4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Paying your Guest Writers

As we all know guest posting is one of the best ways to do content marketing, build quality backlinks and build online presence. Whether you’re a niche business with an online presence looking to promote your business, or a blogger looking to spread your authority further online, you can benefit from guest posting in many ways.

Content is the life blood of any blog, the more high quality content you are able to add to your blog the better. One of the best ways to ensure you’re adding great content to your blog is by allowing for guest writing.

pay your guest writers

Unfortunately however many blog’s that accept guest writers run the risk of publishing a lot of content that is of poor quality and sometimes irrelevant, which brings us back to our recent post about accepting guest writers on your blog.

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There is one way however that you can ensure that your blog receives the utmost top quality, unique and relevant content from guest writers, and that’s by paying your guest writers to write great content for you.

What? Pay them… but…

I know what you’re thinking; you really can’t afford to pay your guest writers. Well you don’t have to go all out to begin with. Start introducing it slowly… If you can pay for just one or two good posts per month, it’s a good start. Paying guest writers though requires a lot more aggressiveness in terms of what you expect from authors and the guidelines you set, without of course being prejudice.

You of course can’t possibly accept every post that is pitched to you for paid guest writing, and so you’ll have to be honest with your authors, especially if you have a budget. If you think it isn’t worth paying $30 or $40 for a guest article then don’t accept it. Simply let the author know or ask them to make any changes required before consideration. Or if you meet your monthly criteria then let them also know that their post will be published the following month.

Another tip is, If you’ve published a couple of posts from a paid writer and you’re seeing very little interest being presented to those particular posts, then also consider the next articles they submit very carefully.

Your paid to write services that you offer writers should be to gain you the very best content for the price you’re willing to pay them.

Ok, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider paying your guest writers.

Better Content Quality, Relevancy

As we mentioned above briefly that paying guest writers to contribute to your blog means that you will be expecting to publish much higher quality content than normal. Content that is laser targeted in relevancy for your audience. Since the approval process for paid guest posting will be much tougher, your writers will be encouraged to push out their best content to help them get approved much quicker above the rest.

Rewarding for your Top Writers

It is also rewarding for your top writers knowing that they’re getting paid a decent stream of income for putting out their best work.  It gives freelance writers in particular a unique opportunity to get paid for doing what they enjoy doing and that’s to create great content.

Having a paid guest article approved is a huge confident and motivation booster for any blogger; it will encourage them to create more great content for your blog in the future.

Helps to Increase your Blog’s Authority and Credibility

Of course as you begin to add more top level content in whatever niche you blog in, you have a greater chance of increasing the authority of your blog also. Readers will come flocking realizing that your blog offers something unique that other blog’s don’t. All thanks to you paying your top writers to create the very best content for your readership.

Help you to Build Stronger Relationships with your Writers

Finally and one of the most important benefits of paying your guest writers for writing on your blog, and that it will help you to develop stronger relationships with them. Many guest writers come and go; I call them ‘one hit wonders’. They create a post and disappear without a trace, they don’t even come back to reply to comments in some instances. Paying your writers means that you get to build solid, stronger, longer lasting relationships with them.

What do you think?

So what do you think about paying one or two of your top level guest writers for their work? Or perhaps you do already! Let me know your thoughts and reactions in the comment section below.

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  1. I agree to the point that paying top contributors can significantly reduce the rate of one-off guest posts in general, as other wannabe authors will strive to become regulars too. The entire editorial process becomes more streamlined. But consequently we should not reject the one time contributors if they bring content of good value. Adding an extra incentive would be good, but with no restrictions for those who don’t fit in the top cathegory :)
    Laura recently posted…White Label Forms & SurveysMy Profile

    • Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by and commenting :) I completely agree of course we shouldn’t reject one time contributors, they do provide great content, but it would be nice if some of them actually came back to answer some of the questions and concerns that readers have left. Have a great day :)

  2. Hi Fabrizio,
    If I have enough budget for it, I would like to do that. Now, I am on the way to earn more from my blog for investment purposes. One investment for future blogging experience is “pay my guest writers”.

    Okto recently posted…6 Online Business Advantages You Can Get if You Leave Comment on Other BlogMy Profile

    • You’re right Okto, having a budget is important for paying guest writers, it’s not cheap by all means and you want to pay the best writers for their best work. Best of luck for the future, hope to see you again here, have a great day ;)

  3. Interesting post. While guest blogging can benefit the guest author in many ways (building a name, etc), I don’t see any harm in giving them monetary rewards, and in fact, as you’ve pointed out, may even motivate them to improve the quality of their articles.

  4. If the revenue from your website is enough to pay guest writers in order not for you to produce the content yourself then by all means do it – But if your revenue is going to suffer because you have to pay guest writers then I don’t think it’s a wise choice to make. It’s all about Business and maintaining a good enough profit to keep the Business and the employees running. Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t.

    • I agree with you Anton, like I said understandably not everyone will be able to justify paying their guest writers, and your scenario explains one of the reasons well. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Thanks for this interesting, useful and inspirational article, it is actually very helpful for me because I had been thinking about to grow my business and hire some bloggers to write posts for me for a while, when I came to your blog.
    Sonia recently posted…Eine Wochenende in AmsterdamMy Profile

  6. I think the advantages of paying guest writer is a quality of article and a new fresh
    content we could offer to visitors.

  7. Hi Fabrizio,
    I first time visited this website and found your post very interesting to read. The headline make me curious to read the content and yes! you are right, paying guest writers will effect content quality and I found it a genius way to make quality post and quality traffic. Paying or rewarding guest writers is a best way to have nice, stronger, longer lasting relationships with them.
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted…BobyBuilding.Com Review and Coupon CodesMy Profile

  8. I don’t think its a good idea to pay all the guest authors. But we can consider Top contributors. Nice post Fabrizio.
    Divas Chitkara recently posted…How to Recover Deleted Data from Lost Disk Partitions on Windows?My Profile

  9. Hi Fabrizio. Indeed you have shown us the real scenario of the paying the quality content writers ! In fact , if we pay and admire the good writers for their hard work, this will make them feel special and they will work hard to make their next piece of content more awesome!

    But I have one question: In this online world I have seen many guest writers running behind the top blogs for publishing their post over the blogs, and in return the guest writers get the traffic fetch to their own blog and some authority value also! so in that case do we really need to pay the guest writer by money?

    • Hi Adrian thanks for your comment. Interesting question, I don’t think it’s essential for everyone to pay their guest writers, in my mind all guest posts that are good enough for publishing is worth paying, assuming one could afford it of course. But I do think that there are a lot of great freelance writers out there that want to be paid for doing what they do best, regardless whether they’re providing value to a blog and getting backlinks, authority and traffic. It’s a great feeling to have to be able to pay one or two writers each month for doing what they want to be paid for.

  10. The payment is just to compensate for the effort the guest writer has exerted to make a post that is likely to send traffic to your site. This is a good deal for me.
    Keith recently posted…disneyland discountsMy Profile

  11. I really appreciate your blog for paying Guest Bloggers …and that too an amount in 2 digits! I guess once a blog is famous and gets a few hundred unique visits everyday, paying for guest posts would be appropriate, what do you think Fab?
    Mario M. recently posted…The Coolest Blog Commenting Plugin For WordPress!My Profile

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