, bottom etc. Be ready to get many many comments from a ‘gonna-be’ regular visitor on your site :D
    Mario M. recently posted..The Coolest Blog Commenting Plugin For WordPress!My Profile

    • Thanks Mario, yeah it’s been a real challenge to remove them all. I’m still at it now and have around 480 posts to get through :( but I will look into WP insert, sound like just the job mate. Oh by the way welcome to the blog :)

  11. Hi Fabrizio, excellent post, I was planning on creating a blog to create an AdSense revenue as I hear many people use it and earn revenue so I am surprised to hear that you are planning to take it off. I understand your thoughts on it jeopardizing other affiliate commissions so I look forward to reading about your results. May I ask, as I am knew to AdSense, how many monthly visitors are needed to generate $100 a month? I know it is rude to ask, maybe you would prefer to answer by email if you decide to.


    • Hi SI welcome to the blog mate, I’m removing AdSense for now though plan to bring it back in a few months time using a dedicated plugin. In response to your question that is interesting, but I really think it depends on several factors such as ad placements, niche etc. I was generating around $70 to $100 a month on 17k visitors a month, my AdSense and traffic earnings are usually revealed in my monthly income reports, and Mays report will go live on the 2nd :)

  12. sanjay says:

    Adsense is one of my top passive income, if affiliate is more profitable then I’ll remove that too. Will wait for your result and see how it goes :)
    sanjay recently posted..How to Create a App Website in PhotoshopMy Profile

  13. sanjay says:

    Just wanted you to know, I found a plugin that suits your needs. http://is.gd/m7xMtO
    sanjay recently posted..How to Create a App Website in PhotoshopMy Profile

  14. Zeeshan says:

    Fabrizio you did the same mistake which i do intially in my blogging career but thanks to my friend soon he told about adinjection plugin and after that i am using this plugin.
    Zeeshan recently posted..How to Launch a Profitable Weight Loss Business and Make MoneyMy Profile

  15. So have your affiliate income increased after not putting Adsense on the blog?
    saad naeem @ seoallrounder recently posted..How to Build а Landing Page That Will ConvertMy Profile

  16. Adina says:

    I had been thinking of installing the adsense plugin for my blog for a while, when I just found your article. Now I actually don’t know what to do. Honestly, I1m a newbie to blogging, actually I’ve just started my first blog, so I really need all the useful advices and tips. Thanks for this one, I think I should wait with that installation!
    Adina recently posted..Eines Tages befand ich mich im Wechselalter…My Profile

  17. ecogreen4us says:

    I am still adding adsense using shortcode manually. None of the plugins work perfectly.
    ecogreen4us recently posted..What is a Green Computer?My Profile

  18. Pooja Arora says:

    I was thinking to adsense on my blog but when i went through your post then i decided that not to go for Adsense on my blog.
    Pooja Arora recently posted..Here’s Tips on How to Improve your own LinkedIn Password Right after Today’s Security InfringementMy Profile

    • I don’t want people to get put off from AdSense, it pays that’s for sure. I think it’s important to understand that if you’re trying to make money through affiliate marketing and other means that maybe AdSense is not the one method to use. Best of luck.

  19. sai krishna says:

    Quick Adsense plugin good for adsense monetization , Anyway now your blog is adsense free for readers :)
    sai krishna recently posted..Nikon Coolpix L310 Long Zoom Camera Review,Price,DealsMy Profile

  20. Missy says:

    I agree. If your main goal is affiliate marketing, then Adsense will only take away from that. Many of the top “gurus” are always advising against Adsense on a blog that is an affiliate blog. So I think you made the right decision.

    Let us know, keep us in the loop with an update in a few months.

    Missy recently posted..100 Blogs To Visit Before You DieMy Profile

  21. I saw my plugin Wp-Insert being mentioned in the comments a couple of times. I just wanted to give you a heads up about the upcoming version Wp-Insert 2.0. I very much appreciate feedback anf any help with beta testing. You can download the release candidate from : http://www.wp-insert.smartlogix.co.in/wp-insert-2-0-alpha/

    Looking forward to you feedback

  22. I just removed Adsense from my site and am hoping that perhaps it helps with the large dip in traffic I recently suffered at the hands of Panda, Penguin or some other P-named animal. I was only making about $4 a day with Google anyway and I want to see how much my income improves by using another ad site like Glam Media.
    Melissa Cleaver recently posted..My BlogHer ’12 Chronicles: A Newbie’s Perspective ~ Volume IMy Profile

  23. I am working to increase traffic on my site and considered removing adsense in the interim. Affiliate marketing is more important to me than adsense and of course gaining more clients. I am interested in the results of your project. I would love to have the traffic of Melissa Cleavers for Glam Media approval. :-)
    Shonda Gibson recently posted..Five Family Holiday Accommodation IdeasMy Profile

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