Tips on How to Build Solid and Lasting Relationships with other Bloggers

This post looks at ways to use the web to build relationships with other bloggers - What do you need to do to become successful in blogging? Well let’s see now –

  1. You need to be able to find a profitable niche
  2. You need to be able to create high quality content that people will want to read and share
  3. You need to be consistent in every possible way…
  4. You need to have a passion for learning new things…
  5. and I’m sure there are plenty more that you can add to this list … but

One particular area where you don’t often see people talking about much is, being recognized for your skills or being known in the blogosphere, that means having a people’s face… Still not sure what I mean? I’m talking about building solid, long lasting relationships with your readers and other bloggers in the blogosphere.

relationships with other bloggers

Everyone knows who Darren Rowse is because he puts himself everywhere; everyone knows who Pat Flynn is for the absolute same reason. These bloggers are connecting with their audience in every possible way.

Everyone will get to know you not because you hide away safely on your blog’s about page, without as much as a whimper, but because you’re out there making those all important connections. So… in this post I’d like to share with you some top tips for building lasting relationships with other bloggers in the blogosphere.

6 Tips for Building Relationships with other Bloggers

1. Connect through social network chats

The social networking sites are great places to start making new connections. If someone who regularly visits your blog connects with you on Facebook, don’t just ignore them or accept their friend request without further cause… Make use of the chat features in Facebook and starting talking to them. Ask them how they are and what they’re doing. I’ve made some great new friends in the blogosphere chatting with other bloggers on social chats. If Google Plus, Huddle is your thing then use that.

2. Email someone!

One of the things I’ve found quite useful, and this can also encourage your blog commentators to come back to your blog, is to email one of my commentators directly, especially if they’re new to my blog, just to say thanks for stopping by and commenting and that I hope to see them on the blog again soon, and also if I can be of any assistant to them in the future just to give me a shout. Often you’ll get a reply and bam! You’ve made a new connection… Give it a try yourself! – Don’t forget to add your social signatures to your emails too…

3. Get on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to make new connections. Commenting on other YouTube videos and leaving video responses can be very rewarding.

Blog contests are great for bringing people together as you know; you should try and use video to announce your giveaway and also to announce the winners. Put your face to your audience…

One of the things that I love about video is that it gives your audience someone real to relate and connect with. They see who you are what you look like and what your crazy habits are if you have any…

4. Engage on, Blokube and other Blog Network Sites

Blokube is a fantastic network site for bloggers to connect and share content with each other. If you’re not already on board then signup today! You can use the chat feature to chat to other bloggers and build relationships with them. But the possibilities from sites like these are endless and can bring much value to your blog.

5. Give thanks to someone

When I say thank someone I don’t mean just thank them for commenting on your blog, email them and personally thank them for writing a great piece of article or for giving a great podcast presentation or anything else that is worthy of some gratitude, you’d be surprised how often this works and you can quickly make new friends in the blogosphere doing so.

6. Give someone a mention or shout out!

Giving thanks is one thing but giving someone a mention or shout out can also be a great way to make new friends in the blogosphere. Whether you do it in a blog post or podcast or video, give them a shout out.

When Amit Shaw won our last blog contest, I gave him a shout out on the blog, Facebook and Twitter, naturally of course. When Ifham Khan created the most awesome new logo for our blog, we also gave him a mention and shout out on the blog and Facebook… If someone does something great for you, don’t let it go unrecognized, they’ll remember you for your gratitude.

Well folks I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips on how to build relationships with other bloggers. If you have your own tips you want to share which I’m sure you have, please leave them in the comment section below as always.

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  • Prashant Jethwa@Best smartphone

    Building a relation with other bloggers are also good and important in blogging. There are lots of groups are available on facebook. From those groups we can learn many things and also can help to other bloggers.
    Nice article and thanks for sharing. :)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks Preshant, absolutely. Groups in Facebook is a great place to connect with like minded people. Nice addition :)

  • martin

    with first tip: Emails someone.
    I don’t think so anyone reply with that one.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Martin, thanks for stopping by. Why don’t you think anyone would reply? I’ve emailed commentators on my blog before now and I’ve always, well more often than not, striked a conversation with them. I think it’s how you approach the whole situation of how you email someone.


    Great points and tips to be follow Fab…..

    Totally agree with you on this post bro…..
    A visitor can turn into a permanent visitor if we know how to connect and interact with them and treating them well .. for short, Take care of your visitors, and they will take care of you also…..

    Thank you for sharing this interesting and useful tips fab….

    Keep it up…

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Peejay, thanks for stopping by mate and commenting. I’m so pleased you agree with my tips here and I completely agree. Commentators take the time to leave great comments it’s important to acknowledge them, like you say treat them well :)

  • Samantha

    Great tips. Forums are the best place to find readers and make new connections. Talking to people at events and conferences are also very good for building relationships as you well know Fabrizio :)