My Monthly Traffic & Income Report for April 2012

Traffic and income report for April 2012 - Where has the last 4 weeks disappeared to? And what an immensely busy, busy month it’s been for us as I’m sure it’s been for you too. I’ve personally really struggled to find time to blog in April because of commitments with my other online businesses. On top of that we had the Internet World Expo in London and then I fell ill for almost a week.

Anyhow the show must go one and of course it’s time for yet another exciting traffic and income report for April 2012.

Once again if you’ve just stumbled on this report and probably wondering why on earth I am revealing information about my blog traffic and income generated online? Here are a few reasons.


  1. Firstly, I share my reports to help inspire and motivate other bloggers and other individuals wanting to start a business working from home, whether it’s from blogging or running an online shop or selling on eBay or Amazon… I share my reports to help others understand the shear amount of work that is involved in building any kind of profitable online business venture.
  2. Secondly, I share my reports, for me to be able to look back and see what has worked and what hasn’t worked over the last month or so, and to make changes where and when needed.

Quick Mentions and Announcements –

I’m sure you’re itching to scroll down and view the statistics but I just want to quickly share a few shout outs and mentions before we get started.

I’ve already thanked Ifham Khan for designing our new logo but I want to thank him again. We love the new design and would recommend any blogger looking to have a more professional looking and personal logo for their blog to get in touch with Ifham.

Secondly thank you to Maria Magher and Shadab Mahbud for their paid guest posts and everyone else who submitted guest posts in April, you guys bring so much value to the blog, so thank you.

I am away on holiday from the 17th May to 25th of May so I won’t be publishing many posts during that week. Hopefully I’ll have some cool guest posts for you though…


As I said April has been one heck of a busy month, especially with my online art business, so blogging has taken somewhat of a backseat spot.

Samantha and I both enjoyed Internet World Expo 2012 very much, and we both learned a great deal from marketing, SEO, affiliate and advertising companies, guru’s and experts alike. What was great to see were, so many people of all ages and from all walks of life, involved in doing business online.

Ok let’s get down to the statistics and we’ll start with April’s traffic report. As you may know we were hit by Google’s relentless updates in April, and as a result we lost quite a bit of traffic.

Traffic Report for April 2012 –

Visits 11,474 (29.05% down on last month)
Unique Visits 9,670 (30.94% down on last month)
18,080 (26.97% down on last month)

However the time on site was up by 9.63% and bounce rate was down 2.85% which was pleasing to see, but a 30% decrease in traffic was a painful kick in the backside.

We have started to see a recovery from the 30th March, which is continuing to happen as I write this report. But we’ve also been working until the early hours of the morning to make the blog more Google friendly. Here are some of the things we’ve done and we’re still doing.

1. We deleted over 100 posts; many of them were thin in content, the information was somewhat expired, poorly written and also under-performing. We’re still working on this throughout May.

2. We also rewrote and improved many posts that were getting good traffic but had high bounce rates; our high bounce rate is an issue as time on site is good but bounce rate is high. This was simple to identify as these posts gave users no other option but to exit out. So we are creating in-links to other relevant content and other resources for users.

3. After an long chat on Facebook with Amit Shaw from, We finally decided to ditch Google AdSense as it was making measly monthly earnings ($70-$100 a month), and we believe that it is also affecting affiliate earnings. We may reintroduce AdSense again in 12 months time or so.

If you still see AdSense on the blog it is because I am still removing them on a daily basis, yep… I made the stupid novice mistake of adding AdSense code to each individual post, so grill me if you need to… When we reintroduce it I’m sure we’ll use a plugin to do display ads.

4. We’re also working on making affiliate links friendlier looking using a cool plugin called Pretty Link for WordPress.

There are a bunch of other things we’re also working on; improving site loading time is one of them and generally optimizing the blog to work more efficiently.

I really want to get the blog fully optimized before looking at ways to promote the site further.

So let’s hope for an even better recovery throughout April right? If you’ve been affected by Google updates please do share with us below how you’ve been affected and what you’ve been doing to fix things.

Here are some screen shots of traffic stats for April –

income report for april 2012

income report for april 2012

income report for april 2012

Income Report for April 2012 -

Disclosure – Please note that some of the links below are in fact affiliate links that will earn me a small commission, if you make a purchase using them. If you do, thanks so much and I’d love to hear your own feedback on using any of the products I’ve recommended on this page or perhaps another page on the blog. If you’d like more information on any of the products which I promote on the blog, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout out on Twitter or Facebook or even send me an email at [email protected]

So, what about the income for April? Let’s take a look. The income report here is taken not just from the blog, but from doing business or making money online generally, whether it’s selling on Amazon or eBay, using other websites etc.


eBay Sales – $1,300.00
Website Sales $373.40

Affiliate Marketing / Blog

iPhone Dev Secrets – $106.72 blog /
Genesis Theme Framework – $6.55

Contextual Advertising

Google AdSense – $32.66
Infolinks – $3.70

Gross Total Income – $1,823.03
(Akismet, HelloBar, Web Hosting, BlogVault Backup, Giveaway Prizes, Moonfruit Sitemaker, paid guest posts, Hotel & dining for Internet World Expo 2012, materials and shipping – $914.96

Net Total Income – $908.07

So we have another uneven earnings report for the month of April where eBay and my online art website sales dominate my monthly income, which by the way I’m not complaining about as I love to make money online doing what I love.

Although I’ve been promoting Genesis quite a bit over the recent months, I’m still yet to see any real earnings from it. Google AdSense is the lowest it’s been for months, but that’s only because we’re in the process of removing the ad codes from posts.

Expenses were very high for the month of April, the hotel in London was $190 per night and there are a couple of new subscription services on the list, BlogVault is one of them, but it’s a requirement. I didn’t quite reach my target of $3,000 in April and I know May will be an even quieter month due to absence.

Anyways, that’s all I have for you in this month’s report, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and it has inspired you in someway to make money online too, here’s to hoping that you all have a successful month in May, until next month happy blogging, happy online marketing.

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  1. saad naeem says:

    great report ! traffic might be down as google came up with a penguin update , and its effecting lot of users , but my site has recovered after one month penalty for being down for 4days :)

    you know i was gonna quit blogging , but then google give surprises.

    • Hey Saad, thanks for dropping by mate, yeah me too, I mean I wasn’t going to quit, but we did get affected by Google updates. But the start of May we’ve recovered quickly and gained a whole new amount of traffic as well in the process, touching close to 800 visits a day this week, so it’s great news. Keep up the blogging mate don’t give up, what are you doing to promote your blog?

  2. Tina says:

    Penguin is one blow, another blow might be due to seasonal factors. I’ve noticed that many sites that do well in autumn/winter drop in terms of traffic a lot in spring/summer and there isn’t much you can do. It’s hard to compare years because last year it was Panda, now it’s Penguin but is your blog experiences seasonal fluctuations, this is more than normal.
    Tina recently posted..Top 5 Advantages of Online EducationMy Profile


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