New Logo Design for Magnet4Marketing

New Logo Design for Magnet4Marketing - Hey folks I’m sure you’ve probably noticed the new Magnet4Marketing logo in the header this week, and that’s thanks to Ifham Khan, a young and energetic graphic designer behind the new logo design.

Magnet4Marketing 2012

Samantha and I have been working with Ifham for the last couple of weeks, tweaking and going through several design ideas before we were finally happy with the final design.

We weren’t really looking to change the blog logo at all anytime soon, it was something that was sitting in the back of my mind for some time to do, but there was no rush to change it immediately. However when Ifham pitched to me with a mock design of a logo he’d created for us, we were quite impressed, so we followed through with the idea of changing the blog log to a more professional looking logo. So thank you Ifham for pitching your ideas to us and well done on the finished article. We should all take a leaf out of Ifham’s book of strategies, don’t wait for business to find you, get out there and get it…

Ifham is a real gent to work with; he provided us with a friendly service and was always willing to go out of his way to change the slightest detail for us; very rare to find these days, especially since we were being extremely picky too.

Ifham has created logos for many other top blogs including BasicBlogTips, and You can view more of Ifham’s work on his online portfolio here. Ifham is also the author of the blog, be sure to check him out when you can.

For now though check out our new blog logo design in all its glory above, and give a big shout out to Ifham Khan in the comments below. Thanks Ifham

Fabrizio Van Marciano & Samantha Wright

  • Amit Shaw

    Really looking cool :)

  • Samantha Wright

    Nice design Ifham, well done and thank you :)

  • Aasma

    I must admit it’s really looking professional and nice design.