How to Make Money with YouTube

You can make money online these days using most popular social and eCommerce platforms, eBay, Amazon, selling tweets on Twitter, mentions on Facebook, you can sell art and crafty things on Etsy; you can also make money with YouTube. Want to know how? Stick around and you’ll find out, as today we’re going to look at some simple ways to make money with YouTube.

Effectively there are two common ways to make money with YouTube, using AdSense and reviewing products as an Amazon affiliate or affiliate video marketing in general.

Before you can begin to make money with YouTube though you’ll need to have a channel and ideally some original videos… like you really didn’t know that.

So, the first step if you don’t already have a YouTube account is to create one, and then create about a dozen quality and useful videos.

Make Money with YouTube

Building an Audience

To successfully make money with YouTube, you’ll need to be creating and uploading original videos on a regular basis, and driving lots of traffic or views to those videos. To get lots of hit’s you’ll need an audience; your audience can also be viewed as channel subscribers. We have an awesome post on how to promote your YouTube channel here:

45 Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

Create Useful Videos

As we mentioned earlier, you need to create useful videos and consistently. I’ve found the best ways to do this is to create videos that you’re interested in creating i.e. like in blogging you need to have a passion. For example, if your passion is surfing, then create and upload surfing related videos.

One of the best ways to help you decide what kind of videos to create is to have a browse on YouTube yourself. See what’s popular and what others are doing in your area of interest, are they getting tons of hits with their videos? Are there areas where they’ve missed the boat completely and where you have an opportunity to share something new and fresh? Do some research…

Remember to create video content that is 100% unique and yours. So no copyrighted music, images or any other copyrighted material should be used in your videos. This is especially important if you want to apply to participate in YouTube Partner program.

Once you have a few videos on your channel you’ll soon be able to see what your viewers are interested in viewing by analyzing your channel stats. This will help you create more useful and needful video content.

Create and Upload Videos Regularly

We also mentioned this earlier, just like having a blogging frequency, being consistent is essential, so ensure you create video content for your channel and for your subscribers frequently. Have an upload calendar, decide how many video reviews, video blogs and how to videos you want to create each week.

Monetizing using Google AdSense

We mentioned that there were two common ways to make money with YouTube, the first is with AdSense. To make money with your YouTube channel using Google AdSense you’ll need to sign up to YouTube’s Partner program and have an AdSense account. There are some minimum requirements and application approval isn’t exactly instant for neither, but once you’ve been accepted you can start monetizing your videos with immediate effect.

Promoting Affiliate Products

One of my favorite ways to make money with YouTube is by promoting affiliate products and services. If you’re an affiliate such as an Amazon Associate member YouTube is the perfect tool, because you can create a whole wad of video reviews, and how to videos and add your affiliate link in the video description.

One of the best ways to succeed at making money with affiliate video marketing is by promoting niche products related to your area of interest. For example, if you blog about technology and you have a YouTube channel, create videos promoting technology related products, i.e. Smartphone’s, tablet computers, computing and peripherals.

We have a really cool post for you to read with some great tips and ideas on how to create the best video product reviews on YouTube, you can check it out here.

How to Create the Best Video Product Reviews on YouTube

Get YouTubing…

So we mentioned creating quality videos is important, being consistent is important, promoting the right products and services that interest you is important. The other vital ingredient is being a regular YouTuber; which involves interacting with the community, your subscribers, leaving video responses on other related videos, joining groups, promoting via social media etc.

To make money with YouTube takes time and a little hard work, like anything that involves making money online, but the rewards can be overwhelming, the best of luck to you.

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    I’ve been active on YouTube for a long time and regularly update my channel with new videos. Unfortunately, I have yet to hit that critical mass of viewers needed to take part in Google AdSense and start generating an income from my videos. Oh well… I have fun doing it, and that’s what counts in the end!

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    I got real surprised the other day, when I logged in to Youtube and saw a message that I could apply for a partner channel program. The ting is that I had not uploaded any videos at all. I have had adsense and a passive Youtube account for many years, ant this might be the reason. Anyway I have started a channel featuring unsigned heavy metal bands that gives me approval to promote their songs and videos..

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    Great Article. The bottom line of making money on youtube is having high quality videos in high quantity. It really doesn’t matter what monetization platform you use