How to Use Instagram and Flickr to Promote Your Business

Instagram and Flickr: Photo sharing has become a viable business promotional technique that many online entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to promote their brand and businesses. An image can say a thousand words and when used well, can even attract more potential customers to a business.

Instagram and Flickr are among the most patronized photo sharing app and service that present users with even more customizations that can help them to send the right message with the right photo. For example, I found the filters that come with Instagram really useful as they offer users various ways of customizing the look of their photos; talking about Toaster, Inkwell and 1977. If you are using Instagram, Flickr or both, here are some of the ways they can be used to boost your business.

instagram and flickr

Interact With Followers and Fans in Other Social Media Site

Instagram is seen as the titan of photo sharing app and services and the functionalities of their app and services confirm this, at least for me. While being fast and really smooth to use, it also allows users to link their Instagram profile with other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and FourSquare which is an advantage for businesses.

Personalize Your Photos

I see the whole idea of photo sharing networks as a means of bringing the ‘humanity’ quality to businesses and allowing individuals to express themselves the more. This should be your sole focus while using Instagram for business promotion. Instead of pushing products down the throat of your audience, be creative enough to harmonize uploads which will make them more interesting and fun.

At the end, this is the reason you can grow your audience base. Depending on what your business is all about, you can use Instagram to upload and customize photos that will draw the attention of your audience to your business.
Flickr allows users to share photos, graphics and videos with options for tags and sets. These features made it a hot zone for those who want to make the difference in their business by harnessing multimedia facilities. With Flickr you can share graphics, photos and or videos that are relevant to your business and boost your overall social media marketing strategy. However, to really harness the business-boosting benefits of Flickr, here is a tip you need to observe.

Don’t Ignore the Flickr Community

While attending to all comments left on your business photos, which of course you mustn’t ignore at any cost, it is also necessary that you comment on other photos you like and interact with other Flickr users. This will encourage more activity on your profile and thus create more awareness about your brand or business.

There are also some exiting Flickr groups which allow members to submit photos and videos. Search for a relevant group and request to be a member. If you really appreciate any group or perhaps are getting good response from a particular one, remember to heed their posting rules and other usage terms. I found that several groups on Flickr are not public, hence for business purposes, it is necessary that you truly examine the benefits of joining any group before sending out a request.

Social media sites take a major share of the daily internet traffic, and tapping through such services as provided by various networking and photo sharing sites, has provided many businesses their share of this huge traffic record.

People don’t just mention Instagram and Flickr because they are fun, many businesses are already promoting their businesses with these services, and it is but a question of when you want to grab your own share. Hopefully, these few tips I have provided will help somebody to take the right step with Instagram and Flickr.

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  1. Maria Magher says:

    Great ideas! I still need to start accounts on both sites. I know Instagram is all the rage, but I’m still trying to figure that one out:)

  2. Vernette Carbon says:

    Flickr and Instagram are very powerful marketing tools, you’ve mentioned some very useful tips here thank you Steve :)

    • Steven Papas says:

      I am glad you found them useful Vernette. People are gradually waking up to the benefits of photo sharing and amazingly, these photo sharing platforms can make very powerful marketing tools, like you pointed out. Thanks for stopping by!
      Steven Papas recently posted..Webhosting PlansMy Profile

  3. Great insight Steven! I do get involved with Flickr quite a bit for both hosting images for my blogs and to engage with the community and build my friends list so to speak. I get a no-follow link back from each image I upload on Flickr and although it has no search engine value, it certainly does add to my monthly traffic count. I’ve not yet dabbled with Instagram properly, thanks again.

  4. Sojib says:

    I love flickr because it’s so easy to move and opt are relay good. Thanks for you valuable tips :)

  5. I love both sites and use them quite a bit and definitely it helps to establish rapport and trust. And like you said, it helps you find people to connect with in other social networks and develop those relationships further.
    Oscar Gonzalez recently posted..Blackberry 10 RIM’s last phoneMy Profile

  6. Samantha Wright says:

    Hi Steven, nice post, for me Flickr is a great site to actively engage into whilst using images to promote your business. Great tips thank you.

  7. Hi Steven. Undoubtedly, Flickr is a best and free way to promote our business through attractive images related to our business. Use of flickr can be more efficient if we share our flickr photo stream on facebook and other social media sites like twitter and digg. I can also never ignore the importance of Flicker community. I have joined several group of flicker community and it help to reach my targeted audience.

    • Steven Papas says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, a lot of people, myself included, are really in love with flickr, not just as a photo sharing site but specifically for the fact that it allows users access to other social media sites. I have found much fun with the communities as well. Overall, it is all worth it!
      Steven Papas recently posted..Webhosting PlansMy Profile

  8. Simon France says:

    I’m quite new to the whole photo sharing side of social media, is Instagram any better than Flickr, or are they basically the same animal?

    • Steven Papas says:

      Hi Simon, both are photo sharing platforms. While Flickr seemed to have pulled too much crowd around its services, Mobile users were presented more options with Instagram. Just make a pick to start with; you will gradually take the fun to other platforms.
      Steven Papas recently posted..Webhosting PlansMy Profile

  9. Netsteps says:

    It’s amazing how instagram has captured a huge share of photo sharing enthusiasts in a short amount of time. Good read!

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