3 Ways Online Video Contests Can Benefit Your Business.

Innovative companies all over the world are using video contests as a marketing technique, with prizes typically given for the top video submissions. It’s a great tactic for both small and large businesses.

A small, independently owned coffee shop might focus on inviting locals to participate in the contest and offer a free cup of coffee each day for a month as a top prize. On the other hand, a large coffee chain would more likely blast the contest nationally and offer a much larger prize, such as a trip, car or cash sum.

Why should you consider hosting a video contest?

1. Video contests get your business or product name out there in a fun way

Video contests invite the public to learn about the business and then take their best shot at promoting it. Companies are often amazed at the creative and humorous entries they receive. In fact, many aspiring film makers seek out video contests as a way to gain experience and build their resume. This means that the larger, more widely-exposed companies often end up with very high-quality videos. Others simply enjoy entering for the entertainment value or the chance to win a prize.

There are several websites that list all the active video contests on the internet:

• Online Video Contests: http://onlinevideocontests.com
• Film The Next: http://www.filmthenext.com
• Zoopa: http://zooppa.com

Getting a contest listed on these sites will greatly increase exposure. Heavily promoting the contest through social media is inexpensive and allows others to quickly and easily spread the word to their friends and followers. The more word gets out about the contest, the more people are hearing about the company hosting it!

2. Video contests bring visitors to your website.

When companies put the video entries on their website, it greatly increases overall traffic. The people who submit videos are going to want their friends and family to see it. If you offer an additional prize for the video that earns the most views or votes, you’ll enjoy even more of a surge in traffic. The competing participants will work hard to bring everyone they know to the website to see their video.

3. Video contests create brand loyalty.

Customers are more likely to use or suggest companies they feel familiar with. Video contests make the public feel included, regardless of whether or not they made a video or just simply watched. When faced with the choice of how to spend their money, consumers will often choose the company they have fond memories of. Hosting a video contest doesn’t take much investment in time or money. If you plan and execute the contest properly, you’ll enjoy viral marketing, increased traffic and better brand loyalty. What’s not to love about that?

About the Author

Sean Rosensteel is the Head of Business Development at Bravo Video, a web-based platform that enables businesses to easily capture video from customers, users and fans – right over the web.

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