87 Blogging Tips to Help You Become a Better Blogger

Blogging demands our attention almost in every area possible, sometimes there are simply too many things to think about doing in blogging, that we don’t always remember what to do next. More often than not, becoming more organized helps.

…Or if you’re a complete newbie; you’re probably asking yourself how can I become a better blogger? Well I hope the 87 top Blogging tips here will help answer that question for you and get you revved up and ready to go… or at least inspire you to plan what comes next. The list is in no particular order and will be updated frequently… (Please note that one or two links here are affiliate links).

Blogging Tips to Become a Better Blogger

When you are starting out with your blog –

  1. Use a Reputable Blogging Platform like WordPress
  2. Use a reliable hosting service provider like BlueHost or HostGator
  3. Use a WordPress framework like Genesis
  4. Install WP Super Cache plugin
  5. Install WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin
  6. Install the nRelate plugin for WordPress to promote related content on your blog
  7. Create a feed for your blog in Feedburner
  8. Use a reputable email service provider like MailChimp
  9. Use custom permalinks structure
  10. Create and use your own Favicon for your blog
  11. Use Akismet premium service
  12. Use a well coded WordPress theme, like the ones over at StudioPress
  13. Install Google Analytics into your Blog

Making connections –

  1. Create a Facebook page and engage with your fans frequently
  2. Join blogging groups on Facebook
  3. Create a Google Plus business page and engage the same way
  4. Get on LinkedIn
  5. Create a YouTube Channel and create videos for your blog
  6. Get on Digg and Stumbleupon
  7. Create a Flickr account, to host your blog images on
  8. Get on Pinterest to share images from your blog
  9. Build an email list, to sell your products and promote your content to
  10. Create a Twitter account and tweet your content frequently
  11. Join blogging network sites such as BlogEngage, Biz Sugar, Bloggers.com

When you blog –

  1. Create killer blog titles that will grab readers attention
  2. Create killer blog sub-titles
  3. Reveal what your post is about in the first paragraph, don’t make your readers wait…
  4. Create useful, resourceful and shareable content
  5. Be consistent in everything, writing, commenting, marketing etc.
  6. Check for spelling, grammatical errors
  7. Break your content up to make it more readable
  8. Create in-links to other related content on your blog, but don’t go mad
  9. Use optimized images, adjust size before uploading, use tags etc
  10. Use other content related video media from YouTube
  11. Get your readers involved in your content, ask questions etc
  12. Keep tags to a minimum
  13. Use correct categories
  14. Avoid using too many ads (including text-link ads) in your posts
  15. Reply to comments in timely fashion, don’t ignore them
  16. Don’t approve every comment you see on your blog, approve only relevant comments
  17. Be yourself, have a sense of humor and don’t take things too seriously in your posts
  18. Create an editorial calendar
  19. Get a white board and organize your blogging routine
  20. Actually have a blogging routine
  21. Be passionate in your writing
  22. Invite guest writers to write on your blog
  23. Keep to the direction of your blog’s topic, if you blog about photography, don’t write posts about how to cut a pineapple or how to clean your toilet using flour and egg… I think you get my point.
  24. Use Google Analytics to help you create fresh content people want to read on your blog

When promoting your blog –

  1. Pay attention to on-page SEO
  2. Pay attention to off-page SEO
  3. Guest post like your life depends on it
  4. Build natural backlinks to your blog and avoid buying links or joining shady link exchange programs like the plague, in fact avoid any link exchange programs
  5. Add variety to your anchor-text links, don’t use your primary keyword excessively to link to your site
  6. Comment on other niche related blogs
  7. Join niche related community forums
  8. Do article marketing on web 2.0 property sites
  9. Do offline marketing, press releases and advertising
  10. Create a podcast for your blog using Spreaker
  11. Create videos and upload them to YouTube
  12. Host contests and giveaways on your blog
  13. Download our blog traffic tips eBook for more blog traffic and promotion tips…
  14. Avoid controversial posts if you can, it will only get you into crap and as a result you’ll lose respect in the blogosphere, it’s an old school marketing technique which frankly not too many people give a sh1t about.
  15. Join blogging networks such as Blokube and BizSugar (Business blogs)

When you monetize your blog –

  1. Use Google AdSense the ethical way, and don’t go mad
  2. Don’t overcrowd ads above the fold of your blog put content first where and when you can
  3. Join Amazon affiliate program
  4. Signup to ClickBank but be careful with what you promote
  5. Install the EasyAzon Amazon plugin for WordPress
  6. Only promote products related to your blog’s niche
  7. Don’t use hard-selling tactics on your blog, you’re not a used car salesman
  8. Use email to promote products that you believe your readers will be genuinely interested in buying
  9. Don’t over monetize
  10. If you’ve only been blogging for less than six months, don’t monetize at all…
  11. Create your own product to sell on your blog, such as an eBook, WordPress theme or premium plugin
  12. Try out products yourself before promoting them on your blog

When maintaining your blog –

  1. Use the Clean Options plugin to get rid of orphaned files and clean up your database
  2. Use Better Delete Post Revisions plugin to remove unwanted post revisions
  3. Empty trash folder regularly
  4. Empty spam folder frequently
  5. Install WP-Optimize plugin for WordPress, which will take care of most of the duties above.

When adding security to your blog –

  1. Use Limited Login Attempts plugin to monitor and limit the number of excessive IP login attempts being made to your dashboard
  2. Use a reliable backup service for your blog, with full restoration options such as VaultPress or BlogVault is my favorite
  3. Change the username from default admin to a more secure username
  4. Choose a secure password
  5. Ensure your computer is running the latest version of internet security
  6. Use a reliable web host service provider
  7. Block unwanted IP’s

Well that’s all I can think of for now, however as I mentioned at the start I will be updating this list frequently. If you can think of anything else to add to this list please feel free to add them in the comment section below, enjoy.

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